HP Slate: About $500, Atom Processor, June Launch


Spanish gadget blog Clipset has the details of the upcoming HP Slate, with some quick hands-on time too. Previously, then Slate has only been seen in a teaser video promo.

First, the price. The Slate will apparently be €400, which translates literally to $543, but is likely to be less in the US. Clipset says this puts it in a range between netbook and iPad, although really we still don’t have an official iPad price for Europe. As to the hardware, the blog reports that there will be USB ports, a memory card reader (presumably SD), an Intel Atom processor and, weirdly, a camera on the back. It is also noted that the machine is “fatter” than the iPad, and feels more like a netbook conversion than a purpose-built, enlarged iPhone.

The Slate certainly looks nice, but if HP thinks it can slap Windows 7 into a pretty little glass and metal slab and have a chance, its dead wrong. It won’t work, as we saw with the Stantum tablet last week: Win 7 is a desktop OS, designed for a keyboard and mouse, not a fat finger. If the OS has somehow been tweaked or skinned, then HP may have a slim chance.

The Slate will be launched in June.

Probamos el tablet de HP que competirá con el iPad, el Slate [Clipset]

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