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Keep your
out of reach.



Things haven’t changed.

Last year, there were

for distracted driving. We know texting while driving is dangerous and illegal, but we still do it. Why?

5 Seconds

here is what
you could miss
in 5 seconds

Every text you
send takes your
eyes off the road
for 5 seconds. 




Crazy are you?

Wherever you fit on the crotch-obsession scale, there’s something you can do to help stop the danger of texting and distracted driving. Take a challenge by clicking the icons below and help make our roads safer.


Try not to text or respond to people you know are driving.

Offer to text for your friends if you see them reaching for their phone while driving.

Let your friends know you’ll be driving to discourage them from texting you.

Make an effort not to text at red lights, even if they’re long.

Resist the urge to text while idling in traffic.

Be proactive and send texts, e-mails and calls before getting into your car.

Get into a habit of switching your phone to silent before getting in your car.

Don’t let “see ya soon” be the last text anyone ever reads from you.

Remind yourself of the life-long consequences and injuries that can result from distracted driving.

Think of the cost of repairing a vehicle after a collision.

Set goals – Make today the day you do not text

Acknowledge that texting and driving is dangerous – you prevent collisions each time you resist.

Good habits distract from bad ones – try turning your phone off each time you drive.

Think of unopened texts like presents you can read at home.

Out of sight/out of mind. Try stowing your phone in the back seat or glove box.



Distracted driving is more than just texting.

It also includes:

1. Using hand-held cell phones

2. Emailing

3. Using electronic devices like laptop computers, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays, and programming portable audio players (e.g. MP3 players)

4. Entering information on GPS units

5. Reading printed materials

6. Writing, printing or sketching

7. Personal grooming




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