BREAKING: Kaepernick Arrested for Publicity Stunt During Anthem in San Fran

Traitorous cretin and anti-American troublemaker, Colin Kaepernick, was just arrested for being stupid in public. Kaepernick decided that he would crash the field during the national anthem in San Fransisco this afternoon, running to the 50-yard line to take a knee, “black power” fist in the air.

UPDATE: Nike Fired Kaepernick After His Arrest

Unfortunately for him, San Fransisco authorities and stadium security don’t recognize him as a player — because he’s not. Within 30 seconds, the thug was on the ground with a knee on his neck being arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He also tried to resist when officers were hitting him to subdue him. According to one fan in New Balance shoes, he got exactly what he deserved.

As he was being dragged off the field, he was heard shouting: “This is why we kneel!”

You kneel because you break the law and rush the field at football games? This guy is truly delusional. Nike must be very proud of their new spokesman. The PR firm for the hasbeen quarterback says he was granted a “special field pass” at the gate, allowing him to walk right onto the field. When the anthem started, he rushed the 50. They say he was well within his rights.

The police disagreed and Kaepernick is now a criminal.

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