Brand new Autumn Harvest Trail open for booking

By The Eat Happy Team 7 July 2016
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Our new Autumn Harvest Trail is an excellent opportunity for children to visit a local Tesco store to learn more about the food we enjoy and celebrate during the autumn season and at harvest. Sign up your class or youth organisation here.

As well as in-store learning with our Trail Guides, we have lots of curriculum-linked teaching materials available to help prepare your class beforehand and to extend their learning afterwards.

What happens on the trail?

  • Children will investigate wheat and its many uses as well as some popular harvest traditions.
  • The class will explore seasonality and seasonal produce.
  • They will learn about fruit and vegetables we enjoyed eating 100 years ago.
  • Children will find out why it’s important to preserve food after harvesting.
  • They’ll have the opportunity to taste and give their opinion about foods preserved by one of the oldest methods still in use today.

The Autumn Harvest Trail is launching in September, however booking is open now so book a trail today and get a head-start on the new term.

Don’t forget to share your trail experience with us on Twitter @EatHappyProject

Enjoy the summer break!

The Eat Happy Team