Easter Trail

Our seasonal Easter Trail helps children understand some popular Easter food traditions, including hot cross buns and eggs.

About this trail

A trail guide will come to your school and help your class learn about chocolate-egg giving, have fun decorating eggs, and taste hot cross buns too!

What happens on the trail?

  • Comparing real eggs and chocolate eggs, children will learn about some Easter traditions and how these vary around the world.

  • Children will see what goes into making hot cross buns – and also get to taste dried fruits and smell spices.

  • They will learn the difference between grapes, raisins and sultanas during the hot cross bun-making process.

  • They will get to enjoy a fun Easter tradition by decorating their own egg.

Please note: taking part in an Easter trail – while lots of fun – doesn’t qualify Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Rainbows or Brownies for a badge.