Food for Fuel

Encourage children to learn about the food they should eat to give them energy for sports and games.

Explore this topic to find out:

Developed with the requirements of the national curriculum in mind, children will explore and investigate:

  • World sporting events and the shared sporting values athletes have, as well as discovering a range of fruit and vegetables from around the world.
  • That humans need food and drink for energy and to consider an athlete's diet and how they choose their food.
  • That water is an essential part of a healthy diet, especially after exercise.
  • That athletes combine food groups to get all the nutrition they need.

Resources include:

Topic map

  • A visual guide full of ideas for reference to support cross-curricular topic planning.
  • Organised by ages 5-7 and 7-11.

Curriculum areas

  • Detailed activity and lesson plans aligned to individual curriculum areas.
  • Each curriculum focus includes links to download the relevant resources.


  • Downloadable planning tools for you to use.

 For more information, download our trail overview.

Food for Fuel

Our new Food for Fuel Trail helps children learn about the food they need to do sports and activities, as well as focusing on what athletes need to ensure they're at their very best.

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