Learn about caring for our planet through responsible sourcing of foods such as fish, bananas and cocoa.

About this trail

This trail helps children consider what sustainability means, and recognise the Fairtrade mark, the Rainforest Alliance logo and what these organisations stand for.

What happens on the trail?

  • Children will be encouraged to think about what it means to care for each other and look after our world.
  • They will learn about bananas and how they’re grown. They’ll investigate whether they are grown in a sustainable way and the sorts of jobs involved in getting them to the supermarket.
  • Children will learn about cocoa – where it comes from, how cocoa beans are grown and whether it is a sustainable crop. They will also learn that chocolate is a treat and should be eaten in moderation.
  • They’ll also learn about fish and where it comes from, as well as how we can ensure fish stocks are sustainable.

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Trail summary

Our Sustainability Trail helps children learn how to care for our planet through responsible sourcing of food.

Before the trail

Suggested activities and discussion points to prepare the children for their visit.

After the trail
Curriculum links

The trails and extension activities have been aligned to UK curriculums and are structured by age.

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