Our Focus

We are all about listening to communities and solving problems from a non ideological perspective. The following core issues are what Australians can expect us to relentlessly advocate and fight for.

Predatory Gambling

Predatory gambling is a litmus test of good government - if a government is willing to sacrifice its citizens for gambling taxes, how can you trust them on other issues?

Australians lose over $20billion a year on gambling - more per head of population than any other country. This comes at a massive human cost. We support making pokies safer by having maximum $1 bets per spin and slashing the amount that can be lost per hour. And online gambling is getting out of control – for starters, there should not be betting ads during sports broadcasts that kids watch.  

Australian Made & Australian Jobs

When it comes to Australian made, successive governments have abandoned Australian industries and jobs by failing to stand up for Australian farming and manufacturing. 

Everyone who wants to work, deserves a job. And that can be made easier by insisting governments buy Australian – with the federal government alone spending almost $60billion each year buying goods and services. And state governments that spend tens of billions of dollars more need to do the same. Labelling laws need to provide consumers with truth in labelling as to ingredients and their country of origin. Below cost inferior products should not be dumped on our shores. 

Government & Corporate Accountability

Every thing we do as a team is about ensuring governments are open, transparent and accountable. They should be there to serve us - not us to serve them. Corporations must accept the social contract they have with the community.

We want transparency and accountability in all walks of life. Politicians must be open and up front with the Australian people. And governments should deliver value-for-money for the services you deserve. Australians who speak out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected. Corporations - particularly multi-nationals - must pay their fair share of taxes. 

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