Farm to Fork Trails
Terms & Conditions


1. Participation

Farm to Fork trails are available to Primary School children aged 4-11years and to children attending a special needs school aged 4-18 years.


2. Details of the trail

We can tailor the Farm to Fork Trail to meet the needs of you and your class. These details will be discussed with the individual Farm to Fork partner and may cover the size of the group on the trail, the age of the children participating in the trail and the activities that will form the trail itself.


3. Availability of the trail

The availability of the trail is at the sole discretion of the Farm to Fork partners and Tesco Stores Ltd. The dates and times when a trail will be available may vary due to products being out of season and heavy trading/farming periods, such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest time.


4. Cancellation

It is of course our intention to fulfill all trails that are agreed and booked, however in the unlikely event we or a partner is unable to proceed with a trail we will give you as much notice as possible in the circumstances.


5. Conduct and behaviour

Throughout the trail the teacher, teaching assistant, parent/guardian are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the staff and pupils. You will be required to follow instructions from your Farm to Fork partner on health and safety precautions, as well as fire evacuation procedures.


6. Publicity

We would love for you to record your experience and upload photos onto your School Profile Page to share safely with your colleagues, class and parents. As the teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permissions from parents/guardians to do so. Tesco would like to be able to use these photos for publicity purposes, but only with your agreement which can be given in the School Profile administrator area, at the relevant time.