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8 Tips to Save Money When You Move Home

Woman in Blue Shirt Sitting on Chair

Moving from one property to another – whether you’re buying or renting – will almost always come at a cost. In addition to deposits and the cost of the actual property, additional costs can creep in too, such as moving and packing fees. While these costs can start to build up as you go through …

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Arranging Restaurant Chairs With Feng Shui

The layout of your restaurant can have quite a strong impact on the experience of your customers. Some opt for an almost martial approach in this regard, preferring to arrange their furniture through Spartan concepts like efficiency and functionality. Now, we are all for efficiency and functionality in restaurant design, but we are also of …

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Outdoor Activities for Elementary Students

Young children are known for their energy. Hardly a day goes by when elementary-aged children aren’t bouncing off the walls, zooming around with excitement, or creating chaos in the hope of finding something fun to do. However, parents and teachers often find that they run out of ideas when their kids have gone through all …

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How to Safely Clean When You Have Pets

Cleaning your home when you have pets can be made extra difficult by the constant worry that you’re using a product in your home that may affect your pets. You don’t want this to be the case, so make sure you’re using products within your home that are safe for your pets. It can be …

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Beautiful Christmas Tree alternatives to try this year

We’re exactly 30 days away from Christmas, and it’s time to start planning for gifts, a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. There’s nothing quite like stepping back and lighting up a well-decorated Christmas tree. While perfectly shaped, symmetrical faux trees have been the trend for a while, a new trend that celebrates nature has emerged. …

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Ecological wallpaper for a healthier home

When we hear the word “wallpaper” our mind, especially for those of us not on the younger side of life, floats to memories of the childhood. Our ancestral family homes, with those beautiful, if a little tattered walls decorated with carefully drawn motifs, or those yellowing polaroid pictures of our childhood, with eclectic geometries and …

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American Robin: Top 10 Most Interesting Facts

American Robin

The American robin is the most favorite bird of kids. And why won’t it be? Its grey trunk with the orange belly is so fascinating. In Northern regions, this migratory bird is seen during the spring season, around early April. A glimpse of a robin, and there know that spring is here. Isn’t it amazing …

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