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8 Types of Kites and How to Fly Them

Have you ever stood in a kite flying festival and have been left bewildered by the amazing shapes and sizes of the kites? For most of us, it is bound to happen. Man has always envied the bird for its ability to fly across the Sky. This made a lot of inventions like the airplane …

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Types of Crab: Varieties from Around the World

Types of Crab

Crabs are one of the most popular and tasty seafood that everybody wants to feel the taste at some point in their life. Many tourists especially visit such places where crabs are easily found and cooked just to get a feel of the tastiest seafood that they can ever have. There are many different types …

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Types of Yucca Plant – A Complete Guide

Types of Yuca Plant

Yucca Plants are famous for their broad and spiky leaves that are thick, long, and have strong stems. The stem of this plant is quite strong and woody and the leaves it produces are too broad and large.  Yucca plants have many different species that are required plants for gardens and landscapes. People also plant …

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Feng Shui Workplace: Top 9 Useful Tips

The ancient Chinese used to say that it’s easy to enhance creativity and prosperity. All you need to do is decorate your desk according to feng shui. Following this Eastern doctrine, won’t help make a fortune at Tony Bet or find the most reliable business partners, but it will definitely help you clear your mind. …

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How to Grow Cantaloupe: 11 Tips for Growing Cantaloupe

How to Grow Cantaloupe

Summers and melons are the greatest combos of all time. Having a juicy cool delight is the reason we wait for summers. And cantaloupe is surely everyone’s favorite. This orange-fleshed fruit not only tastes delicious but is beneficial for your health too. Cantaloupe is enriched with a variety of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin …

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