Online Field Trips

Take your primary school class on an Online Field Trip to visit food producers from around the world.

What are Online Field Trips?

Through our Online Field Trips you can visit farms across the globe without putting on your wellies! We’re bringing food producers from around the world into the classroom – from Costa Rican banana growers to Italian pasta makers.

Your pupils can learn about where their food comes from by chatting live to real growers and producers using Google+ Hangouts. They’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the products and how they get from farm to fork.

We’ll uncover the mysteries behind some everyday products and give children access to places they wouldn’t usually be able to visit, helping them to understand how their food ends up on their plates.

What happens during an Online Field Trip? Have a look at this video about our first event, Perfect Pasta, to see what the children and the teachers thought.

How your class can take part

Download curriculum-based activities to help your class prepare.
Talk to the farmer or producer. Your class can ask questions and talk face-to-face with farmers and producers in an Online Field Trips. Space is limited to four schools per event, and registration closes at least two weeks before the event to ensure time for the tech checks needed. Register your interest by emailing
Attend a live event. Thousands can watch a live event, participate in activities and submit questions. Just sign up to Google+ and RSVP by choosing the event you’d like to attend.
Watch videos from past events by downloading them from the Resource Hub.


How to sign up

Sign in or create a Google+ account, then follow The Tesco Eat Happy Project on Google+ to find out about upcoming and past events.

To watch a live Online Field Trip with your class, RSVP on the Google+ event page. Then simply return to the event page at the specified time and press play. If you can’t make it for the live stream, your class can watch videos of past events on the Resource Hub

You can also follow the Connected Classrooms community on Google+, where you’ll be able to chat to other teachers and even plan your own Online Field Trip.


Coming up this term...

Yummy Honey - 11 September 1.30pm

Sunny Sweetcorn – 18 September 1.30pm

Remarkable Rice – 25 September 11.30am

Budding Broccoli – 2 October 1.30pm

Prize Pumpkins – 9 October 1.30pm

Saucy Baked Beans – 6 November 1.30pm

Baked Bread – 13 November 1.30pm

Earthy Potatoes – 20 November 1.30pm

Tip Top Tea – 27 November - 1.30pm

Juicy Clementines – 4 December 1.30pm

Crimson Cranberries - 11 December 1.30pm


Some of the places we will be visiting this year


How to join an Online Field Trip:

  1. Sign in to Google+ or create a new account
  2. Visit the Tesco Eat Happy Project page and find an Online Field Trip
  3. RSVP on the Online Field Trip event page
  4. Return to the event page at the specified time and date
  5. Press play and watch the event with your class

Got a question? Find the answer in our Online Field Trip FAQs.