Eat Happy Project FAQs

Need more information? Browse our frequently asked questions below.

  • About Farm to Fork Trails

    • How do I book a Trail?

      It’s really easy! First, set your school up with its own profile page (we only need a few details about you and your school). Once that’s done, take a look at our Farm to Fork Trails section to find out which Tesco stores, food producers, growers and suppliers are participating in your area. You can then contact them directly to set up your visit.

    • How long will a visit last for?

      Store Trails last approximately two hours. Trails to one of our suppliers will vary in length but are created to make sure you and your class get the most out of the experience. The supplier will discuss this with you when you arrange your Trail.

    • How many children can go on a Trail?

      We can accommodate up to 30 children in a store Trail. Suppliers may be able to take more – please discuss this with the supplier when you arrange your Trail.

    • Do we have to pay for the Trails?

      No, the Trails are absolutely free!

    • I have a class with special needs children, can they come on a visit?

      Yes, Trails at suppliers or a store are open to all primary-age children – however, there may be some restricted access at some sites. Please discuss your requirements with the store or supplier when you book your Trail and we will do our best to provide a fun and engaging experience for all children.

    • Do you provide transport or help with cost of transport?

      In some circumstances we can help. Please talk to your Farm to Fork Trail guide at your local store to find out more.

    • Why can’t secondary school children go on a Trail?

      Farm to Fork Trails have been designed specifically for primary-age children. It is the first initiative from The Tesco Eat Happy Project, which is our long-term commitment to helping children develop a better relationship with food. We’re working on lots more ways for children of all ages, parents and carers, teachers and partners to get involved in the future.  Please keep visiting to find out how. 

    • Who is responsible for the event at the store?

      Each Superstore and Extra store has a Farm to Fork Trail guide, who has been specifically trained to run the Trails. This colleague will be able to discuss with you the needs for the day and arranging it with the store. They will also lead the Trail itself.

  • About Online Field Trips

    • What are Online Field Trips?

      Our Online Field Trips bring farms and factories into the classroom with interactive presentations from food suppliers around the world – from Costa Rican banana growers to Italian pasta makers. So no matter where your classroom is, your pupils can learn about where their food comes from and how it’s made.

    • What is a Google+ Hangout?

      The Tesco Eat Happy Project is using Google+ Hangouts to present our Online Field Trips. Hangouts are live video conferences with a number of participant screens so that multiple classes can join in.


      You and your class can watch a Online Field Trip live on a Google+ Hangout. Or, if you can’t make it at that particular time, you can watch a video of the event on the Resource Hub.

    • What do my pupils do on an Online Field Trip?

      During a Online Field Trip, your class will be introduced to a food supplier, farmer or grower who will show pupils how their product is grown, prepared and distributed, and explain the benefits of including it in a healthy diet.


      If you’re streaming the event live, pupils will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the supplier using the Google+ Q&A feature.


      To help your class get the most out of the event, we have provided preparation materials to introduce them to the concepts covered in each field trip. You can download these materials from our Resource Hub

    • How do I join a live Online Field Trip?

      Sign in or create a Google+ account, then follow the Eat Happy Project on Google+ to find out about upcoming and past events.


      To watch a live Online Field Trip with your class, RSVP on the Google+ event page. When it comes to the broadcast time, simply return to the Google+ event page and press play.


      If you can’t make it for the live stream, your class can find videos of past events on our Resource Hub


      You can also follow the Connected Classrooms community on Google+, where you'll be able to chat to other teachers and even plan your own Online Field Trip.

    • How do I watch a past Online Field Trip?

      You and your class can watch a past Online Field Trip on the Resource Hub at a time that suits you – there’s no need to RSVP. 


      We’ve also created helpful lesson plans, recipes and activities to complement the videos.

    • Is it free to join an Online Field Trip?

      Yes, the events are completely free providing you have the necessary technology. Check the FAQ below to make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

    • What equipment do I need to watch a live Online Field Trip?

      Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need to watch a live Online Field Trip:


      • Google+ account
      • A computer with speakers
      • A reliable, high-speed internet connection
      • A projection system for students to watch the session in class