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  • Clare Rhodes - Teaching panel

    Clare Rhodes

    Clare is a primary school teacher with 10 years' experience in a variety of schools. She loves cooking with pupils and runs the school cooking clubs, the most recent being a Christmas cake club. Clare is excited about the Eat Happy Project, as she feels that anything that allows children to develop key skills and learn about healthy eating can only be a good thing. 

  • Susan Russell

    Susan Russell

    Susan has been a head teacher for 13 years. Possessing a keen interest in design and technology, Susan particularly enjoys the collaborative process of developing the creative curriculum with her teachers – along with developing strong links with the local community.

  • Gill Bludgell

    Gill Budgell

    Gill has worked in education for more than 30 years and is the director of Frattempo Ltd, a consultancy focusing on educational and publishing services. She specialises in English and language development in primary and secondary education, including traditional and ICT sectors, and has developed, written and published many outstanding and award-winning teaching resources.

  • Catherine Clark

    Catherine Clark

    Catherine is the in-house educationalist at TTS Group Ltd, an educational materials supplier, consulting and advising on how children learn and how to achieve high-level engagement. A provider of training for early years education, both in the UK and abroad, she regularly writes for various magazines and blogs and has developed numerous educational resources.

  • Jane Bentley, part of the Eat Happy Project teaching panel

    Jane Bentley

    Jane has more than 20 years' teaching experience and now works as a freelance writer while studying for an MA. She has also worked as a tutor in further education, teaching childcare and has run a number of teacher training events, primarily focusing on religious education and children’s spirituality.

  • Beverley Smalley

    Beverley Smalley

    Beverley has been a primary school teacher since 1990 and has taught in London and Sussex. She has spent the past seven years teaching a class of reception, year one and year two children in a small village school, is very interested in special needs and has been an SEN co-ordinator for 10 years.

  • Catherine Jeffrey

    Catherine Jeffrey

    Catherine has spent her entire working life in education, having taught in both primary and secondary schools before going on to found an IT training company. Since then she has held a number of senior roles in companies providing educational materials, culminating in her present position of head of marketing for TTS.

  • Zoe Stokes

    Zoe has taught since January 2005, becoming a head teacher four years later. She has always encouraged pupils to engage in a positive way with food and to adopt healthy lifestyles through topic work, science activities, PE and outdoor learning. Last year her school's PTFA purchased a cooking station and this has been well utilised by the whole school!

  • Astrid Moules

    Astrid Moules

    Astrid has worked at TTS for more than five years, spending time in the early years team before moving on to product development. Spending time in schools and understanding the needs of teachers and pupils has been essential in enabling Astrid to successfully launch a host of projects and products for TTS.