15+ Philodendron Types with Pictures and Care Guide

Philodendron Types and its Care Guide

Philodendron plants are American tropical plants that make your home or office beautiful. There are two kinds of philodendrons which are climbing or hanging Philodendrons and Upright Philodendrons. Most of the indoor plants are climbing vines that look beautiful as they hang in baskets. They have heart-shaped leaves, which attract the audience. Upright ones have …

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Types of Yucca Plant – A Complete Guide

Types of Yuca Plant

Yucca Plants are famous for their broad and spiky leaves that are thick, long, and have strong stems. The stem of this plant is quite strong and woody and the leaves it produces are too broad and large.  Yucca plants have many different species that are required plants for gardens and landscapes. People also plant …

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20+ Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreens are a very crucial element of any garden, backyard, or front yard. It doesn’t matter where you live, they can sustain for whole year keeping their colour and texture intact. Small or Dwarf evergreen shrubs are perfect for almost any kind of landscape requirement. You can find more than thousand types of small or …

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