American Robin: Top 10 Most Interesting Facts

American Robin

The American robin is the most favorite bird of kids. And why won’t it be? Its grey trunk with the orange belly is so fascinating. In Northern regions, this migratory bird is seen during the spring season, around early April. A glimpse of a robin, and there know that spring is here. Isn’t it amazing …

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When Is Breeding Season for Wild Birds?

When Is Breeding Season for Wild Birds

Mating of wild birds occurs annually all around the globe and it does not depend on factors like geographical location, the climate of that place, or type of species. Wild birds generally mate to expand their species and it is not just an act of pleasure for them. This can easily be proven by the …

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How to Get Rid of Bully Hummingbirds?

How to Get Rid of Bully Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are all fun and cute until you realize that some of them are aggressive and bully other birds around them. If you’re a feeder you would face several difficulties while feeding the bully hummingbird and the trouble gets doubled when they try to bully, you as well as other birds around them. Yes, they …

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Wild Bird Predator Guide: Protect Birds in Your Yard

If you are a wild bird watcher who has, after a lot of hard work and preparations, managed to attract wild birds in your backyard, your biggest concern might be regarding their safety, as these tiny birds are extremely vulnerable to threats and could be killed within a matter of seconds. Once a wild bird …

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15+ Facts You Never Knew About Hummingbirds

Facts You Never Knew About Hummingbirds

Who would not love having hummingbirds around their house in the beautiful season of fall, right? People often try to attract hummingbirds with various things. Feeders, flowers, and beautiful gardens- these are some of the things used to attract hummingbirds. However, there are some hummingbird facts that one should know before setting up the garden …

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