10 Cozy, fun, productive Things to Do on Rainy Days

A few people love the sound of raindrops dropping on their terrace. Others love playing in the rain. But everyone can agree that when it rains heavily, you have to stay inside. No going out to meet friends or doing anything fun. Sure, rain puts a damper on your outside plans. But you can still have fun when it rains. Fun is different for everyone. Some like cuddling, while others love making cosy recipes to enjoy the rain. It depends from person to person. If you are looking for ideas on a few cosy things to do when it rains, you are at the right place.

Get the board games out.

When rain comes on a weekend, it can spoil your plans. Yet, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Bring out the board games and play with your family. A perfect opportunity to bond and spend quality time with your family. The competition between siblings is the highest. Take advantage of this and make memories. Make some rain-appropriate snacks like hot chocolate or fritters to keep you company.

Cuddle in bed and watch Netflix

Don’t feel like bursting out the board games or doing anything else? It is okay, as the rainy season can do this to people. You can still enjoy the rain by putting on the best comedy or your favourite movie on Netflix. Tip: A Harry Potter marathon while it rains sounds magical. To make it a comfortable activity, be prepared. Wherever you are watching, ensure you have plenty of water and popcorn nearby. Also, rain can make the weather cold, so get your best donna out for cuddling. For Australian rains, buy only the best Donna Australia; you can get different colours, sizes and patterns as per your choice.

Cook comfort food

Does rain make you uneasy? Or maybe you are alone and aren’t enjoying the rain much. To settle this feeling, cook up your favourite comfort food. Think back to childhood memories of food that made you happy. It can be ‘mac & cheese,’ a bowl of rice with hot curry, or anything.

Drink a hot beverage.

The most comfort on a rainy day comes from a hot drink. Drinking it near a window while rain drizzles is just so perfect. Enjoy drinking warm tea, like chamomile, peppermint, or anything you like. You can also make Indian tea with milk, which is unbeatable for rainy days. Or enjoy a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. The feeling of drinking something hot fills you with warmth.

Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself is the ideal way to make yourself feel cosy. So give yourself a face massage or a pedicure. Light up some candles, make music, or let the natural sound of rain come in as you take a warm bath. Or simply put a face mask on. Do anything that makes you feel cosier and happier.

Read a book with a fancy latte.

Search YouTube for a fancy latte recipe according to your tastes. Then, make it and enjoy drinking it as you read a book. A perfect activity to wind down and enjoy the weather.

Have an impromptu dance party

Having a dance party when it’s raining is good, with or without anyone else. Put on some dance or happy music using Spotify; it will have many playlists. Then it’s all about dancing like no one’s watching, even if they are. Use flashlights to make spotlights when dancing in a group. It works incredibly.

Bake a treat

How long has it been since you treated yourself? So long, or was it just a few days ago? Anyhow, rain calls for baking a hearty, warm dish. It can be cupcakes, cakes, croissants, or even bread. Try to make it as healthy as you want and as hearty as you like.

Organize the pantry

A productive thing to do is organize your pantry. It looks sad, isn’t it? So, use the time and sort out the mess.

Organize your closet

Another productive thing to do is organize your closet. Take out all the things you don’t need anymore and donate them.

The sounds of rain make many people happy. It has its importance, too. But it does dampen your plans. On days when this happens, do these things to feel cosier, happier, productive, and have fun.

Mia Hughes

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