10 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need to Know About

It’s 2021 almost everybody is having a shower in their bathrooms but it’s very common to see many of us do not want that messy clumsy regular old-fashioned shower curtains in our shower/bathrooms but also this problem tends to be common but seems hard to solve, though the shower curtains need alternatives.

Nowadays everybody wants to get rid of the regular shower curtains that are really clumsy, outdated and old fashioned to be a part of our showers or bathrooms. To get over these old curtains we should know the alternatives to the shower curtains.

So here are some of the alternatives to shower curtains we can have to avoid using regular old-fashioned shower curtains, they are:

Glass Door

Whenever we try to find out the alternatives to curtains anywhere the first thing we get in our mind will always be a door, so an alternative to shower curtains can also be a door but the differences can be the materials of the door, so one of the most common materials for shower doors are glasses.

The glass door is also can be of different kinds some of them are:

  • Translucent Glasses: Translucent glass doors are one of the finest for giving a dynamic to the interior of the bathroom though they can also be a nice alternative to the shower curtains
  • Layered Glasses: Layered glass doors are the ones that have different layers of glass or as in some of the carving on the outer shell which make it look quite different from normal glass doors, due to those carvings in the glass it is a bit expensive but is very much in trend.
  • Fibered Glasses: Fibered glass doors are one of the sleekest glass doors in the category of glass doors, they are generally very light in weight and also used artificial glasses during production.

Wooden Door

Though it is one of the oldest and most traditional things to have a wooden door in the shower then also it is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the regular shower curtains, the wooden doors are one of the finest alternatives to the shower curtains for the people whose bathing room is large and they are willing to give it a traditional and old school or Indo-Uralic look. 

Indo-Arabic look in the bathroom needs two-three factors one of them is the size of the bathroom must be large and also it must contain a wooden door, though it’s a modern era so by doing some mix-n-match we can have a wooden door in the shower section which can be the good alternative to the regular shower curtain.

Fibre Door

Though it is not quite often to have a door in the shower it is the first alternative that strikes in one’s mind for changing the regular shower curtains so for this many people will go for the glass door and their subtypes as mentioned above but not all will go for glass ones so there can be many other options in which the one is fiber doors, fiber doors can be of so many categories like plc. doors, molded doors, plastic fabricated doors, etc. These doors are very light in weight and can be a befitting alternative for regular shower curtains.

Open Shower

Though it can be a wild idea, to get rid of all those regular ideas of the shower curtain it could be a good alternative for the people whose interior of the bathing room allows them to have a shower without the curtain or even without the doors. Having an open shower is much better than having regular old-fashioned shower curtains, so an open shower can be the alternative for the shower curtains.

Remote Operated Door

In the modern era of technology and gadgets, there are several different alternatives to shower curtains that can never be imagined before but now with the help of modern science and its inventions we can have some great masterpieces.

One of these alternatives is the remote-operated glass doors through the remote it can be managed and controlled, it contains lots of different modes like making the glass blurry or making the door to slide and open, etc though it is very expensive it is in trend and lots of people are willing to have this type of door in their bathroom.

Bamboo Curtains

A curtain made of bamboo and wood sounds really different but yes, it is one of the most integral parts of some of the oldest techniques used by our ancestors to avoid the heat during the summer haze.

A bamboo patched curtains are one of the befitting alternatives for regular shower curtains in the area where there is heat in temperature not only that if the user has an open shower or beach shower then it can be used effectively for cooling the temperature as well as maintaining the look of the beach, also some people use this kind of curtains to give their bathroom or shower a very natural and beachy look, as bamboo signifies the holy forest and nature.

Apart from the above alternatives, there are several types of curtains that can also be used as an alternative to shower curtains, like

Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are dammed common in the living rooms or in the hall of everybody’s home but it can be very dynamic if used in the shower, it can give the bathroom a whole different taste as it gives a wide range of color available, unlike the regular shower curtains.

Cotton curtains turned out to be the alternatives to shower curtains if the other options cannot be opted like fixing a door etc. so having a cotton curtain in the shower can give you freedom from old regular and very normal shower curtains.

Silky Curtains

To change the look of the bathroom not only can a different shade of color help but also applying different materials with the curtains can turn up things quite differently like having silky curtains in the shower can provide you with a rich look even in the bathroom.

Also using the silky curtain in the shower will help you to get rid of the regular shower curtains and can be one of the alternatives to the shower curtains with a different look in the bathroom.

Lace Curtains

A curtain with laces in it is not a bad idea to be implemented, this creates a feeling of creativity in the room but having curtains with laces in the shower can be a wild idea, though it is possible and some of the people even do this to give their bathroom a colorful look.

So, the curtains with laces can also be the alternative to the regular shower curtains & those who were quite bored from their regular shower curtains can go for these curtains as it might work far better than normal regular curtains.

Magnetic Curtains

At last, if the one really does not want a regular shower curtain and even other alternatives above they can go for magnetic curtains which are generally used in the offices as per the need of comparing rooms but these can also be a good alternative to the shower curtains.

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