15 Big Master Bedroom Ideas: Tips for Spacious Bedrooms

The best part about decorating your master bedroom is that it is your personal space, and you can design it how you like. You can create the space of your dreams with unlimited ideas and DIYs. Always remember to be creative and blend these big master bedroom ideas with your unique style.

Whether you crave a homely architectural space or an all-glammed-up room, a beautiful master bedroom is just a few design tips away. Here are ideas ranging from sophisticated and modern to eclectic, quirky, and classic.

Each of these big master bedroom ideas is adaptable to various budgets and space sizes, ensuring everyone can find something to inspire them.

The following are the 15 most exciting ideas to decorate and design your big master bedroom. They are examples designed by well-known architects and interior designers, but remember, the best space reflects your style.

1. Add A Seating Area

Add a Seating Area

Utilize your big master bedroom’s floor space by adding a seating area. Whether it’s a full-fledged sofa set or a cozy corner seat, ensure it complements the room’s aesthetic.

Add bright or accent colors with eccentric coffee tables, reading lamps, or selective accessories to create a complete look.

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2. Frames All Around the Room

Frames All Around the Room

Ideal for photographers or artwork collectors, this idea involves decking up your walls with inspiring works or frames.

Use art as a headboard or a partition wall, or line them up against the wall for a stunning effect.

3. Green Is the New Favorite

Green Is the New Favorite

Introduce plants and greenery for a refreshing ambiance. From small pots to a garden view through the window, this economical and sustainable option blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. Remember, this choice might require a bit of extra maintenance.

4. Flaunt Your Fashion

Flaunt Your Fashion

For fashion enthusiasts, consider building a walk-in wardrobe or a wardrobe with glass to display your collection.

This idea showcases your style and adds glamorous to your big master bedroom.

5. Add a Space Inside the Space

Add a Space Inside the Space

Consider incorporating a gym, a dance practice area, or a meditation cave. This idea aligns well with changing lifestyles and personal interests.

Consider a glass partition for privacy if sharing the space.

6. Romantic Getaway

Romantic Getaway

Create a romantic ambiance with a built-in fireplace. Opt for a classic design with stone and mantel or a modern space with full-height windows.

Minimize accessories for a sophisticated look.

7. Levels to Amazing Space

Levels to Amazing Space

Architecturally elevate your big master bedroom by adding a level. This could be a raised platform for your bed or a separate area for reading or working, emphasizing the spaciousness.

8. Adding A Bathtub in The Corner

Adding a Bathtub in The Corner

For a bold statement, consider a bathtub in the bedroom. Select a striking piece and ensure proper waterproofing and plumbing.

This idea might not suit everyone, but it can be a luxurious addition to a big master bedroom.

9. Build-In Reading Nook

Build-In Reading Nook

Transform a bay window into a cozy reading space with cushions and ample light.

Alternatively, consider a single-seater swing for a unique reading nook, ensuring the feasibility of installation.

10. Showcase to Be Proud Of

Showcase to Be Proud Of

Ideal for collectors, propose a built-in floor-to-ceiling showcase. This could be for books, souvenirs, or artwork. Choose between glass doors or open/closed shelves based on your needs.

11. Use of Ottoman

Use of Ottoman

An ottoman adds sophistication and elegance. Choose from various styles – bench-like, fluffy, leather, or wooden with storage – to complement your room’s theme.

12. Fusion of Modern and Vintage

Fusion of Modern and Vintage

Combine glamorous accessories like chandeliers with furniture featuring metallic frames for a royal ambiance. Double curtains in satin material enhance the theme.

13. Pastel Shade Palettes

Pastel Shade Palettes

Start with fundamental but trending pastel shades. Options like sandy blue with oak wood, floral designs in pink, or shades of mauve with white furniture offer a serene and minimalistic look.

14. Timeless Black

Timeless Black

Use black in various combinations for a classic or modern look. Incorporate metals like gold or brass for a sophisticated feel, or pair with neutral colors for a chic appearance.

15. Mixture of Neutrals

Mixture of Neutrals

Neutral shades are always safe and versatile. Add patterns or textures to enrich the shade, and consider contrasting colored wood for a refined look.


In conclusion, these big master bedroom ideas offer a starting point for your design journey.

Remember, the best approach is to mix elements from various ideas to create a space that reflects your style.

Organize your plan, unleash your creativity, and transform your master bedroom into a space you adore.

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