15 Types of Blankets Every Homeowner Should Know

A blanket is an essential part of your bedroom and your living room or any other room, for that matter.

Everyone requires a blanket, be it warm, cooling, or covering their feet in summers, winters, rainy, or autumn.

Blankets do not necessarily need to be used when you must sleep. Plenty of blankets can be used as a decorative item to cover your feet or shoulders.

Below is a list of blankets that you can choose from. Look at their material, their effects, advantages, and disadvantages.

After all, it is your house and your comfort that matters.

Different Types of Blankets for Every Homeowner

1. Knitted Wool

Knitted Wool

This blanket is made up of wool that is either knitted or crocheted. They can also be made in other materials like cotton, linen, or natural fiber. You can get the knitted blanket in every material and use it for warmth or decorative purposes.

  • Ideal For: Cold climates and cozy indoor settings.
  • Material Benefits: Natural insulation, durable.
  • Considerations: It can be heavy and may not suit those with wool allergies.


  • If you are a fan of DIY projects, making a knitted blanket is the easiest thing you can make.


  • If you have pets, keep them away from the blanket, as it snags easily and is quite tough to clean.

2. Quilt


A quilt is made of three types of fibers. It has a filling of either cotton or wool in it, the top has multiple fabrics sewn together to create a unique design, and the bottom of the quilt is made from one large piece of woven fabric.

  • Ideal For: Decorative layering on beds, mild climates.
  • Material Benefits: Lightweight, versatile designs.
  • Considerations: Not as warm as heavier blankets; can be difficult to clean if delicate.


  • Quilts help you create a layered look for your bed, being lightweight and coming in various patterns.


  • Please keep your pets away from the quilt, as cleaning their hairs from the blanket might tear or create holes.
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3. Electric


These blankets require batteries and plug-ins and are of two types – one for your home and the other for your car; both must be plugged in.

Most blankets are polyester or fleece and have features like temperature control, on and off buttons, etc.

  • Ideal For: Extremely cold environments, therapeutic heat applications.
  • Material Benefits: Adjustable temperature controls.
  • Considerations: Requires electricity and safety considerations.


  • Electric blankets are best to use when traveling in a car and are famous for this purpose only.


  • These blankets should work even without turning them on. For some, it might not work that way. So, check carefully before buying.

4. Comfort at Its Best

Grey Comforter on the bed

A comforter is a blanket made with the help of two fabrics sewn together, providing softness and smoothness, while the filling is of cotton, feathers, etc., to make it the warmest blanket ever.

  • Ideal For: General bedding in a variety of climates.
  • Material Benefits: Soft outer fabric, diverse filling options for different warmth levels.
  • Considerations: It may require a cover for ease of cleaning.


  • The outer fabric of the blanket is made with either cotton or polyester for smoothness and softness.


  • This type of blanket involves a sheet to be used on top, which is quite uncomfortable, and you should avoid using them in the summer.
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5. Fleece


These blankets are best for those whose skin is quite sensitive or who have allergies. They provide warmth, are lightweight, and can be machine-washed or hand-washed at home.

There are four types of fleece blankets – polar, micro, coral, and Sherpa fleece.

  • Ideal For: Allergy sufferers, casual use in living areas.
  • Material Benefits: Hypoallergenic, easy to wash.
  • Considerations: Flammable, can retain odors.


  • Since polyester or synthetic fabrics are made of polyester, these blankets are less expensive than any other blanket, like a comforter, quilt, electric, etc.


  • Depending upon the material, fleece blankets can melt near flames easily and absorb any smell quickly. So, keep this in mind before buying.
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6. Throw


This blanket is mostly for decorative purposes, and it is a small blanket that can be kept on your bed or the back/side of your sofa.

They are mostly knitted, thin, made from fleece or any thin material, and small to cover your feet while watching television.

  • Ideal For: Decorative purposes, light coverage when lounging.
  • Material Benefits: Aesthetic appeal, lightweight.
  • Considerations: Not suitable for full-body warmth in colder climates.


  • Throw blankets come in various colors/prints with little fringes at the end and are perfect for livening your sofa or couch.


  • It is a small blanket that should not be used as your primary blanket during winter or summer.
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7. Duvet


Duvet blankets are much like Comforters, but you need a duvet cover to use a duvet blanket.

It is also filled with cotton or feathers, just like the comforters. Duvet blankets have buttons or ties around the edges to fit the cover perfectly.

  • Ideal For: Customizable bedding (changing covers).
  • Material Benefits: Versatile, easy to clean (with a duvet cover).
  • Considerations: Requires a cover; may not be practical for quick changes.


  • According to your mood or preference, duvet covers come separately in beautiful prints, and you can switch them easily.


  • Duvet blankets cannot be used without their cover, so if you find it uncomfortable, you might have to consider buying another blanket.
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8. Chenille


Those looking for blankets that have a vintage touch to them should buy Chenille blankets. These were popular during the 1940s/50s and are the softest blanket ever. They are made entirely from cotton, acrylic, or rayon.

  • Ideal For: Decorative use, moderate climates.
  • Material Benefits: Soft texture, unique vintage aesthetic.
  • Considerations: Higher cost, may require special care.


  • These blankets are best for their looks and provide warmth, so you can get two benefits in one blanket.


  • Because of their exquisite patterns and fabrics, these blankets are expensive. Spending a wholesome amount of money to make your bed look fabulous is ideal.
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9. Shearling


Shearling blankets are made from sheepskin, and the wool is processed and tanned before shearing.

The blanket made from this material is furry, warm, hypoallergenic. It is best to buy the blanket when it is old because it tends to get more supple.

  • Ideal for: Luxurious warmth and hypoallergenic needs.
  • Material Benefits: Natural, durable, odor resistant.
  • Considerations: Ethical considerations, higher cost.


  • It does not absorb any odor, and you can sit near flames.
  • Is very soft on the skin and is anti-bacterial.


  • Sheepskin material is a product of the meat industry, so there are plenty of questions regarding what goes on in your blanket.
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10. Bamboo


If you wish to own a unique blanket that satisfies your needs, this bamboo blanket is the best. Bamboo helps to absorb sweat and provides warmth throughout your day. They are also odor-resistant.

  • Ideal For: Eco-conscious consumers, humid climates.
  • Material Benefits: Sweat-absorbent, antimicrobial.
  • Considerations: Hand-wash only, potentially less durable.


  • Since bamboo blankets can absorb sweat, people worry about the bacteria that the blanket can accumulate; there is no need to worry about that because these blankets are antimicrobial.


  • The only disadvantage of having a bamboo blanket is that it cannot be machine washed, which means you will have to use your hands and that extra effort.
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11. Cotton


They are breathable, work well for people with sensitive skin or allergies, and are comfortable. You can easily clean off any stain or drop from it.

  • Ideal For: General use in most climates, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Material Benefits: Breathable, easy to clean.
  • Considerations: Longer drying time, flammable.


  • Egyptian cotton is the best to buy.
  • It can be more expensive than normal, but it lasts long, absorbs sweat, and provides the right amount of heat.


  • The drawback is that they take time to dry when you wash them and get sober.
  • You also cannot take a cotton blanket during camping as it can catch flames.
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12. Mylar

Mylar Blanket

Mylar blankets are also called Emergency blankets. They are lightweight and can provide a fair amount of heat.

You will most likely see these blankets with campers, as a survival kit, or in a first aid kit. They can be fit into a pocket easily.

  • Ideal For: Emergency kits, outdoor survival scenarios.
  • Material Benefits: Highly reflective, retains body heat.
  • Considerations: Not durable for long-term use, crinkly texture.


  • They can retain up to 90% of your body heat and be used in emergencies. They also absorb moisture, rain, or snow.


  • If you are injured, they get torn easily and may take some time to open.
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13. Linen


Anything made from linen is costly because linen is made from a fiber that comes out of a flax plant, and this fiber is quite hard to harvest.

However, anything made from linen can be used in any season throughout the year.

  • Ideal For: Year-round use, eco-friendly choices.
  • Material Benefits: Sustainable, versatile for all seasons.
  • Considerations: Can wrinkle easily, higher cost.


  • Linen blankets are safe for the environment, are thick, work in any season, and are easy to clean.


  • These blankets can be wrinkled quickly, so let them dry properly after washing them.
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14. Wool


It is considered the best material during summers, the same way wool is best during winters.

Anything made from wool provides a significant amount of warmth. It is anti-bacterial, great for the environment, and you do not need to clean it often.

  • Ideal For: Harsh winters, outdoor use.
  • Material Benefits: Fire-resistant, naturally insulating.
  • Considerations: It can be itchy for sensitive skin and requires careful cleaning.


  • Wool is fire resistant, which means you can snuggle yourself up near dire during camping or just near your fireplace.


  • The only drawback of wool is that it is harsh on your skin. It is rough, which people with sensitive skin will not enjoy.
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15. Polyester

Polyester Blanket

Most of the blankets you use contain polyester as primary or secondary material.

Polyester can be washed as often as you want and will not get dull or lose shape. It feels soft on your skin and is quite durable.

  • Ideal For: Budget-conscious consumers, regular use.
  • Material Benefits: Durable, retains shape and color.
  • Considerations: Less breathable, can cling to the skin when wet.


  • The most significant advantage of polyester blankets is that they last long and do not get dull or lose their shape/texture.


  • This blanket’s disadvantage is that it is not as comfortable or breathable as a cotton blanket and sticks to your skin if wet.
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Buy the blanket that suits you, your skin, and your budget, according to the season and many other factors.

Choosing a blanket that your family will adore and preferably lasts longer is essential.

You need to put your comfort first and the budget later because if you have sensitive skin, you cannot buy wool or bamboo blankets as they might be a little harsh on your skin.

You need to look at what kind of material the blanket has and how it will react to my skin.

You also should make sure to check their seasonal effects. There are plenty of blankets that might not go all year round.

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