5 Landscaping Ideas to Add Extra Privacy in Your Garden

Everyone desires a peaceful and quiet environment in which they can be alone with their thoughts or simply not think at all. And what better place to be than in a peaceful, lovely garden?
However, finding the much-needed privacy is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if you live in a neighbourhood with nosy and curious neighbours. Adding landscaping to your home garden gives more privacy, Dr Garden provides professional landscaping in Sydney.

In this post, you’ll learn about all of the best landscaping ideas for creating your own private garden paradise away from prying eyes and distracting noise.

Important things to consider when landscaping for privacy

When landscaping for privacy, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • First, be sure to select plants and trees that are in compliance with climate and soil.
  • Second, plan out your garden design before you start planting. This will help ensure that everything flows together nicely and that you don’t end up with an unruly mess.
  • Third, use hedges, fences, or other barriers to create defined spaces within your garden. This will give the illusion of more privacy.
  • And finally, don’t forget the importance of lighting. When your home garden is properly lit, it makes the place more cosy and welcoming.

Benefits of adding landscaping for privacy:

• A private landscaping gives a sense of security and safety to the space.

• Gives the value of protection from neighbours or people walking by.

• Makes the vibe more comfortable and secluded from unwanted visitors.

• Helps to block unsightly views

• With a private backyard, you can relax with your clusia hedge and play without worrying about people watching.

• Landscaping is an affordable way to add not only privacy but beauty to your garden.

According to the founder of Precision Landscaping, Privacy is not just about having a tall fence, it’s about creating a tranquil sanctuary for you and your family. Our job as landscape designers is to create that sense of peace and privacy within your own backyard.”

You can add privacy to your garden area as per your budget, preference and style. Here are some few ideas:

1. Install a fence:

A good, sturdy fence is the perfect way to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden and maintain your privacy. There are many different types of fences to choose from, so be sure to select one that will fit both your needs and your budget. Another great idea for adding privacy is ornamental fencing. They look beautiful while blocking out unsightly views.

2. Grow tall plants and trees:

If you don’t want or need a fence, consider growing some tall plants or trees around the edge of your garden. Plant deciduous trees in strategic places for natural-looking privacy screens. They provide privacy when they are mature but allow light through when they are bare during the winter months. Not only will this add extra privacy, but it will make your garden beautiful. Thorny bushes are also another good option along the border for an added deterrent to intruders.

3. Use hedges and shrubberies:

Hedges and shrubberies add a touch of elegance to any garden. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can grow and shape them in your space. Hedges are often planted to create privacy where desired. They can be used as a hedge around properties that face each other, such as front yards and sidewalks; however, they also serve well in keeping secrets from prying eyes by hiding things behind them such as bedrooms and your backyard.

4. Install a pergola or arbour:

Pergolas and arbours are an excellent way to add shade and privacy to your garden. Climbing vines can be trained to grow on the pergola or arbor, providing a natural screen between you and your neighbors.

5. Install a water feature:

A water feature is not only a beautiful addition to any garden, but it also provides privacy and sound absorption. Water features come in many different shapes and sizes,so you have the option to choose the one in accordance with the space and style. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to add privacy, consider installing a fountain instead of a pond. Fountains are smaller and won’t take up as much space in your garden.


The tips and tricks in the article will help you to choose the right elements to make your space more private and cosy. One has many options, from landscaping or installing fences, choosing the right option will make the space more secured and safe.

Now that you have some ideas on how to add privacy while maintaining beauty, go out into your yard or planters with confidence knowing that you will enjoy all of its benefits! If you’ve been looking for landscapers in Sydney, Dr. Garden, and his amazing team have been building beautiful landscapes for many happy homeowners for over 30 years. If privacy and beauty are two things that matter to you, head over to drgarden.com.au to view his recent work.

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