7 Best Writing Apps for Android Right Now

The process of learning has always been complicated and induced all kinds of obstacles for learners. Those obstacles are various assignment types, strict demands, tough deadlines, and something of that kind. Poor learners have to cope with all that mess. Every youngster uses various methods and we can recommend some of the best writing apps for android.

You can use unique writing applications because technology is our friend. We guess most people use products based on the operating system Android. Accordingly, our informative overview focuses on the best android writing apps at the moment. These smart inventions will make your writing life much easier and are perfect for every essay writer. Perhaps you would like to become a writer as well.

Google Docs

This is one of the most famous writing and editing apps. Most users know about it as one of the most reliable and best writing apps for android. The main feature that makes it famous is the full duplication of the functions of Word Microsoft. Moreover, it offers several new options that make the process of writing much easier. You can write and correct texts online and offline from any gadget. This is, probably, the best android writing app.


The second on our list is also among the most popular and effective writing apps for android. This app was designed for writers to create stories and plots. It perfectly suits learners who write standard essays because it has a lot of templates and boards. You can use it paying only $8 per month.


This is another great writing app for students. It is commonly used for writing novels, screenplays, and different stories. It offers a distraction mode that helps to focus on what you write without spending time on other things. You will be totally absorbed by the writing process to avoid possible mistakes and speed up your writing. All in all, it offers the following benefits:

  • Distraction mode
  • Dark mode
  • Word count
  • Cloud storage

Mind that it can be used gratis!


This is another free app for clever writers and students. It supports Markdown, so you can write HTML documents as well. It’s a great option for bloggers. On average, this app helps to create to-do lists, notes, and common documents. It helps a writer or student to be more organized and disciplined. As we result, he or she does not forget about vital tasks and writes pretty fast. You can also play with fonts and colors for better organization.


This one is also free of charge and stands for the best creative writing apps for android. It provides a wide range of features that help to create and develop your plot, as well as export it. It includes a special timeline feature that helps to track the entire process of writing, as well as speed up when it’s necessary for a writer. Its other benefits include various formatting options, Google Drive support, and a great text editor – everything that novel writing apps for android must include, after all.

Pure Writer

This option is among the most remarkable android writing apps as well thanks to several points. First of all, it is perfect for writers and students who like minimalism and are on the lookout for novel writing apps for android. It excludes all extra features that seem to mesmerize you. It provides the right features to write and edit texts. All the features are well-known and easy to understand. The dark mode is included if you like it.

Additionally, this intelligent app reminds you of saving documents and locking your phone. In case you delete the document, you can restore it due to the history feature.

Writer Plus

This app is the best on the Google Play Store right now when it comes to trusted writing apps for android. It offers all the necessary features to quickly write a text. These include:

  • Headers
  • Text formatting
  • An undo macro
  • A night mode
  • Word Counter

The interface is very simple. You can quickly orient through the app. It offers free and purchased versions.

The Bottom Line

We hope over informative overview was helpful to you. It has outlined really the top writing apps at the moment for users of Android. We can bet that you will find them all interesting and will be able to select the best android writing app for your personal writing style. Thus, your texts will shine with creativity and will pleasantly impress all your readers.

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