Ivy, Dirt, and Moss: Why Your House Will Thank You For Sorting These Problems Out Early and Regularly

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If you have recently relocated to a brand-new property or have begun to notice a number of unsightly problems negatively impacting the exterior of your home, it may be time to take matters into your own hands and find an appropriate solution that works for you. Whether you are struggling to contend with ivy, dirt, …

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7 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Winter can bring many issues due to plummeting temperatures. You could be confined to your house, experience a hike in your utility bills, and last but not least, water may start freezing in the pipes. The issue of water freezing in the pipelines does not come alone; it accompanies the risk of burst pipes and …

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5 Effective Ways of Balancing Academics and Extracurriculars

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Non-academic activities are beneficial, but like education, they demand time from students. Some engage in non-academics for leisure, but others see them as essential for their future, specifically athletes. Education should always be the priority in college; however, non-academics tend to look good on your resume alongside other benefits. So, collegians need to balance maintaining …

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