Basic Facts About White Tahoe Cookies seeds

The Cannabis plant has been a controversial herb from time immemorial. In recent times however, a greater number of medical researchers are giving their nod of approval for the use of this herb for medicinal purposes. This plant through years of research has been crossed to produce different strains and one of these strains is the White Tahoe Cookies strain.

The White Tahoe Cookies also referred to as Tahoe Cookies or WTC is a strain of cannabis that is quite popular. It is indica dominant but with a 30% component of sativa properties. The name of this strain is derived from its frosty look and the bold minty and cookie fragrance.

Just like every other strain of the cannabis plant, this strain has a number of health benefits which include relieving of bodily discomfort, easing of physical tension, boosting energy and enhancing creativity. In this article however our focus will be on the White Tahoe Cookies seeds and not the plant itself.

We will look at some basic facts about the seed of this strain of cannabis so stay with us…

Fun Fact about the White Tahoe Cookies Seed

This strain has been in existence from the early 90s and was first gotten from the Archive Seed Bank. It was made from cross breeding the Tahoe OG, The White and the Girl Scout strains. It is contains very high THC ranging from 19 to 26%.

This high THC content makes it a favourite for cannabis users who want very potent strains. In addition to this, it is popular for its resinous and dense buds which have very strong fragrance of spicy, sweet and earthy notes.

Features of the White Tahoe Cookies Seed

This strain of cannabis is a favourite for newbie growers because of the ease of cultivation and the healthy harvest it produces with little effort. Additional features include the following:-

  1. Traits – It is a hybrid of The White, Girl Scout and Tahoe OG cookies
  2. THC content is as high as 19 to 26 %
  3. Medicinal value – useful for the relief of anxiety, insomnia and stress in addition to relieving bodily aches and pain.
  4. Has strong aroma and flavours which include a complex blend of nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. The pungent aroma is a blend of spicy, sweet and earthy notes.
  5. Easy to grow and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.
  6. Flowers around 9 to 10 weeks and produces resinous and dense buds

Types of WTC Seeds


There are three types of WTC seeds and they are regular or unsexed, feminized and autoflower seeds. Below is a brief description of each type:-


These are the standard or regular cannabis seeds and there is an equal chance that they can be female or male. This means that if you want to have plants that are all female, you must buy the feminized seed or else you may get male plants.

These regular seeds are best for growers who are very experienced and want to try out crossbreeding. Click here for some info on the Tahoe OG strain.


These are the ones that would always produce female plants and is a favourite with growers that don’t want the stress of cultivating male plants. The male plant of this strain is not as desirable as the female plants. They produce seed in the female buds which means that unless a grower wants more seed, they have to dispose of them.

They also have the propensity to have higher yields with larger buds than the autoflowering seeds.


These are best for growers who desire to have an easy and fast harvest. The seeds flower automatically no matter the amount of darkness they get. It is important to note that although their growth is faster, the buds are smaller and the feminized seeds produced are not much.

How to Cultivate WTC Seeds

One major reason why people love to grow this strain is because of the ease of growing it. However, this doesn’t mean that the grower doesn’t have to do anything to ensure that they have a good harvest. Below are tips on how to grow this strain:-

  1. Germinate your seeds before planting them. This process helps the seed to get out of dormancy and grow easily. Most planters prefer the paper towel method. Visit this site for more details on this method:
  2. After the seeds have germinated, plant them in small pots. Ensure that you water the plant regularly so that soil is moist; however it should never be soggy so as not to drown the plants.
  3. When the plants have grown a few inches, it is time to transplant them into your garden or bigger pots so that they can have enough room to grow.
  4. WTC plants love to be in full sun; however they can grow in partial shade. The best thing for them is to have between 10 to 12 hours of full sunlight daily.
  5. Fertilize the plants regularly most especially when the get to the flowering phase. Bear in mind that these plants need high doses of nutrients as they are heavy feeders. That is the only way that they will attain their fullest potential. Fertilizing the plant consistently will help them produce beautiful and large buds.


These are just basics of what you need to know about WTC seeds. If you are interested in cultivating them, the tips shared here are just basics; you need to consult with expert growers in your locality to help you out. You can also talk to the nursery owner when you go to buy the seeds; they will most definitely be glad to help you.

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