Best Appliances to Upgrade Your Rental Apartment Kitchen

Looking for something to upgrade your rental apartment kitchen? Appliances are what make your rental apartment kitchen stand out. Updating your current appliances to higher-end models or adding some beautiful smart appliances to your rental apartment kitchen can make your life easier, cozier, and happier.

Why you should buy the best appliances to upgrade your rental apartment kitchen?

Saves electricity bills, and potential repair costs

In general, old or dated appliances consume more energy and can translate to more frequent repairs. Replace some old or dated appliances such as a traditional oven, juicer, etc. will greatly save your electricity bills and potential repair costs.

Works safer, faster, and more versatile to get better results

Kitchen appliances with higher-end models will work safer and faster and more versatile to get better results along with your clusia hedges. For example, compared with a traditional oven or a conventional oven, a full-sized convection oven, or a countertop toaster oven, the versatile countertop convection toaster oven not only saves your kitchen spaces but also owns many cooking functions like toasting bread, roasting chickens, air frying chicken wings, dehydrating fruits, and more to make your home-cooking process faster and more efficient.

Helps you release your time and improves the quality of life

Maybe you are not particularly confident in your cooking abilities, or just do not want to spend much time on it. An all-in-one versatile countertop convection oven that can do everything will be a must-have for your kitchen. If you hate doing dishwashing and want to spend more time with your loved one, having a countertop dishwasher at home can help you keep yourself far away from messy hands, annoying dish towels, and soapy sponges with ease. And for those who like enjoying fresh, delicious juice made directly from fruits and vegetables, a slow press masticating juicer will come in handy.

What are the best appliances for your rental apartment kitchen?

Countertop convection oven

Countertop convection ovens are small and versatile kitchen appliances that look like large microwave ovens. Countertop convection ovens have an advanced convection fan that ensures proper hot air circulation inside the oven. Countertop convection ovens offer beautifully golden-brown pastries, perfectly crisp cookies, evenly roasted chickens, delightfully caramelized vegetables, and more for your daily meals, thanks to their convection cooking features and multiple cooking functions.

What to consider when choosing a countertop convection toaster oven?

Considering cooking functions

What are you going to be using the oven for? what you want to make with the countertop convection toaster oven will help you determine the cooking functions you would like to see in the best countertop convection toaster oven you purchase. If you want to use it to cook multiple dishes including air frying chicken wings, roasting seasoned potatoes, baking sugar cookies, toasting bread, roasting sausages, dehydrating fruits, and reheating leftovers, then a countertop convection air fryer toaster oven that can air fry, air roast, bake, dehydrate, pizza, grill, toast, and more like Ventray Mini Oven Master will come in handy.

Selecting the proper size & space

Countertop convection toaster ovens vary in size. In general, the more table space or counter space you are willing to allocate to the countertop convection oven, the larger the capacity of the convection oven. If you’re looking for a countertop convection oven that can multi-task and cook more than one item at the same time then purchase a convection oven with multi-layer oven racks and various cooking accessories such as a baking rack, a baking pan, and an air fry basket is an ideal choice.


The best countertop convection oven you should buy 2022 had better own a feature of easy cleaning to save you time after use. Consider buying a countertop convection oven that comes with certain features and cleaning items like a non-stick stainless steel interior, non-stick baking tray, and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Why do we recommend Ventray countertop convection toaster oven?

Owns a size to greatly fit your rental apartment kitchen

The Ventray countertop ovens are silver stainless steel ovens with a size of 16.2 x 15.7 x 15 inches, which takes less space for your table or countertop. This mini smart oven is easy to bring from one place to another and is great for small apartments.

Owns a large capacity and delicious convection cooking

This best countertop oven has 25L/26QT large capacity, which fits for a 12-inch pizza, 4lb chicken, 6 slices of bread, or other snacks and meals. Ventray countertop ovens adopt convection technology which circulates hot air to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity. This hot air blowing directly around the food helps shorten cooking time and waiting time and helps food cook more delicious.

Owns 12 cooking functions to enrich your daily meals

This chef’s countertop convection toaster oven owns 12 cooking presets – bread, cake, dehydrate, fries, wings, chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, donut, cookies, and pizza to make your daily meals richer and healthier.

Quick-preheating & Energy efficient to save your money

Ventray countertop convection ovens preheat faster than traditional ovens and can cook your food in less time, saving a bit on your energy bills each month.

Easy to clean

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the internal wall of this countertop convection toaster oven is non-stick and easy to clean. Plus, it includes a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Additional features

  • Comes with accessories including a fry basket, baking rack, and baking pan.
  • Built-in 90-minute timer
  • Double glass automatic shutoff oven door
  • Owns a bright oven light

Slow press masticating juicer

Masticating juicers are also known as slow juicers or cold press juicers, they crush and process fruits and vegetables much more slowly to obtain more juice and preserve all the natural flavors, nutrients, and enzymes of juice with less heat and noise than the high-speed juicer.

What to look for in a Juicer?


Juicing at a low speed can preserve much more vitamins and nutrients in your juice. So, for a healthy and delicious drink, go for a model with a slow speed, when you select your juicer.


Consider where you plan to store your juicer and how easily you will want to access it. Horizontal masticating juicers can churn out high volumes of juice, you may not have space for them. And the small footprint of vertical juicers is ideal for smaller kitchens with limited counter space.


Juicing is fun, however, cleaning up can be a burden. If the masticating juicer you choose is easy to assemble and disassemble, then go with it.


Juicers come at various prices. Generally, the more you pay, the higher the juice yield and the lower and drier the pulp. In the long term, you will find masticating juicers are a worthwhile investment for your home as you will not have to buy too many fruits or veggies to make your juice.

Why do we recommend Ventray 808 masticating juicer?

Slow speed to yield fresh and healthy juices

Ventray 808 masticating juicer crushes large chunks for fruits and vegetables at a low speed of only 60 RPM to prevent oxidation and preserve more vitamins and nutrients in your juice

Easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to clean

Ventray 808 masticating juicer is easy to set up and disassemble for cleaning and storage. Cleaning brush included.

One-button operation, and wide feed chute

Easy to use with the one-button operation, 3 inches wide feed chute fits up to a whole apple, saving time on chopping-up fruits or vegetables.

Durable and safe materials

This masticating juicer adopts FDA-recommended BPA-FREE materials (Ultem Tritan auger and food safe containers), perfect for babies, kids, and adults.

Advanced reverse anti-jamming technology

Take advantage of the reverse feature in the rare event that the juicer gets jammed. Simply go reverse to off to forward until produce gets dislodged.

Countertop dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher is a compact dishwasher that sits on your kitchen counter or somewhere convenient for you to easily access the sink. It gets water from your kitchen faucet and drains through the kitchen sink.

Why you should own a countertop dishwasher?

Release your hands from dishwashing, frees up your time, and makes your life easier

An ideal choice for people who live in a tiny rental apartment that doesn’t have a built-in dishwasher. A countertop dishwasher allows you to do something more meaningful and interesting rather than standing in front of the sink doing a boring dish-washing job for a long time.

More sanitary than hand washing, less water consumption to save your money

A countertop dishwasher is more hygienic, especially when washing the litter corners and crevices that are hard to reach by hand. Plus, a countertop dishwasher can finish a thorough dish-washing task with less water consumption compared with a full-size dishwasher. An eco-friendly choice to save on water.

Why Ventray DW55AD is the best countertop dishwasher for your rental apartment kitchen?

Comes in a compact and portable size to save your kitchen space

  • Dimension: 17.3×16.3×16.7IN
  • Net weight: 38.5LBS
  • Keep your place clean and less cluttered

5 wash-cycle options and powerful cleaning ability

  • Offers 5 washing programs – Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast wash, and Glass to meet your daily needs.
  • Adopts 360° powerful spray arm + high-pressure water
  • Adopts 158°F high-temp cleaning to remove stubborn food stains

Roomy and flexible tableware placement

  • Fits 2 place settings
  • Comes with a pull-out dish rack with a cutlery basket to fit various tableware at one time

More hygienic and healthier

  • Owns 24-hour automatic intermittent ventilation function
  • Keeps dishes dry and odorless while storing them

24-hour delay start

  • Runs the washing program at any desired time
  • Take advantage of the off-peak utility rate
  • No conflicting with other hot water demands

Quick installation

  • Features a convenient connector with adapter included
  • Establishes a quick connection between the inlet hose and your faucet.


It is important to select the right appliances for your rental apartment kitchen, we hope you can select the best appliances for your rental apartment kitchen after reading this a

whether you’ve just purchased your first investment property or your tenth. It can mean the difference between a higher value unit that attracts better prospects and lowers utility bills and one that doesn’t.

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