Best Giant Jenga Set Games for Your Garden or Outdoor Area

Do you feel that your backyard is a little empty? That it needs a kick? Do you feel like sometimes you have nothing exciting to offer when your friends come over, and initially, you all go out to play? Does it happen that you are bored with all the games and want something exciting and long game which you can play both with your friends and family? Well, think no more, JENGA is here!

Most of us already know what Jenga is, and It is a focused, cunning, concentrating game requiring a steady hand. It is a fun and exciting game to play when you want a relaxed evening near your firewood with your friends. It probably has the most straightforward rules to follow.

All you have to do is stack up the blocks by taking one at a time slowly so that the others don’t fall, and whoever fails to do so is the culprit, and everyone has a laugh over it. It seems fun. No harm, only fun! Now you must be thinking that you can buy any stack of Jenga for your backyard, well how about if we tell you that there are multiple sets of Jenga, higher and lower both.

Most of the blocks that you find cheap are made with softwoods, thereby losing their appearance, durability, and strength. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 Jenga sets that you can play with your friends or hours and get unlimited fun and entertainment.

6 Best Giant Jenga Set Games

1. Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

SWOOC Games - Giant Tower Game | 60 Large Blocks | Storage Crate / Outdoor Game Table | Starts Over...
  • 🔝 60 GIANT BLOCKS: That's 6 extra blocks versus the classic board game (Hint:Rhymes with Zenga). Starts over 2.5ft tall (24in blocks and 8in game...
  • 📐 LIGHTWEIGHT & GREAT HEIGHT: Perfect size for both indoor and outdoor fun . Entire lifesize lawn game only weighs 25lb with wooden crate. Easily...
  • 📤 STORAGE CRATE / GAME TABLE (Light Assembly Required): No more bags that rip or tear. Easy to carry; Becomes table to play on wherever you are....
  • 🌲 PREMIUM QUALITY WOOD: ♻ Sustainably Sourced from genuine kiln dried New Zealand Pine. Oversized blocks and crate have meticulously rounded...

This set includes 60 Giant blocks, which means it has an extra six blocks than that of the original one. It starts at 2.5ft and goes about 5ft tall. The blocks are of excellent quality, exquisite finishing, lightweight, and have a great height to it. It can be played by kids to adults, which means that everyone in your family can enjoy this game; it is as fun as it’s the price. Worth buying it. The total weight of this set is 25lb along with the wooden crate, as shown in the picture above.

It can be easily stored under any part of your furniture, like benches, desks, outside patio furniture, etc. It is extremely relaxing to carry wherever you want to if you want to play on a beach, or at a party, or anywhere else, you can carry it and play along, no need to worry about your bags getting ripped too. Its blocks are manufactured from authentic kiln dried New Zealand Pinewoods. They are round with a smooth finish and covers the lifetime of the warranty. You can even gift this set for birthday parties, baby showers, personalized gifts, etc.

2. Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL

Giant Tumble Tower V2.0 XXL with Free Bonus Block Bottle Opener
  • BONUS: We now offer a FREE 57th block that has a working bottle opener on it.
  • CONTENTS: 57 Kiln dried, precision milled wood blocks; Heavy-duty nylon bag
  • SIZE: Block (8.25 inches x 2.75 inches x 1.75 inches); Tower (starts approx. 3' feet high, and can stack to well over 5' feet high during play)
  • No gaps when stacked up. One of the tallest versions on Amazon. Don't be fooled by smaller games. Check the dimensions.

The Hammer Crown Tumble Tower is by far the best life-size Jega set you can ever see. It starts at 3ft, but as you become more involved in the game with your opponent, it reaches up to an enormous amount of 5ft. This set comes with 56 blocks, but amazon offers an exclusive 57th block for free, including a working bottle opener in it.

It is made from kiln-dried wood blocks and comes with a sturdy nylon bag. Each block weighs 8.25 inches x 2.75 inches x 1.75 inches. The dimensions cannot fool you, and you can see how great this set is and is one of the highest set on Amazon. It is perfect for a calm evening, barbeques, weddings, etc.

3. Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Jenga Giant JS7 (Stacks to Over 5 feet) Precision-Crafted, Premium Hardwood Game with Heavy-Duty...
  • The biggest authentic hardwood Jenga game ever sold!
  • At setup, starts at 26 inches high, and can stack to over 5 feet high in play!
  • Anticipation Builds to a Crashing Climax!
  • 54 precision-crafted premium hardwood 7.15" X 2.38" X 1.43" blocks, Each one nearly 15 times the volume of a classic Jenga block

This set is Amazon’s Choice for Jenga. It comes with better prices than all the other Jenga sets. It is the biggest, original, hardwood Jenga game that has been ever sold; it is no doubt that this set is the best amongst all. It is great for outdoor fun when you want to beat up your friend and be all sporty. There is no age limit to play Jenga. However, it is told to be played in between 1-12 group of people.

It comes with a heavy and robust Jenga Giant bag, which makes it comforting to carry around wherever you want. It also goes up from 3ft to 5ft high in the game. This new version also comes with a tournament chart for all those who have competitive friends and like to keep a score! Its premium hardwood blocks are 15 times more sturdy than the original Jenga blocks making it even more thrilling to play with.

4. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers with carrying case starts at 2.5-feet tall and builds to 5-feet
  • Giant size timbers include 56 timber blocks measuring 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and stacks 19 levels high! Includes two extra blocks for added height and...
  • Fully set up game starts at 7.5 x 7.5 inches and is 2.5 feet tall! Game can grow to over 5 feet while playing based on skill level.
  • Comes with 56 sustainable sourced New Zealand Pine wood blocks hand sanded smooth for easy setup and game play. Perfect for indoor or outdoor events...
  • Includes high-quality and high-strength nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport and makes the perfect sized gift! Provides hours of fun and...

This set comes under $60 and is a perfect tool for the emptiness of your backyard. Including 56 blocks, it stacks about 19 levels, goes up to 5ft, including two extra blocks to make your game more fun and exciting. Its packaged bag is durable and safe to carry around and is one of the best.

The blocks are made from pine woods in New Zeland, with a smooth finish and perfectly round shape. It is a perfect game for any type of occasion, big or small. Isn’t playing games a way of creating beautiful memories? Well, that’s what it does here, hours of unlimited fun and entertainment from which you can never be bored. The surface of the wood is excellent for writing anything you wish, and you can even let your kid play with one of these.  

5. Limelight Games Ultimate Black Light Giant Tumbling Towers

This surely is my personal favorite set on Jenga, the ones that glow in the dark! A perfect gift for neon lovers, or people who want color and glow everywhere around them. This set includes two black lights and as you can see in the picture how it looks during day time and how it changes its color and glow during the night. It sure is a full 24 hours of fun and entertainment.

It almost feels like you are at a party, with the glowing set, the perfect music, and your friends. It is the ultimate experience, and you are going to love it. It also comes with a green-colored printed logo duffel bag, which is sturdy and easy to carry around. It is also a great family game for when you have weddings or a get-together. It goes up to 4.8ft tall.

To know more about this set, log in to –

6. GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower(Stacks to 5+ Feet) - Choose Between Natural,Brown Stain,Gray...
  • STARS AND STRIPES DESIGN: Plays just like the classic stacking game with the added fun of America themed blocks – great for family game night,...
  • GIANT SIZE: Tower starts at 2. 5 feet tall and grows to over 5 feet during play - includes 54 giant blocks (18 rows). each block measures 7. 75 x 1. 5...
  • CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Pull blocks out of the body of the tower and replace them at the top without the tower falling over
  • CARRYING CASE: Includes robust canvas carrying case for easy portability of Blocks

Are you the one who loves your country too much and never misses a chance to show it? Well then, this Jenga set is for you. Not only does it come in usual hardwood, but it comes in four more types – Brown Wood Stain, Gray Wood Stain, Stars, and Stripes or the American Flag as we would say and lastly Tropical Hardwood.

It is excellent for brunch parties, get together, family gatherings, etc. It starts at 2.5ft and goes up to 5ft tall, consisting of 54 giant boxes. It comes with a durable canvas carry bag making it easy to move around. The woods are of premium quality pine woods.


At last, I would like to say that these are the top six best Giant Jenga games that you can purchase and play in your backyard or terrace or indoors or even carry it around somewhere. When buying any of these sets, make sure that the blocks have a smooth finish and are not sharp, otherwise, they might rip, and you may get injured.

All of these sets are perfect for playing both with kids and adults. Make sure to check the quality of the wood, rounded, smooth edges, and of course, the type or color of what you want. So what are you waiting for, buy one of these sets today, invite your friends over and have a memorable fun weekend, or carry the game with you on a beach and have a fun weekend getaway?

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