Best Mora Knife for Bushcraft, Survival, Outdoors 2021 Review

 If you could use only knives for outdoors, survival, and bushcraft purposes, there is no way you could opt for something other than the Mora Knife.

Mora Knife originated in Finland thousands of years ago. It was widely used at that time wholly for survival from wild animals, or in wars, or any unfortunate situations such as natural calamities.

This knife’s design was taken down to a place named Mora in Sweden and has been called a Mora knife since then.

A Swedish manufacturer named Morakniv manufactured a Mora knife which has been in operation since 1891. Mora knife comes in a variety of models based on their shapes, sizes, styles, and different costs of each category of the knife.

A Mora knife has several uses, such as splitting the logs or just whittling around the fire. Hence it has significant applications in the Bushcraft. These knives are available for everyone depending upon the requirement of the individual as well as budget.

If you are someone who enjoys trekking over the forests and mountains and exploring nature, or even if you enjoy frequent camping around the seashores or forts, you might require something sharp which helps you with several activities such as cutting woods, building a fire, protecting yourself from the wild animals if any, or any other wilderness skills that may help you in better survival in these regions, Mora knife is the perfect solution that will guide you through all the thick and thin patches of the forest.

Whether you are hunting for food, trying to cut wood from trees, or just trying to protect yourself from any danger that may occur, everything can be covered by a Mora knife.

One may confuse Mora knives with the survival knife that people carry through for wandering in the forests. However, survival knives are majorly made and carried for situations that may lead to a person’s death.

In the conditions where there is a question of life or death, and the individual must defend themselves from any danger like wild animals or humans with bad intentions, survival knives are to the rescue.

They are majorly used as a defense against the unexpected and unfortunate events that occur. Simultaneously, Mora knives are majorly used for kindling fire, craving, or just as simple activities like cutting logs or fruits in the woods.

Hence Mora knives are different than survival knives. So if you think that you have a survival knife and that would be enough for your activities staying in the woods, you might want to think through the situation again.

Moreover, if you are someone looking forward to the next adventure your friends are planning and wish to carry all the necessary things for a convenient and safe journey through the wilderness, this might be the best option for you. Hence check out the types of Mora knives mentioned below to learn more about them and choose the best one for your trip.

Best Mora Knife Reviews

1. LT Wright GNS

The LT Wright GNS is a type of Mora knife that can cost you somewhere around USD 195. Stating the knife and its overview in just one word, it is nothing less than Comfort. It is called with the name because the knife is extremely comfortable to hold, wear, and use whenever it is required. The primary reason it is gaining popularity is because of the Comfort it provides to the users.

The benefits and Comfort of the knife can be implied in two ways, beginning with the full Micarta handle that holds the knife’s sharp edges. This knife cuts through the palm naturally, making it a characteristic expansion of your hand. At that point, pushing ahead, clients are blessed to receive 4.25 inches of U.S.- made, hand-tailored O1 instrument steel.

This sharp uncoated edge includes a 90-degree spine, ideal for scratching bark or striking a Ferro pole. Between the end-to-end length development and the high material quality, this is a knife that can do several other things, such as you can be open to blending with fuel prep, fire-starting, cutting, and even food errands.

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Purchasers even have a selection of grinds: saber for an inside and out bleeding edge or Scandi if you’re searching for something somewhat more wood-centered as the woods would always surround you in the forests, and hence you might require a lot to deal with them over the frequent period. If you as of now have a sheath you like, the knife can be requested all alone.

The knife is something that you might get asked about a lot by your companions who are there with you for the adventure and make them regrets the decisions about their knives. Yet, at that point, you would be passing up their magnificent cowhide sheath, highlighting a dangler arrangement and Ferro bar holder.

If you conclude that you are searching for something more recent, you can always move again up to a top-notch DXW sheath. The two alternatives are accessible in Natural or Black shading, just as left-or right-side convey headings.

In case you couldn’t judge by the gleaming depiction, this is an essential and fundamental bushcraft knife. It is one in which there are basic features required to survive through the woods and logs. Another essential advantage of the knife is that it comes with a highly versatile blade.

The knife is handcrafted by skilled professionals who live through various locations and regions and understand the minimal requirement of the knife required to sustain through the woods and wilderness. The knife is made up of O1 tool steel, which has a high chance of getting corroded if it comes in direct and frequent contact with environmental aspects such as air, water, moisture, rains, or other chemicals.

2. Best Budget Bushcraft Knife: Morakniv Companion

The Morakniv Companion, OR as it is called in simple terms as Moras, is a legendary knife mainly due to its legendary features, design, and ability to be useful for several reasons. The primary reason why the Moras, an entry-level Companions, is gaining popularity is the toughness, Comfort, and capability of the knife offered to the user across several forest applications. The Moras knife blade has a 4.1-inch length, and it comes in either a high-carbon variation or in 12C27 stainless steel.

The Moras comes with a handle made up of elastic and an exact Scandi grind that comes with this knife. And keeping in mind that the adjusted edge spine will not assist you when scratching a Ferro pole makes for a decent landing place for your thumb without harming you or causing any strain on your hand.

The Moras is available in different colors so that if you buy more than one of them for your family or friends, you do not need to get confused in carrying other’s knife as it is already color-coded. The coordinating sheath that holds the stainless steel knife is made of solidified plastic and requires careful use. The knife is less prone to corrosion caused by specific atmospheric aspects like water, air, and moisture.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch,...
  • Bushcraft Knife: The perfect all-in-one knife for outdoor enthusiasts, this outdoor knife makes an...
  • Premium Blade: 0.08-inch thick hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel knife blade stays sharp longer...
  • High-Friction Handle: Made with an ergonomic polymer handle with a soft friction grip and finger...
  • Protective Polymer Sheath: Easy-to-clean plastic sheath comes equipped with a belt clip, so you can...

However, if the knife is kept in the fire for a long time, maybe in case of some accident or unawareness, the knife’s handle is likely to melt, leaving behind the stainless steel. The structure and design also come with a belt cut and a thumb-slope, allowing simple draws to the user for urgent and emergency conditions. The knife fits nicely on your pants’ belt, and it may go unnoticed most of the time due to its particular structure.

In contrast to a large portion of different blades available in the market, Mora eschews the customary end-to-end length plan and goes with an incomplete, or “rat,” tang. While this makes it more averse to endure long-haul misuse, it is nothing that easygoing clients will probably take note of.

Further, the price of the Moras is around USD 20. Hence you can buy more than one and gift it to everyone who keeps exploring as you. The best part about the knife is its construction and the way it is structured to allow comfort and ease of use to the person who is handling the knife in the forests.

The major disadvantage of the Moras is that there is no squared pine in the structure of this knife, and it has a basic sheath that is made from plastic which may find it difficult to sustain in various thick and thins and happenings through the process of exploration through the forests.

3. Best MOLLE/Versatile-Carry Bushcraft Knife: Gerber Principle

In case you’re searching for an advanced, moderate interpretation of the exemplary bushcraft blade, look no farther than the Gerber Principle ($60). This downsized blade includes a 3.1-inch edge, ground down to what the producer calls a “zero-degree Scandinavian granulate.”

The 420HC end to end length edge is clad in two elastic over-form grasps, with three openings separated equally along with the handle. These are publicized as “lashing points,” however, I consider them a brilliant method for weight decrease.

Gerber Gear Principle - Fixed Blade Knife for Hunting, Fishing & Camping Gear - Coyote Brown
  • Versatile Gerber Knife: This knife includes a triple mounting system and sheath that can be used for...
  • High-Quality Features: This 7.5-inch bushcraft knife has a full-tang, drop blade shape, and...
  • Outdoor Knife: The 90-degree fire-striking spine of this camping knife allows users to start a...
  • Ergonomic Grip: The Gerber Principle's ergonomic design supports the hand in baseball, precision and...

The Principle weighs in at simply 3.7 ounces, making it among the lightest blades on this rundown. Yet, the selling point here is the Principle’s abundance of conveying alternatives. The sharp edge shape is adaptable as well. Its equilibrium of level to the gut is appropriate for an assortment of camp errands, from food prep to woodwork.

While the Principle is famously conveyed capable, it’s likewise moderately little. Clients with enormous hands might need to attempt before they purchase. Also, if you’re searching for an apparatus to use for quite a long time, something somewhat bigger would be ideal. Be that as it may, as a medium-obligation or reinforcement blade, the Principle is impeccably at home in the forested areas.

4. Best Bushcraft-and-Survival Knife Combo: Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion

We’ll cover endurance knives another time; however, we’d be neglectful if we did exclude a gesture toward Ka-Bar’s unbelievable Becker BK2, which costs around USD 133.

The BK2 Campanion is 10.75 inches in length. The level ground 1095 blade covered in a defensive dark get done with, estimating 5.25 inches as the length and a husky quarter-inch as its thickness. The shaped Zytel handle scales are moreover passed out, just like the formed nylon sheath.

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife, Carbon Steel
  • Full tang heavy duty field knife suited for camping chores.
  • Made in Olean New York, U.S.A
  • Designed by Ethan Becker
  • Manufactured by KA-BAR Knives Inc.

As indicated by Ka-Bar, “The Campanion works similarly as intrusive separated joints and cleaning game, also hacking onions for the pit fire bean stew!” This is valid, yet the usable word there is “slashing.” The BK2 will have no issue decreasing your veggies into lumps. However, in case you’re searching for low cuts of onions and tomatoes, you will struggle. It’s essentially not in the idea of this specific monster. The BK2 dominates at tasks that exploit its full one-pound heave, such as slashing.

Choosing A Bushcraft

Choosing a Mora knife may look like a big task to some of the people who are first time into buying knives or trying to explore the wilderness. But for the people who are used to it, it might occur as a routine task which might not be so difficult to choose.

However, you can always choose them based on your basic requirements, which include the place you are visiting, the number of people with you, how many days you are staying there, whether you are carrying food with yourself or plan to hunt and find food by yourself, as well as the sharpness of the blade, its shape, size, and color.

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