Blackjack Games Online for Money and Bitcoins

The iconic card game with cryptocurrency stakes is the perfect starting point to lure new players into the world of online gambling. Safe, exciting and legitimate – it’s all true when it comes to blockchain blackjack. It tops the list of the most popular games at Red Dog online casino.

As a simple but very interesting game, crypto blackjack stands out because it has its own strategies and is very easy to play. Blackjack, also known as the card game “21”, was one of the most popular games in the 18th century in all the gambling houses. Therefore, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with its basic rules and varieties to be able to play it effectively.

You can play the best bitcoin blackjack games from the top cryptocurrency game providers at Red Dog Casino, including European, American and live bitcoin blackjack, as well as take advantage of generous BTC bonuses. Play European, American and live blackjack with bitcoins and win big money at Red Dog.

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

There are many players who don’t know the difference between regular blackjack and bitcoin blackjack. We can help you figure it out. There are no differences in therules or the meaning of the cards. All types of blackjack games are covered by bitcoin blackjack. Transactions take place on a decentralised blockchain network and are made through your digital wallet.

How to play Bitcoin Blackjack online

The process of playing blackjack with bitcoins is extremely simple. First, you need to register with an online exchange and then buy bitcoins using your bank or credit card account. You then need to open a crypto wallet so that you can store your bitcoins securely. Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Ledger and Coinbase are some of the most popular wallets for storing bitcoins.

You then need to visit Red Dog Casino’s official website and go through a simple one-minute registration process. You can then select bitcoin in the “Balance” section of your account, enter your bitcoin wallet address, and then click “Deposit”. Enter the amount you want to deposit in bitcoins. Play crypto blackjack to get your bonus.

Crypto Blackjack rules

Bitcoin blackjack has a very simple and straightforward principle:

  • Make a deposit in bitcoins;
  • Accumulate points not exceeding 21;
  • Win money.

Depending on the version you want to play, there may be differences in the rules of the game. Generally, a round starts with the dealer dealing two cards to each player, with the players’ cards dealt face down. One of the dealer’s cards remains face up and the other card is dealt face down.

Players place their bets before they receive their cards in Crypto Blackjack. The main objective of the game is to collect a combination of cards equal to 21 points. The winner of the game is the one whose combination of cards is closer to 21 points. An additional way to win is to get a Blackjack card combination. This combination consists of an ace and a ten on the player’s first two cards, making it one of the most valuable and strongest card combinations available.

Varieties of Bitcoin Blackjack games

Over the years, the original card game of blackjack has evolved into many different variations. Each variation has its own set of rules, nuances and special features that make it enjoyable for gamers. The American and European versions of Crypto Blackjack are well known to online casino players around the world.

American Blackjack

American blackjack is a version of cryptocurrency blackjack that uses six or eight decks. There are two popular subspecies of American Blackjack: Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic Blackjack, with slightly different rules.

In Vegas Blackjack, the dealer can get another card without showing it to the other players if he has an ace or a total of more than ten points. If the dealer has a Blackjack combo, the other players automatically lose, unless the player has a Blackjack combo.

There is a difference between Atlantic Bitcoin Blackjack and other forms of Blackjack in that the player doubles his bet even after splitting, and the game usually uses eight packs of cards.

European Blackjack

BTC European blackjack is a game played with two packs of cards. The player has the option to bet using casino chips. This version of the Bitcoin table game does not differ much from the original. An opponent is expected to win a blackjack hand if he has a blackjack combination. In the game, players bet with casino chips, which are similar to cash but have a different value.

It is important to note that there is no hole card in this version of the game. The dealer receives the first card face up, and the second card is dealt after the player has both cards in hand. Splitting is only allowed once each round.

Live Blackjack

In today’s world, bitcoin blackjack is one of the hottest trends. Players like the game better when played by real dealers rather than computers. This makes the game much more emotional and authentic. Bitcoin casinos also offer Live Blackjack as a game that is streamed live around the clock, so playing it has several advantages.

So that you can get the sounds of a real casino in the background and see players at other tables in your games, Bitcoin Blackjack games are broadcast live from stylish studios. Some gaming providers even broadcast from physical casinos around the world. This way, you can hear the sounds of the virtual casino in the background.

Live blackjack for bitcoins is ideal for those looking for a realistic gaming experience.

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