How Does Epsom Salt Work on Tree Stumps?

How Does Epsom Salt Work on Tree Stumps

Trees with wider girth and large foliage can leave large stumps when cut down in your garden. It not only occupies unnecessary space in your garden but is also difficult to get rid of. They do not go with the look of the garden and can be a cause of many problems in future. Removing …

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20+ Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreens are a very crucial element of any garden, backyard, or front yard. It doesn’t matter where you live, they can sustain for whole year keeping their colour and texture intact. Small or Dwarf evergreen shrubs are perfect for almost any kind of landscape requirement. You can find more than thousand types of small or …

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The Best Desert Trees with Picture and Names

Desert trees are known for their ability to tolerate hot, harsh, and arid climates and at the same time produce foliage and fruits. A desert is a place that has dry air, sandy soil, and a very low rainfall rate. Desert trees have an excellent ability to absorb moisture from deep under the soil and …

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Amazing Columnar Trees: A Breathtaking Visual

Amazing Columnar Trees

When it comes to adding colour, beauty and elegance to any garden landscape, they say Columnar trees are perfect. The tall skinny trees offer a stunning visual and most small columnar trees can be grown in containers and kept at the gate or in a doorway.   Western Red Cedar   Found growing in the …

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Tropical Rainforest Animals and Plants

Tropical Rainforest Animals and plants with Pictures and Names

Temperatures are constantly changing each day. Have you ever for a second, given it a thought as to why? The answer is simple: tropical rainforests. The rainforest keeps a balance between the ecosystem and the environment. They are a source of oxygen and minerals and are home to various animals and birds. Rainforests are one …

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