Christmas gift ideas with a difference

It’s almost that time of year again and you might be wondering what presents to get for people. Socks again? Or biscuits? There are plenty of uninspired gifts that we all give and receive at times, but not this year. Here’s our list of top Christmas gifts that will really bring a smile to anyone’s face.

A personalised gallery

A personalised gallery complete with pictures that are meaningful to them is a great gift idea. Plus, with great options to arrange hanging pictures from the ceiling, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the gift receiver can drill into their walls. This means you can even make them a personalised gallery of pictures for any tiled kitchen or bathroom.

A video message from their favourite celebrity

Know someone who wants to meet their favourite celebrity? Here’s the next best thing; a personalised video message. There are plenty of sites like Cameo where actors, sportspeople, and other celebrities record any kind of message you want as a gift — sure to be a big hit.

DIY terrariums

Houseplants and succulents have been popular household objects for a long time, but it’s time for terrariums. With a DIY kit, your recipient can build their own terrarium in a glass jar or bowl. Not only will get they get the fun of making it, but house plants are great for mental health and air quality, so this is really a gift that keeps on giving.

Charity cards

Struggling to think of a gift for someone who has everything? Skip the novelty gift that’ll just get thrown away and give them something that makes a difference. Charity cards let you pick a cause that your money goes towards; buy nesting boxes for chickens for a family in a developing country or provide a community with clean water. Whatever it is, your recipient will get a nice card as a reminder that you did something kind on their behalf.

Homemade food and drink

Looking at your autumn harvest and wondering what you’ll do with all the tomatoes, apples, or radishes you’ve grown? There are plenty of great options to make personal gifts that your recipients will love. From tomato chutney to flavoured gin, there are recipes to use up almost all excess fruit and veg. Decorate the bottles and jars for an extra touch.

IOU coupons

Not sure what to get someone who isn’t very materialistic? A little book of IOU coupons could be ideal. The idea is to make coupons that your recipient can cash in throughout the year. These are usually just fun little things like taking over a chore for a weekend or cooking them their favourite meal. Whatever you think is appropriate, you can add to the coupon book.

Mulling kits

Mulling kits can be homemade or bought, and they are a great festive gift. Even if your recipient doesn’t like mulled wine they can make mulled cider, mulled apple juice, or try out other fun concoctions. If you’re making these yourself, you can pack them into little bags and include decorations, and you can even package them with your recommended mulling beverage.

Personalised books

These fun gifts put your recipient in their favourite book. There’s a huge selection of personalised books for kids, but you’ll find plenty for adults as well. These can help encourage kids to read more, or they can be great gifts for adults to put on their bookshelves. You can even find some that let you design your own illustrations and get them added to the book.

Custom-printed blankets and cushions

If your recipient has a particular favourite photo, why not get it made into a soft and cosy blanket or cushion for them? These can add personality to a home and they’re sure to be a big hit with children and adults alike.


It can be hard to find the perfect Christmas present or holiday gift for someone, especially when we already have so much stuff cluttering our homes. The best way to find something unique is to go the personalised route. A personalised gallery or homemade chutneys can be just the ticket to making your recipient’s day. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun making their gifts!

Mia Hughes

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