5 Creative Ways to Cut Grass Without A Lawn Mower

Have you ever faced the challenge of tackling tall grass without a mower? As a homeowner who takes pride in a well-maintained lawn, we’ve often grappled with this.

Cutting tall grass without a mower isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a skill that requires creativity and patience.

In this guide, we’ll share our personal experiences and tips on how to cut tall grass without a mower, ensuring your lawn remains a beautiful extension of your home.

Remember, a lush lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It demands dedication and the right techniques, especially when you’re dealing with tall grass.

Whether you’re an eco-conscious homeowner or simply caught in a mower-less situation, this guide will help you maintain your lawn’s beauty with alternative methods.

How to Cut Grass Without A Lawnmower?



When confronting the challenge of “how to cut tall grass without a mower,” one of my go-to tools is shears. Particularly effective for grass over 6 inches, shears are a game-changer for tall, unwieldy grass.

Unlike regular scissors, shears provide the extra length and strength needed for taller greenery.

During my last encounter with an overgrown patch, I found that using shears was not only practical but also surprisingly therapeutic.

The rhythmic snipping allowed me to meticulously shape each section of my lawn.

This manual approach gives you the precision that machines often lack, perfect for sculpting tall grass into a neatly manicured state.

Use Friendly Herbivores

Use Friendly Herbivores

Considering “how to cut tall grass,” let’s explore an eco-friendly and unconventional method: using friendly herbivores. When my lawnmower broke down last summer, you can turn to grazing animals as a natural solution.

Not only did this method tackle the tall grass effectively, but it also nurtured the soil with natural fertilizers.

In rural settings, this practice is common, but we have discovered it can be adapted for suburban areas, too. We have reached out to a local farm and arranged for sheep to graze on my lawn.

This not only trimmed the tall grass but also became a talking point in my neighborhood! It’s a win-win: your lawn gets mowed, and the animals enjoy a feast.

If you own a lawn but do not have a lawnmower, then one of the easiest and most effective ways to cut grass is to use domestic herbivore animals.

If you are the kind of person who has no time to mow your lawn or does not want to do it, the best option for you to cut grass without even making much effort is to use domestic and friendly herbivore animals.

The Best thing about using domestic animals to mow your lawn is that they cut off the grass without even leaving the chopped residue. This idea evolved in rural areas, and still, it is a practical running option to trim down the grass.

This is the best running way for rural areas to cut grass because most people own pets, not machines, but if you belong to an urban area and have no such animal, you may ask nearly farms to send their domestic-friendly animals to move your lawn.

Believe us or not, using friendly herbivore animals is one of the best, cheapest, most effective, and most creative ways to cut grass without even a lawnmower or making any effort.

Weed Whacker

Weed Whacker

Tackling the challenge of “how to cut grass without a mower” often leads to innovative solutions, one of which is the versatile weed whacker.

In our journey of lawn care without a traditional mower, we’ve leaned heavily on the convenience of weed whackers, also known as string trimmers or weed eaters.

Their adaptability to various types of lawns, especially when confronting stubborn, tall grass, has been indispensable.

During a particularly challenging summer, when our lawn was overrun with tall grass, the weed whacker proved its worth. Its agility and efficiency made it a preferable choice over bulkier equipment.

We have experimented with several models and found that electric weed whackers, in particular, are a great balance of power and eco-friendliness.

They’re significantly quieter and easier to maneuver, making them ideal for residential lawns where noise and ease of use are considerations.

But it’s not just about the tool itself; it’s also about the technique. we’ve learned that the angle at which you hold the weed whacker, the pattern in which you move across the lawn, and even the timing (early morning or late afternoon) play crucial roles in achieving a uniformly trimmed lawn.

Moreover, maintaining the tool, like regularly changing the string and keeping the battery charged (for electric models), is vital for optimal performance.



Our first experience using a scythe was during a summer when my garden became a jungle of tall grass. The scythe, with its long, elegantly curved blade, proved to be not just a tool but a partner in this endeavor.

Using a scythe requires a combination of technique and physical strength. Each swing, slicing through the tall grass, was both a physical workout and a meditative practice, connecting me with a more traditional way of life.

The key is in the rhythm and the angle of the blade – a dance of sorts that, once mastered, turns the daunting task of cutting tall grass into a fulfilling activity.

Moreover, there’s a sense of environmental responsibility that comes with using a scythe.

It’s a sustainable, noise-free, and fuel-free method, offering an eco-friendly alternative to modern mechanical mowers.

The satisfaction gained from manually clearing your lawn of tall grass is unmatched, providing both a sense of achievement and a beautifully manicured garden.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers

If you can still find out how to cut grass without a lawnmower, use the Hedge Trimmers. Hedge trimmers are pretty similar to the category of weed whackers and string trimmers, but it has a different mechanism and a different type of blades.

It is much like the chainsaw regarding look and cutting ability, but it has pretty different mechanisms and blades.

It is one of the most robust and effective ways because this tool is specially designed to cut off a larger area during one session and even cut robust shrubs and bushes easily.

The hedge trimmer structure can be defined as a box of power supply and a long metallic stick that has some attachment of blade pieces just like the chainsaw.

A hedge trimmer is one of the best lawnmower alternatives, offering an amazingly effective and plunging cut.

It has sharp blades that move when the engine starts and cut the grass. Its blades bring one of the best cutting efficiency, among others. To get a satisfying result from your mowing session, you must keep your hand stable, and you should take some little breaks during the mowing session.

It is not that easy to get a fantastic result by mowing with a hedge trimmer, though you need to practice to keep yourself stable during the session.

When you do practice, then you can cut the grass with acceptable accuracy, but if accuracy is not what you want, the only thing you want is to cut off the grass as smaller as you can, then all you must do is put the blade as much near to the root of shrubs and bushes as you can.

The hedge trimmers can need some effort to run successfully. Indeed, you must keep an eye on the user guide and safety manual.

It is a pretty dangerous tool, so you must be very careful and use some safety or protection guards such as transparent glasses, gloves, etc., but most importantly, you should keep your body as far away as you can from the blade.


So, it was the post about how to cut grass without a lawnmower. Here, we have described five effective and creative ways to cut grass without using lawnmowers.

If you find this article helpful and successfully cut the grass using these ideas, kindly share your thoughts and experience with us.

Kelsey Davis

With a background in Environmental Science from the University of Florida, Kelsey Davis has dedicated the last 10 years to mastering turf management. Her professional journey includes a significant tenure at a renowned botanical garden. Her experience spans from working with golf courses to providing consultancy for residential landscaping projects. Kelsey became a member of our team in 2020, where she combines her practical expertise with a passion for writing. Outside of work, she's an enthusiastic trail runner and wildlife photographer.

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