11 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas You Will Love

After a long and tiring day, sleeping is the one thing that we all crave for but when you are sleeping, having a peaceful and pleasant environment is very important. So, if you give your bedroom a makeover and turn it into something you really like, wouldn’t you be looking forward to bedtime even more eagerly?

That is exactly why we are here today, Egyptian bedrooms have been a big trend for quite some time now and if you are wondering how you too can get one then do not worry because today, we are going to discuss 11 Egyptian bedroom ideas that you will totally love!

1. A Tasteful Egyptian God Tapestry Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are a great way to give your walls a quick makeover without putting in much effort. If you are looking for ideas to get yourself an Egyptian bedroom, then a wall hanging depicting the ancient Egyptian gods and goddess are a great way to start.

This wall hanging is made of soft cotton. The best part about this wall hanging is that you can find a lot of different designs to this starting from a painting of the pharaoh on the wall hanging to pyramids. The options are plenty and gorgeous.

Speaking of the fabric of the wall hanging, you can easily wash it in the machine and even iron it without the fear of the color fading away. The material is soft and light, so even If you are trying to dry it under normal conditions, it will not take much time.

2. Customized Egyptian Style Pillow Cover

The next thing that you need if you are a fan of Egyptian bedrooms is customized pillow covers. These covers with the prints of sculptures and depictions of ancient Egypt will surely give you the complete feel of an Egyptian bedroom.

The material used to make this stunning pillow cover is cotton and polyester. It is basically 50% cotton and 50% polyester, the cotton used is of premium quality and hence has a soft texture. The covers have an invisible zipper that will help you put it on your pillows very easily. The benefit of the invisible zipper is that these zippers will not interfere or stand out in between the design. 

The chic and classy design of the pillow covers will make your bedtime extra special, and you can also use it on the cushions of your couch.

3. A Classy Wall Clock

Bedroom decors are incomplete without a wall clock hence here we present to you a super stylish wall clock with a painting depicting ancient Egypt to dazzle up your bedroom walls.

The wall clock is made of a PVC board. It has a round shape with a thickness of 5 mm. The clock does not have any kind of glass and frame on the board.

Do you know what is the best part? This wall clock has a unique “no-ticking” feature, that is when the hands of the clock move, there is no ticking sound. This is perfect for the people who need a pin-drop silence when they are sleeping.

The wall clock will give you the necessary Egyptian bedroom vibe that you were looking for and will also make sure that you get a sound sleep. Just make sure that you have AA batteries ready for this clock.

4. The Ultimate Egyptian Styled Curtains

Room makeovers are never complete unless you change the curtains as well. The curtains of your room tell a lot about the vibe that it sets, hence for an Egyptian bedroom, you will have to make sure that the curtains in your room match the theme. Hence, we present to you these brilliant Egyptian-styled curtains.

These elegant curtains are made of high-quality silk satin fabric with the art of the ancient Egyptian era printed on it using digital printing technology. The curtains come in a set of two, that is each set has two panels and each panel is 84 inches wide and 108 inches long. Also, each of these panel has 2.5 inches long rod pockets as well.

Speaking of its care and washing, you can wash it in the machine itself using cold water but let it dry naturally. Do not use a harsh dryer on the satin fabric.

5. An Elegant Showpiece of Egyptian Goddess

If you have a refined taste in home décor then we are sure that showpieces, especially the ones that are as classy and have a rich history as this statue of the Egyptian goddess Nefertiti is something that you would want to check out.

Egyptian Statues are a great way to perk up your bedroom and give it an Egyptian twist just how you want it. For that, you can opt for this beautiful statue made of resin of Queen Nefertiti, the queen of the first dynasty in the 3rd millennium BC. With its rich historic background and spectacular craftsmanship, this statue is undoubtedly one of the best showpieces for your bedroom.

Speaking of its dimensions, it is 4.5 inches high, with a length of 2.4 inches and a width of 2 inches. So, it is beautiful and small so you can place it anywhere in your bedroom with ease.

6. A Dazzling Pharaoh Night Lamp

You will agree to this that the lighting plays a huge role in setting up the vibe of your bedroom, so if you want an Egyptian bedroom then getting a 3D night lamp in the structure of the pharaoh is a great idea.

The lamp is made of acrylic and ABS which creates a 3D effect especially at night and brightens up your room. There is a total of seven color options to choose from including- yellow, pink, white, cyan, blue, green, and red.

There is also an auto color change mode that will automatically change the colors from one to another among these 7 colors. Being made of acrylic and ABS, it is safe to use and there are no chances of over-heating, so it is perfectly fine to use it even around kids.

The lights do not dazzle too much so it will not hurt your eyes and the best part is its easy-to-charge feature, that is, it comes with a USB port that you can connect to any portable charger and get the lamp charged without overheating it.

7. A Beautiful Egyptian Painting for The Walls

Paintings on the walls have the same effect on them that makeup has on people, they make everything look prettier. But when it comes to getting yourself an Egyptian bedroom, having an Egyptian painting is never a bad idea, isn’t it? So, if you too absolutely love paintings then this is something that you must check out! 

This beautiful painting of an Egyptian woman is made on a high-quality large canvas in the shade of black and golden. The canvas has been carefully stretched and secured over a strong and shrink-resistant frame that you can use to hang the painting on your wall. The best part about paintings like this is you can place them anywhere, even outside your bedroom if you want and it would perfectly fit there.

8. Super Cool Egyptian Stickers

Speaking of adorning your walls and not mentioning wall stickers Is impossible. If you are a big fan of wall stickers (or even if you are not), you should check out this majestic Pharaoh sticker that you can place on your wall.

The stickers are made of high-quality vinyl and are super easy to apply on the wall. If you feel like repositioning it or removing it off your wall, you can do that as well with utmost ease and without leaving behind any residue. The stickers are safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic and it is completely safe to put them up on your walls even if you have kids at home.

Stickers like these help you make a bold impression and speak highly of your décor taste. Speaking of the dimensions of this sticker, it is 30 inches long and 22 inches wide.

9. A Bronze Egyptian Symbol as A Wall Hanging

Egyptian Bedrooms are incomplete without Egyptian symbols. After all, these décor items bring in an air of mystery that is so important for highlighting in an Egyptian theme.

The décor item is made of cold cast bronze with skill and intricate carvings on it depicting the Egyptian culture. Speaking of its dimensions, it is about 15.5 inches high, 8 inches long, and 0.5 inches wide. You can easily hang it anywhere on your bedroom walls or place it on a cabinet and will undoubtedly look stunning. 

10. An Egyptian Styled Round Table

A lot of people enjoy keeping a small table in their room by the window to enjoy their morning tea or evening drink with the spectacular view. So, if you are one of them then you should check out this majestic Egyptian round table to match the theme of your bedroom.

The table has a round high-quality glass top with a smooth finish supported by the stands made to represent an ancient God, Horus- the god of the sky, war, and hunting. The bright golden color is well complemented by the red sun and the deep blue cobras making the entire piece a colorful feast to our eyes. 

The stand is made of premium quality resin which is durable and sturdy enough to bear the weights of whatever you decide to keep on the table.

Speaking of its dimensions, it has an equal height, length, and width of 19.6 inches and weighs about 14 lbs. Honestly speaking, this table is out and out perfect for an Egyptian bedroom. 

11. Egyptian Duvet Cover

Last but the least, your bedroom décor and makeover is not complete without discussing the duvet cover, hence if you want to have an Egyptian bedroom then the first thing that you should get is an Egyptian duvet cover just like this one because the closest thing to you when you are sleeping is your bedsheet so to get a real and authentic Egyptian feel, having duvet cover to the match the theme is very important. 

This amazing duvet cover is made of good quality polyester that has a soft texture to go smooth on your skin while you are sleeping. The spectacular designs and prints are done using digital print technology which is only on the front side of the duvet cover. 

Speaking of its washing and care, you can wash it in the machine using cold water and a gentle cycle and iron it as well with utmost ease if needed. Also, you do not have to worry about the color fading away due to washing. The quality has been maintained well.

Final Words

So, these were the top products that will help you make for yourself an Egyptian bedroom. All that you need is a little hint of ancient Egypt to give your bedroom that makeover and these items, starting from the lights to the bedsheet, curtains, and showpieces, are all fit to make your room, a little piece of Egypt with their grace and beauty. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it was helpful to you and if you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below!

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