Essential Questions To Ask Before Power Washing Services

Would you like to hire a professional to keep the exterior of your home or business looking good? If so, you’ve likely considered a professional power-washing company. Power Washing in Pittsburgh PA is critical for maintaining the best curb appeal and value of your home. When it comes time to make that call or book online, if you’d prefer, how do you know you’re hiring the best person possible? In this article, we detail a few of the questions you should most certainly ask a company before they start with any exterior cleaning service on your home or business.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

A reputable power washing company stands behind its work and may offer guarantees or warranties. Inquire about their policies regarding customer satisfaction and whether they provide any assurances for their services. A solid guarantee or warranty demonstrates the company’s confidence in its ability to deliver excellent results. It also ensures that you have recourse if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the power washing project.

Guarantees or warranties can vary among power washing companies, with some offering satisfaction guarantees while others provide warranties against specific types of damage or unsatisfactory results.

What experience do you have in power washing?

When a person asks about experience, what they really want is confidence. There is no replacement for experience, especially when it could affect the integrity of your home. Experience is a key factor when selecting a power washing service. Inquire about the company’s years of experience in the industry, as well as the types of surfaces they have worked on. A reputable company with extensive experience is more likely to have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle different power washing projects effectively.

You can always look at past reviews from customers to determine what types of experience they have. This can also give you great insight as to other services they offer or if they are primarily a window washing company that only dabbles in power washing. Choosing a professional that knows more about power washing is a better fit.

How do you handle potential damage or accidents?

Despite the expertise of power washing professionals, accidents can happen. It is essential to understand how the power washing service provider handles potential damage or accidents. Inquire about their liability coverage and the steps they would take if any damage occurred during the power washing process. A reliable and responsible company will have proper insurance coverage to protect both their workers and your property. They should have protocols in place to address any damage promptly and professionally, including providing compensation or necessary repairs.

Every company should make it well known whether or not they have insurance coverage. Don’t be afraid to verify the fact they do. After all, with something as important as your home or business, it can give you peace of mind against any damages.

How Long Will This Take and What’s It Costing Me?

Obtaining a detailed estimate from the power washing company is crucial for budgeting and planning purposes. Ask for a breakdown of the costs involved and inquire about any additional charges that may apply. Reputable companies will provide transparency in their pricing structure and offer a clear explanation of the services included in the estimate. Additionally, discuss the estimated timeframe for completing the power washing project to ensure it aligns with your schedule and expectations.

Every estimate will be slightly different as to how long the job will take. The more experienced the company, the shorter the time it will likely take. But this isn’t always 100% accurate. At best, you’ll want to have a rough estimate as to how long it will take. Also, if the company doesn’t offer free estimates, walk away. This is an industry standard.

What Type of Equipment Are You Using?

Did you know that not all power washing is created equal? This is where things get tricky. The last thing you’ll want is a company to be on your roof using a 1700 psi pressure washer. Trust us; this is not something that is a good idea. Pressure washers can do a great deal of damage. There is a reason this equipment is often used to strip paint from decks, preparing it for repainting or staining. The better choice for areas like the roof or siding of your home is soft washing.

We recommend that you talk with your contractor or look at their website to make sure they are using the right method for cleaning. You would assume that a ‘professional’ would know better, but you’d be surprised. If you combine using a pressure washer instead of soft washing plus no insurance, this is a recipe for disaster.

What Happens If I’m Unhappy?

Most companies stand behind their work. This goes along with the guarantee or warranty question. If you’re not happy, the company should make it right—within reason. Some stains won’t come up. No matter how much you try or how long you go after it, they will remain. Keep this in mind. If the technician is doing everything possible, but still the stains are left, there might be nothing that can be done. But if there is something obvious that wasn’t completed, don’t be afraid to bring it up. Ask what their protocol is for after-cleaning services. They should do a walk-through of the completed work to make sure everything is to your standard and that you are absolutely happy with the results.

Final Thoughts

Experience, licensing, insurance coverage, references, guarantees or warranties, how damage is handled, and transparent pricing are all essential factors to consider. By taking the time to ask these important questions, you can confidently select a power washing company that will deliver exceptional results. They should be able to perform services that rejuvenate the appearance of your property while ensuring the safety and integrity of the surfaces being cleaned. Invest in professional power washing services and enjoy the benefits of a clean property. It just might enhance your home’s curb appeal substantially.

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