Exploring the World of CS:GO Pro Players and Their Coveted Skins

If you aspire to become a CS:GO pro, learning from the best players is recommended. Experts advise gamers to pay attention to skins that are now in high demand among experienced players.

Fans of the game should know the main skin trading trends. This is especially true in anticipation of the release of counter strike source 2, where the skins will be more elaborate and modern, which means that they might cost more and be more desirable.

Esports experts decided to simplify the analytical process for CS:GO lovers. They created a list of this shooter’s most proficient players with descriptions of the skins they most frequently use. So, let’s dive deeper into this.

Most Skilled CS:GO Players

First, it’s worth noting that all pro gamers below buy skins on reputable marketplaces (for instance, DMarket). Only trustworthy platforms offer a large selection of items at favorable prices. Moreover, such sites provide CS:GO lovers with securely protected transactions and entire privacy.

Oleksandr Kostyliev (“s1mple”)

The guy is a Ukrainian 25-year-old CS:GO player. He’s an actual superstar for Natus Vincere. s1mple became the first three-time Player of the Year by hltv.org. Moreover, HLTV has included Oleksandr in its Top 20 list since 2016. His favorite skins are:

  1. Skeleton Knife | Fade — the all-metal cold steel with a taped handle. This Factory New weapon’s price is nearly $1,835.
  2. Sport Gloves | Vice — the item is made in pink, black, and turquoise colors. Such Minimal Wear gloves cost about $1,720.
  3. StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan — has a stylish design created in black, gray, white, and blue tones. The price of the Factory New combination is $1,100.
  4. AWP | Dragon Lore — stands out for its spectacular print with a fire serpent. Its Factory New version costs $10,500.

So, the entire s1mple inventory price is about $15,155.

Mathieu Herbaut (“ZywOo”)

This CS:GO pro is from France. He’s only 22, but HLTV has already included him in its Top 20 four times. Mathieu won the best player award by hltv.org twice. ZywOo uses the following items:

  1. Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth — the handy folding knife with a shaped blade. The price of this Factory New skin is $1,590.
  2. Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono — the item is manufactured of textured red-and-black material. The Minimal Wear gloves cost $1,920.
  3. Glock-18 | Fade — has a stylish black-colored lower part and a creative iridescent upper one. The Factory New version is valued at $1,300.
  4. AWP | Gungnir — excels in its spectacular pattern. Such a rifle with the Factory New skin costs approximately $11,000.

The total ZywOo inventory price is nearly $16,000.

Nikola Kovač (“NiKo⁠”)

This player for G2 Esports is 25 years old. He’s a skilled Bosnian Serb CS:GO pro. Nikola won the BLAST Premier World Final. Moreover, HLTV has included him in its Top 20 seven times. NiKo⁠ employs the following CS:GO inventory:

  1. AWP | Graphite — the rifle stands out for its minimalist design in dark shades. The Factory New item costs nearly $210.
  2. Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono — see the previous player’s inventory list.
  3. Stiletto Knife | Doppler — the real-life analog of this cold steel excels in its lethality. That’s because of its narrow blade with an incredibly sharp point. The mentioned knife with Factory New exterior costs $3,360.
  4. AK-47 | Hydroponic — the assault rifle has an outstanding design. The creators painted the barrel part of the weapon in light green. The assault rifle butt and handguard are wooden. Finally, the middle part has a military pattern in white as well as light green colors.

Nikola spent approximately $8,650 to buy his inventory.


You should be interested in weapons that are used by skilled CS:GO players to become a pro. Experts recommend considering an inventory of gamers like s1mple, ZywOo, and NiKo. Furthermore, specialists advise purchasing skins only on reputable platforms (e.g. dmarket.com) to help you avoid fraud.

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