Five Cheap and Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

We would all like our homes to have more space. It does not matter if you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a sprawling six-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion like sports stars live in; space is what we all crave. The problem with space is it comes at a premium. Short of moving to a larger home or extending your current abode, both of which are expensive, what other options do you have to find more space between your four walls?

The current financial climate does not lend itself to costly extensions or moving home, so you must learn to utilize and maximize your space. Even if you think you have optimized your living areas, you can go one step further and create the illusion of more space. How do you do that? You continue reading this article for a start.

Clutter is a Space Killer

Ask any home decor expert what they believe the number one space killer is in people’s homes, and almost all will answer with clutter. Humans love hoarding things and having those things around us, but they eat up your living space. Is under your Ikea coffee table full of old magazines and other bits and pieces?

Thrown them out because you’ll now be able to see some space under that table. Is your laptop just lying around taking up space? Please put it in a drawer until the next time you want to play at the online sportsbook Xbet. As a general rule, if you do not use or need something that takes up space, it should be put away from view.

Go Upwards With Shelves and Bookcases

Shelving is a cost-effective way of utilizing the space you already have. You will be surprised at how much more spacious a room looks by simply having a few shelves on the wall. Floor-to-ceiling open shelving is perfect for storing books, plants, photos, etc.

Bookcases are not only great for books, but you can brighten up a room (and declutter it) by moving a few items from your floorspace to those bookcase’s shelf spaces.

Go Downwards – Store Items Under Furniture

Before you start buying or building shelves, you should check if you can store some of your belongings under items of furniture around your home. Sofas take up vast amounts of space but are often raised from the ground, meaning you have several feet of space underneath.

The same is true for beds. What better place to store bulky spare bedding than under the place you will put them on? Try it; you will be taken aback at home much storage you have under your bed.

Find Items and Furniture That Have a Dual Purpose

Many furniture manufacturers realize how important space is, so they design pieces that have a dual purpose. These include beds with built-in ottoman storage or divan beds with drawers built into the base.

You can even find relatively cheap outdoor sofas that double up as storage units for your tools and other garden-related items, which usually take up valuable space in a cupboard or garage.

Create the Illusion of Space

If all else fails, you can create the illusion of having more space. Light colors naturally make rooms look more spacious, while having furniture raised on legs allows you to see more of the flooring, which again creates the illusion that the room is larger.

Strategically placed mirrors do the same and do it effectively because they make a room feel more open in addition to reflecting light. Combining mirrors with light colors can instantly make a room feel vastly larger than its footprint.

Sana Ahmed

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