35+ Gazebo Ideas for your garden (#21 is beautiful!) 2020

If you have plenty of space in your garden or backyard, one great idea to experiment with would be a gazebo. Just imagine a perfect backyard destination where you can kick back and relax on weekends! Sounds great, right? That a straightforward structure can add so much definition and charm to your outdoor space that you cannot even think of.

Depending on whether you are a fan of traditional gazebo ideas or super fun creative designs, you can customize your outdoor gazebo. Try your hands on every design inspiration and materials to finally find the perfect one for your outdoor. Portable canopy gazebos or simple shaded pavilion structures, a gorgeous gazebo is all you need for some me-time or house parties. Here are a few cool ideas to get inspired by.

1. Furnished Gazebo

If traditional hexagonal or octagonal structures are not your taste, go for modern rectangular gazebos. Furnish your gazebo with romantic fairy lights and comfortable cushions complemented with soft curtains and a small bar for your perfect date night.

2. Iron gazebo

Want to show off your climbing vines and flowers in the backyard? Iron gazebos can add a lot of charm to your backyard with its decorative details and protects you from extreme weather.

3. DIY gazebo

Customize your DIY gazebo with beautiful woodwork and wooden beams or even only metal frames. In this way, you will save a lot of money as well as use your creativity.

4. Octagonal gazebo

Want to give your outdoor space a unique look? An octagonal gazebo has a classy, traditional look that is easily customizable and allows you to express your personality.

5. Grillzebo

Love grilling barbeque parties on the outdoor. Construct a gazebo with a bar on both sides where you can grill your barbecues and party with your friends. You can also keep a mini fridge to store your drinks.

6. Redwood Gazebo

Want your gazebo to be an epic mix of coziness and quaint charm? Create a fantastic place to relax and sip your coffee in the evenings by enveloping it with beautiful rose climbers or lush grass.

7. The screened gazebo

This pavilion will keep you comfortable in any weather, be it the scorching sun or heavy rains. This elegant gazebo will protect you from pests as well as provide you fresh air due to removable screens.

8. Lean Roof Gazebo

If traditional ordinary designs are not your thing, this can be your perfect space. You can add a fireplace in this pavilion built on a stone pedestal to make your evenings cozier or even a few beans and a roof.

9. An Island Getaway

Does your dream vacation a silent retreat to an island? Please create your own tiki hut style gazebo with a thatched roof and textured layers of wood and complement it with minimal furnishing.

10. An Open-Air Cabin

An open-air room right in your yard among the greenery is precisely the kind of escape. Warm up space with blankets and pillows and add a splash of color with the couches.

11. Modern spa Gazebo

Nothing more relaxing than a hot spa in your gazebo. You might not experiment much with the design. Only a box-shaped room with a hot tub will do it.

12. Minimalist retreat

Use clean lines and right angles to make your gazebo a work of new age minimalistic architecture that reflects your taste in art. Multi-colored walls and contemporary furnishings can truly ace it.

13. Seasonal Décor

Your gazebo can be the perfect place to enjoy festivals with your family. Decorate it with stringing Christmas lights in winter or add some scary masks on Halloween. Sounds interesting?

14. Wooden Beauty

Add the beauty of rustic charm to your gazebo with thick wood logs to create wooden seating and roof. You will love the quiet solitude of the arrangement close to nature.

15. Chic Statement

You will fall in love with the sophisticated style and airy construct of multisided gazebos with an elegant silhouette and ample proportions.

16. Grand plan

Place a central entry gable and an attention-seeking light fixture in your house-like gazebo to grab significant eyeballs. Cushion the space with an upholstered banquettes supply sofa-style seating and a spacious ottoman.

17. Dreamy Digs

A modern screen gazebo with a Victorian profile with a fashioned breezeway is all you need to impress your guests. Set up some designer tables and chairs, and you are good to go.

18. Garden-folly style gazebo

Create your gazebo’s roof with finial detailing and add shapely wood shingles and overall steeple shape with the interplay of concrete and lattice walls. The landscaping stone and mulch foundation will surely win your heart.

19. Rustic Charm

Built a charming gazebo with thick, sturdy pillars and washed up timber beach and support it with rustic logs. This can be the perfect place for you to sip your morning tea.

20. Poolside shelter

If you have a pool in your backyard, you can add a clay-tile roof and rough brick walls to add some style to your gazebo by the poolside. French architecture and cocktail bars can add a lot to space.

21. Landscape vista

An open-air screen porch with arched openings and simple railings is a great choice to define your backyard. It is also a great way to maximize your indoor-outdoor gatherings without blocking your sea and sky views.

22. Simple Lines

This gazebo with a wood-shake roof and candle-equipped chandelier can add an eccentric beauty to your gazebo. From your cup of morning tea to formal dinner parties, this design idea can be perfect for any occasion.

23. Perfect Blend

You can create a stunning gazebo with a stained wood exterior, and lush window boxes with perennial beds can be your dream place. Furnish a distinctive cupola, fretwork details, and arched openings with deep, wide cushions for a vintage feel to sit back and relax

24. Stand-out Gazebo Design

If you want your gazebo to be an attention-seeking bright spot, design it with a gray roof and white paints with hexagonal elements. You can complement the light flooring with a dark-toned brick walkway for better visuals.

25. Cool Creation

A fairy-tale cottage gazebo with skylights and glass windows can provide your backyard the aesthetics it deserves. You can furnish it with twin gables and glass panes door with attention to detailing.

26. Private Retreat

This gothic-inspired beauty with a built-in bench and modified arch crafted with gray-painted beams looks gorgeous in any space. You can also add leaded glass windows to enhance the look.

27. Camouflaged Canopy

Want to incorporate your gazebo into the touch of nature with a feel of little creativity? If there are a lot of trees in your backyard, you can extend leafy canopies to create the roof of your gazebo that looks beautiful.

28. Wonderland Inspiration

Would you mind a mushroom canopy for your Mad Hatter’s tea party? Express your bright personality with whimsical delights and futuristic designs using this gazebo idea.

29. Sticks and Stones

If you want a clean, elemental space for your gazebo, then this would work the best. Give your gazebo a sleek, modern feel with airy bamboo frames and minimalistic teak furniture.

30. Hearthside Harbor

If you want a viable gazebo outdoor space to serve you the whole year with a traditional vibe, this should be your perfect choice. You can install a fireplace and an octagonal element to add that wow classy factor.

31. Theatre Gazebos

Your gazebo is mainly meant to entertain your guests and family or keep yourself and your friends cozy at housewarmings. Make it look inviting with an attractive centerpiece and add a twist of colorful cushions to the seating for a brighter and more relaxed vibe.

32. A small gazebo hut

A tiny, cute gazebo hut with large pillows spread on the floor is perfect for lazy afternoons. You can even add minimal teak furnishings to enhance the décor, but it is entirely your choice.

33. Outdoor Villa

Nothing is as elegant s a magnificently built wooden or stone structure. You can add a porch swing and love seats to create a fresh vibe for your gazebo and decorate the entire setup with handmade crafts and designer curtains.

34. Fancy Dome Gazebo

Want to add premium luxurious and fancy vibes to your gazebo that can make your neighbors jealous?   Create a beautiful utopian themed gazebo inspired from the Victorian styles of domed roof and botanical garden.

35. Your Comfort Space

Just choose a pretty spot in your backyard to build this gazebo and furnish it with comfortable chairs and a center coffee table. You can also add a few metal bars to decorate it with string lights and drapes.

36. Island Bar

You can add a punch of twist to the signature tiki hut style with a small bar or outdoor kitchen for serving your guests some drinks and starters. A fruity cocktail and an umbrella shade. Anything more perfect?

37. Bird’s Eye View

You can build your tree-house gazebo in a bird shape with a ladder to show the world how creative you are. Keep the furnishing minimal not to overload it with weight.

I hope these gazebo design ideas have inspired you to build your own

Jackson Moore

Jackson Moore, holds a degree in Architecture from the Cornell University, has specialized in outdoor living spaces for over 15 years. Before joining our editorial team in 2019, he worked with several well-recognized design firms, creating stunning and functional patio designs. Jackson also advocates for sustainable building practices and incorporates these principles into his writing. His hobbies include woodworking and exploring historical architecture. Apart from that he is also a avid traveler, drawing inspiration from different cultures to enrich his designs.

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