Glass Solariums, Glass Rooms, Spa and Pool Enclosures

Glass patio enclosures are legit one of the best ways to renovate any kind of house in any location. Glass solariums and glass rooms have also become a huge trend today. The reason for this is simple- they can add glamour to any kind of house in any location.

One of the biggest advantages of Glass patio enclosures and spa or pool enclosures is that they provide you with direct views of the outside without getting you out. They keep you safe in your room even when it is raining, snowing, or getting super-hot outside.

How Can You Get It Done?


If you are planning on getting glass patio enclosures, a glass room or spa, or a pool enclosure, you would probably get confused when you step out in the market. However, before deciding, you would have to go through numerous factors related to the construction.

For sure, glass patio enclosures and solariums look great and provide various advantages. However, they would be advantageous only when they are built strong and for a long period. Whether you choose to get an enclosure or a solarium, there are some things common in all of them that you need to consider. The frame, color, design, door locking system, and weather locking systems, all these factors are needed to be researched.

Are you also confused about where you should get your dream glass patio enclosures constructed? Well, do not worry though. You can check out the Patio enclosures for your various needs. Patio enclosures provide the construction of numerous outdoor spaces like glass patio enclosures, spa or pool enclosures, commercial patio enclosures, sunroom, solarium, and much more.

Here are some of the benefits and features that they provide with each of their services. These features will surely help you in making an informed decision for your home.

The Options Available

Patio enclosures provide services for constructing various spaces like glass patio enclosures, pool and spa enclosures, three-season and four-season rooms, solariums, and sunrooms. According to the location and designing of each home, their services are customized. So, you can decide your space design according to your budget and lifestyle.

At Patio enclosures, they provide glass roofs and walls to provide a full outside view from all sides. For storing plants and greenery year-round, perfect solariums are provided. Solariums provide the plants with the optimum sunlight to grow and protect them from the outer changes of the environment. For a solarium, the location and foundation play an important role in making a firm decision.

All these services from Patio enclosures provide various benefits to their clients. The numerous features and benefits offered by Patio enclosures are discussed below. Keep reading to make an informed decision.

Features and Benefits

No matter what you choose, be it glass patio enclosures or a pool enclosure, you can enjoy mother nature through all the options. Services of Patio enclosures is trusted for years now. The reason is very simple- it is quality. The quality products and materials that they use last longer and let you enjoy the space for years. Here are the choices they make while planning your room’s construction.



Frames play an important role in your enclosures. Not only quality-wise but frames also influence the appearance of your overall glass patio enclosures or rooms. Patio enclosures offer master frames in all their services.

  • Master Frame: Patio enclosures provide with master frame in their solariums and enclosures. This aluminum frame comes 4 ¼-inch thermally engineered and has 3 3/16-inch or 5 3/16-inch thermally engineered glazing bars of aluminum. This thermally engineered frame allows annual cooling and heating. With great structural integrity, the glazing bars of this master frame also allows for the development of larger rooms.
  • Variety of Colours: Patio enclosures offer a neutral color palette of white, sandstone, and bronze colors for all the glass patio enclosures, spa, and pool enclosures. These colors can easily mix up any kind of house. Their quality keeps away the common problems like scratching, peeling, fading, and chipping off-color coatings to ensure a longer lifetime of your room.



According to your choice, they offer two major options of roof for each of their services. Also, the materials they use have proven to be one of the best in the market out there.

  • Single slope: A single slope roof, also known as a shed roof, is offered for glass patio enclosures and other services by Patio enclosures. This roof consists of a single roof section slopping only in one direction. They offer maximum flexibility by adjusting the roof pitch with their unique header design.
  • Gable: Another type of roof offered by Patio enclosures is a gable roof, also known as a peaked or pitched roof. This roof consists of two sloppy sections going down in opposite directions from a central ridge beam. They also provide their unique header designs in this roof so that the roof pitch can be adjusted for maximum flexibility.
  • Materials: For providing a strong and long-term. roof, various roof materials are needed to be used. Also, you need to decide the material of which your roof should be made. At patio enclosures, they offer an Insulated all-glass roof for all glass patio enclosures, solariums, and pools. Insulated all-glass roofs provide a sharp and clear transition between the roof slope and the front and side panels to develop the best roof pitches. Also, this all-glass roof allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of the sky anytime with natural lighting.


No matter what you get constructed, space will be transparent for sure. So, the glass your rooms have can make a lot of difference, both in the appearance and the quality of the space. So, keep reading and know what they offer at Patio enclosures in terms of glass.

  • Double pane Insulated Glass: This glass type works better than a single pane insulated glass in all terms. It provides much better heating and cooling performances than single-pane glass. It also blocks UV rays with 44% more efficiency than any other ordinary glass. With the usage of glass tints, you can get more protection from the UV rays.
  • Comfort-Gard Plus High-Performance Glass: This glass comes with an inch thick, soft coating of Low-E and argon gas (optional). These glasses are a popular choice as they give the maximum returns in terms of heating and cooling, keeping you warmer in winters and cooler in summers. This advanced glass reduces your cooling costs by almost 25% in summers. Moreover, Comfort-gard glasses work super efficiently in blocking UV rays by up to 90% in any condition. This blockage of UV rays can be increased when you add a glass tint with it.
  • Glass Tints: Glass tint provided in their services comes in the bronze shade. This shade reduces solar heat absorption and protects from UV rays, hence providing you more comfort. It also provides your home with shading.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

When it comes to the windows and doors of glass patio enclosures and solariums, there are many things to consider. From lock system and door handles to screens and weather lock systems, everything plays a major role in the making of great and consistent glass patio enclosures, pool enclosures, and solariums.

  • Screens – the screens used by Patio enclosures are ⅞ inches thick and butt-jointed with extruded aluminium frame. This high-quality aluminum frame provides maximum durability and long-lasting life. The butt-joints of the screens help in keeping it square.
  • Screen Mesh – Mesh refers to the numbers of wires or fibres per inch in a screen. The mesh used in screens of Patio enclosures is invisible and painted in black color offering visibility without glare. It has proven to provide much better resistance in sagging than any other ordinary glass or fiberglass. Also, it does not get dirty over time and offers superior strength.
  • Door Handles – Matching door handles with the frame are inserted to give your room construction in a single color. These handles are easy to hold and are low profile that engages and disengages with the locking system of the door in simple turns.
  • Door and Window Rolling Systems – The Patio enclosures offer high-compression and monorail rolling systems with European ball-bearing tires. This technology was first designed and used in the doors of European commuter trains. Being extremely durable and long-lasting, the tires of this rolling system are polymer-composite and hence, do not wear out the tracks.
  • Locking System – At patio enclosures, they work on ensuring the safety of you and your family. They use Dual-point throw bolt locking systems in all their glass patio enclosures, solariums, spa, and pool enclosures. Having two bolts to lock ensure better safety for you and your family.

This eliminates the need for deadbolts in the room. This locking system also comes with a safe night latch. This allows you to ventilate your room or enclosure while being safe for kids and pets.

  • Weatherlock Systems – At Patio enclosures, they use an advanced weather lock system with an interlock sash. The interlock sash provides double protection from the outer elements without disturbing the inner environment.
  • Weather Stripping – Triple polypropylene weather strippings are used at Patio enclosures to provide you with superior draft and long-lasting weather resistance. The stripping also keeps the bugs, debris, and outer elements away to ensure your comfort and protection. This weather stripping also comes with a fin seal that gives you additional water infiltration protection, ensuring that nothing disturbs your inner space.

Other Benefits

Along with amazing services and features, the pricing factors of Patio enclosures are also quite reasonable. As they offer customization of each of their services like a patio and a sunroom, their prices vary with each service. From pre-planning your space to the construction process, they offer every service and charge just reasonable.

They also offer a limited lifetime warranty on each of their services. All the products that they use as frames, roof panels, glass, and sealings are also covered under this warranty. This warranty, in all, ensures the long-life of your space.


No matter what you choose- glass patio enclosures, spa or pool enclosures, your home is going to look all new with these small renovations for sure. Also, if you have yet not decided on what kind of patio enclosure you need, just dig into the topic even more. Take this as a signal to give your home a fresh beautiful look and do your research in-depth.

Once you decide what you want, you can get your type of glass patio enclosures done in no time. With proper analysis and research, you can make an informed decision and for sure, you will not regret it!

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