Google Home- A Quick Look at the New Home Assistant 

In this ever-changing world, technology is opening countless new doors. The constant technological advancement has made it easier for us to freely dream about turning wild sci-fi concepts into feasible reality.

Several products that one could only fantasize about have already found their place in the market, and one such item is Google Home.

What Exactly Is Google Home? And Is There Any Monthly Fees?

What Exactly Is Google Home And Is There Any Monthly Fees

Google Home is a unique system that can grant you the luxury to give a mere voice command and get your simple needs instantly met. In essence, this system is a smart set of speakers that is equipped with Google Assistant. Thus, it is voice-activated, and hence can fulfil all your lazy wishes if there is a strong internet connection.

For instance, suppose you are lounging about on a sunday, and your train of thought makes a sudden halt about buying a certain product. You could plainly say, “Okay Google how much does it cost,” and you would solemnly be told the price of the item you are interested in, without having taken any efforts to reach out to your phone and type it out.

Using Google Home

Using Google Home

The scope of Google Home is limitless. Once you download the free Google Home app on your phone and sign in with your Google account, all you must do is follow the steps as directed and connect the wifi and the respective devices and services to the setup.

These might include anything from music apps to smart lighting systems. Google Home is not just about easier access to entertainment. Going beyond quality entertainment units, Google Home allows users to explore a humongous assortment of services that can make life much more easier and fun at home. 

Even if you are clueless about which apps or services to turn to for the purpose of integrating more features into your Google Home, Google provides all the information you need. This information is presented in a simplified manner and is extremely easy to follow. As though this was not enough to get you excited, Google has made the usage of Google Home free from any monetary subscriptions.

This means that once the speaker is purchased, no more purchases are necessary for using the system. One would only have to make financial investments in the music app, for instance, if they want to avail of the premium features that it offers.

Thus, Google Home is an outstanding system with immense potential to make our life easier without requiring any monthly fee or subscription. With its highly customizable user experience and perpetually expanding machine learning ability, it leaves a strong impression as a promising investment.

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