Having Tree Trouble? Here’s How A Tree Surgeon Can Help

The residents of the Burlington region in Ontario, Canada, are well accustomed to miles of forests and lush greenery. The city has a varying topography that includes urban forest areas covering over 3,800 hectares of land. Reports suggest that there is approximately 23% of canopy cover in this region, which is quite significant for any city. The urban forest in Burlington consists of countless trees of various species. The city is indeed green!

There is no denying the importance of plants in our lives. Having a garden at home is considered elegant these days. However, there are occasions when trees can get dangerous due to their conditions and placement. They are living beings and pass through a cycle of life. If left unattended, they can overgrow and cause multiple hazards. Trees need treatment and care otherwise they will die. Thus, homeowners should understand the signs which show their garden need the care of a tree surgeon or arborist.

Tree Removal in Burlington, Ontario

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, Burlington is filled with thousands of trees scattered all across the city. Homeowners are always on the lookout for professional arborists for tree removal in Burlington. They are the experts who perform all sorts of necessary tree maintenance and services including tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, as well as tending to storm damages. We suggest taking the help of such professionals when it comes to tree maintenance, as attempting to do so on your own can be dangerous due to a lack of expertise.

When Is a Tree Surgeon Needed?

There are various situations when hiring a tree surgeon becomes mandatory. The following section briefly mentions some of the most common instances.

Trees Brushing Against Power Grids

Trees in touch with power lines present a great risk to the surrounding areas. Situations like these have been the cause for tragic incidents like wildfire in the past. Usually, these initiate from twigs, branches, and leaves sticking in and around the power cables which eventually heat up and start a fire. Even the people attempting to clean these grids are at risk of sudden accidents as such conditions are extremely dangerous if you lack expertise.

Even if the tree is on your neighbor’s property or just a random one by the side of a road, take it as your responsibility and report it to the authorities as fast as possible. This can, potentially, save lives. The general awareness regarding this issue needs to rise as power grids getting in touch with trees is not considered to be an escalating issue, which in reality, is false.

Trees With a Lot of Dead Branches

Identifying a dead branch is easy: its color will typically be different from the other branches, and the same goes for shape. Dead branches are the strongest indicator that the tree is slowly dying. There are certain dangers associated with it. A dead branch, if on the upper side of the tree, can fall off at any time, which is very risky for anyone standing under it. Furthermore, attached dead branches hamper the growth of new tree limbs in their places. They do not contribute to the overall health of the tree. Thus, as soon as you locate them, it is essential to have the dangling tree limbs removed by a tree surgeon.

Trees Gradually Tilting to One Side

If you find a slanted tree, chances are, the tree is dying. Of course, not all trees are perfectly vertical, but the level of inclination shows (generally greater than 15 degrees is dangerous) what the situation says about it. The primary reason for trees to start tilting to one side is damage to the roots. It may be that the roots are dying, which in turn, begins a process where the tree ends up falling at the end. This is highly concerning as the tree might fall on a valuable property or directly on a person or animal. We suggest taking professional help whenever you notice such a condition. In many cases, the tree can be revived with proper maintenance.

Trees Having Deep Crevices on the Trunk

When a tree is dying, you will realize that the bark starts to crack in multiple places and begins to peel off from there. Such trunk damage mostly occurs during the winter when the temperature drops below the freezing point in Burlington. The constant process of thawing and freezing impacts the structure of the bark, forming wide fissures in no time. Many people hesitate to hire a tree surgeon for such circumstances, but we strongly disagree with this. Taking early steps can completely cure the tree and prevent future mishaps.

Trees Are Habitats to a Variety of Annoying Pests

If you have a garden, you should know a thing or two about pest infestations. Trees are ideal habitats for many pests such as ants, beetles, bees, caterpillars, and even rats. The level of infestation increases with time if left unattended. Soon you might discover permanent damages in the roots or the trunk. They can become structurally weak by the prolonged presence of these pests. Make sure you identify such infestations early and take steps to clear them out. A tree surgeon can give you professional assistance in these matters.

Trees Damaged by Storms

The weather in Burlington can be unpredictable at times. Occasional storms are nothing out of the ordinary. However, storms can cause significant damage to trees and at times, uproot them altogether. These are very risky incidents as the tree can fall on the house and cause serious damage. Massive trees that are located close to the property are the most vulnerable. Any shift in their posture can affect the surrounding elements; something which needs to be identified at an early stage. We suggest you hire an expert tree surgeon for an overall damage report in such situations.


Landscaping significantly increases the curb appeal of a property. There are a variety of ways that you can adapt to make the landscape more convenient for use. This is where tree surgeons come into play. These professionals will take care of all aspects of a property’s landscaping. Tree maintenance is unavoidable. You simply can not leave a damaged tree as it is. The health hazards are very real. Thus, taking help from a tree surgeon can go as far as saving human lives!

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