How a Green Diet Can Help During the Hot Summer of Dubai?

A green diet is rich in healthy nutrients since it is mainly plant-based with negligible portions of animal meat; so, it is always the best choice throughout the year. It is also an effective way to stay cool during summer, especially in a city like Dubai. Between June and August, the mercury level in the city tends to rise above 40°C, making the outdoors pretty unbearable. While Dubai is hot throughout the year, the summer heat can be challenging, especially for expats and those not used to such hot conditions.

Nutritional experts suggest consuming lots of fresh veggies when the weather outside is scorchingly hot. The ideal option is cooking light meals at home, but with the temperature rising, shopping, preparations, and cooking can be a hassle. Healthy meals in Dubai from top meal plan delivery companies are the next best alternative. Loaded with micronutrients, meal plans are aligned with your fitness goals and are hassle-free, adding to the quality of life.

How Eating Green Can Help During the Summer in Dubai?

It keeps Your Body Cool

Contemporary and ancient wellness practices suggest that our bodies need food that syncs with the season. During summer, due to higher temperatures outdoors, it is inevitable that the body’s temperature also rises. Besides, other reasons cause the body heat to increase during this weather.

These are:

  • Eating foods high in spices, oil content, and protein, like animal meat. Fried foods cause an increase in body heat.
  • Consuming caffeine-laden beverages like coffee, and alcohol.
  • Certain drugs like antibiotics and antihistamines.
  • Certain medical conditions like hyperthyroidism that cause hormonal imbalances.
  • Dehydration impairs the body’s natural tendency to sweat and cool down.
  • Exercising outdoors.
  • Wearing clothes made from synthetic materials or tight-fitting clothes that prevent air circulation.

While one needs to reduce strenuous physical activities outdoors and wear comfortable clothes made from lighter fabrics, taking care of the diet is the most critical aspect of staying fit during summer.

The rule of thumb is – to eat foods with cooling properties, mainly seasonal produce that is locally grown – to beat the heat. Ingredients that contain high water content help keep the body hydrated and cool. That is why you are advised to drink lots of water and fluids. Similarly, fruits and vegetables containing considerable moisture content should be your go-to food.

Food with Cooling Properties Keep Illnesses at Bay

Green vegetables and juicy fresh fruits help keep the body cool and maintain its temperature during summer. This, in turn, helps evade innumerable illnesses and medical conditions that can play havoc with the internal organs. How?

We all know that heat strokes, indigestion, skin breakouts, etc., are extremely common during summer. Not just that, dehydration is a considerable risk factor, especially if you are outdoors. Indoors too, the air conditioning can be a cause of dehydration. Lack of appetite, fatigue, and lower energy levels are common in a hot and humid city like Dubai.

To stay healthy, you need to focus on maintaining your energy levels and staying hydrated. No need for energy drinks or other means. Simply take care of your diet. Eating green is the best and the most cost-effective way to keep your internal system normal and happy.

Maintain the Body’s Electrolyte Balance

Due to sweating, the human body loses water and essential electrolytes when it is hot. During summer in Dubai, the weather is hot and humid. Therefore, perspiration is a common issue. When we sweat, the body loses sodium and potassium, impacting the electrolyte balance critical for the body’s normal functioning. The imbalance can lead to heat exhaustion, low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, headache, giddiness, and overall disorientation.

To maintain the electrolyte balance, consuming food high in water content is best way to replenish and maintain the required sodium and potassium levels. Light small meals at regular intervals containing lots and lots of green vegetables and fruits work like an antidote during the summer.

What Should Your Summer Green Diet Consist of?

Any fresh food item high in water content should be a part of your green diet during summer. Take care to include greens like:

  • Watermelon since it is 92% water, and the rest is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that fights free radicals.
  • Coconut Water as it has natural cooling properties. It also contains minerals like iron, calcium, and vitamin C that help keep the body inflammation-free.
  • Musk Melon and Papaya are suitable for the summer because of the high water content that keeps you hydrated.
  • Arugula is a leafy vegetable filled with calcium, folate, fiber, and vitamin A. It is also a good source of antioxidants.
  • Cucumber with 95% water content should be a part of your daily diet.
  • Basil goes well with summer foods due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Zucchini is another green vegetable for summer as it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Also, include fruits like:

  • Strawberries as these are rich in potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins, crucial for the body’s electrolyte balance.
  • Guava since it is a good source of essential vitamins.
  • Lime as it is the richest source of Vitamin C.

The ideal way to make these a part of your daily diet is to have salads. The dressing should be light and use olive oil for healthy fats.

Foods to Avoid During Summer

Before we conclude, these are the foods you should avoid during the hot season in Dubai. This includes:

  • Soda and soft drinks
  • Packaged fruit juices
  • Pastries

Avoid these because of the added preservatives and sugar. Also, avoid fried food, as your gut system can go for a toss, working overtime to digest the heavy and saturated fats. If you love non-veg, avoid eating animal fats because this can over-pressurize your digestive system. Seafood and grilled chicken are good alternatives.


Nutritious, light, water-based food that is green and plant-based is perfect for inclusion in your daily diet during the overwhelming hot season in Dubai. It helps refresh your internal system, keeps the gut happy and the body hydrated – just right to beat the sweltering weather conditions.

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