How Can I Find the Best Real Estate Transcription Service?

Transcription is the process of transcribing information from audio or video into text form. This may be relevant for people who are hard of hearing or who prefer to consume content in silent mode, receiving information from a written speech. The purpose of transcription is to qualitatively translate speech into a text format that a person will understand well when reading. The main tasks of transcription include the following:

  • Parse everything said by the speakers;
  • Break the speech into sentences;
  • Remove parasite words and pauses.

Who Uses Transcribing Services Most Often Today?

Today, transcripts are widely used in video subtitles, articles and posts, for analysis and research, etc. A lot of people need decryption. For example, journalists who have to work with a large amount of information, students who wish to receive study materials in a written form. Speakers in front of a large audience need to receive recordings of webinars and lectures in text form. A lot of transcripts are done by marketing companies. As for real estate agencies, transcribing audio and video into text is an urgent need for them. They often need such services, as it allows them to more easily and efficiently conduct their business affairs.

But it is not always possible to find a good transcribing service instantly. There are many companies on the web that are not trustworthy. Therefore, when choosing an online transcribing platform, you should be very vigilant so as not to fall for scammers and get a high-quality transcript as a result. Looking ahead, we should mention that the online transcription service is one of the best today. It provides the highest quality of transcripts on a case-by-case basis, which is why more and more real estate agents are turning to it for services.

Since the purpose of this article is to tell readers how to find the best real estate transcribing service, below we will describe the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a company. Of course, Transcriberry meets all requirements from modern fences to bathtub replacements.

Features of Choosing Real Estate Transcription Service

The first thing you need to do to find a reliable and secure online transcription service is to open a browser on your PC or any other device and enter a query like “Best real estate audio to text transcription service”. The screen of the device will display a variety of pages, among which you should choose. Among them, you will see the website, which you can visit immediately without any doubt because it works legally and has repeatedly proven its good reputation.

Try to carefully study the information about 10-15 companies. This will help you learn the pros and cons of each and make the right choice as a result. Here are the key aspects to pay attention to:

  1. The legality of work. A reliable service must be registered, otherwise, the services provided will be considered illegal and you will be exposed to risks. As a rule, legit services provide registration information on the main page of the website, so you do not have to search long to find this data. If such information is not available, you can directly contact the manager of the company providing real estate transcribing services and clarify this issue;
  2. Variety of services. Professional transcriptionists are ready to provide a wide range of services to every client. This may include translating a video into text, transcribing an audio recording, editing a transcribed text, etc. Try to choose a website that provides a wide range of services. You will definitely find there what you are looking for;
  3. Affordable prices. Real estate transcribing services are available on most online platforms. But still, some companies unreasonably overestimate them. If you want to get a reasonable price, you should definitely consider the pricing policy of selected websites;
  4. Round-the-clock support. A client requiring high-quality transcription should be provided with 24/7 support. That is, managers of an online service should be in touch around the clock and ready to provide answers to any questions that concern you. Do not give preference to professional human transcribers who cannot be contacted;
  5. Availability of reviews. A reliable real estate transcribing service will not hide any information about itself, but rather provide as much data as possible so that customers can understand what kind of cooperation awaits them. This also applies to customer testimonials. Choose websites that have a lot of testimonials. And it’s not bad if there are some remarks among them. The main thing is that the service does not hide any feedback. Specialists are honest with you and ready for open cooperation. But of course, you should also not choose a site with many negative reviews. There is a risk that you won’t get a quality real estate audio-to-text transcript there.

So, pay attention to all of the above aspects when choosing a real estate transcribing service and you will definitely make the right choice. Be sure that Transcriberry meets all the requirements and, therefore, really deserves your attention.

What are the Benefits of Getting Quality Real Estate Transcription?

At first glance, it seems that transcribing audio materials is not much more difficult than creating written text from scratch. The main thing is to know the language well. In fact, transcription requires a special approach and is accompanied by many nuances.

Although there are a sufficient number of programs for converting audio files to text, none of them is perfect. They require a clear and slow pronunciation, while each recording has its own characteristics, such as the speaker’s accent, background noise, heated discussion with fragments of phrases, slang, and professional terms. The transcription company, for example, such as Transcriberry, enlists professional transcriptionists with excellent listening skills to transcribe audio files. They usually perfectly perceive the language of the recording, are familiar with the corresponding dialect, and are well versed in the topic in question.

The task of the transcriptionist is to convert speech into text. Fragments of phrases are filled with meaning, dialogues are divided into replicas, the terminology is deciphered, phraseological units and slang expressions are allocated. Then the text is edited and corrected taking into account the rules of the language.

The cost of transcribing real estate audio materials depends on the subject, format, quality of the audio track, as well as duration of the audio file. The transcription of audio files not only opens up new possibilities but also contributes to the achievement of the goals of real estate agents. For example, by recording a conversation with a client on a dictaphone and then receiving its transcript, a real estate agent can always remember the customer’s requirements, the price acceptable to him, and other important discussed points.

Can I Decode Real Estate Audio and Video Materials Myself?

Of course, you can transcribe real estate audio and video materials into text on your own. But just keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on this. Here are a few ways you should consider:

  • Transcription using an online converter. To transcribe audio or video to text, you can use online converters. Not all of them can cope with the task of carrying out high-quality decryption, but they can still provide at least some help. Google Docs is the easiest and most affordable way to get an audio transcript. You can use it or any other converter in your work;
  • Software for desktop devices. There are many paid and free versions of software that allow you to convert audio and video to text. The advantage of such programs is that they do not require an Internet connection and can be used at any time. Examples would be Voco, Express Scribe, etc. As for the quality of the resulting transcription, it is average. And therefore, subsequent manual editing of the text is most often required;
  • Applications for smartphones. This is a fairly popular way to transcribe real estate audio and video materials into text. The function of voice input and speech decoding is implemented in many modern smartphones. To start decrypting, you just need to open the application on the device, enable voice input, and press the playback of the audio track next to the microphone button on the mobile phone. Examples of transcribing applications are Speechnotes, Dragon Dictation, etc.;
  • Transcription of video to text using YouTube. You can transcribe the video into text yourself using YouTube. For this, you should upload the video to your channel, after which YouTube will automatically generate subtitles that can be copied and pasted into any text document;
  • Browser extensions. This is the last way we want to tell you about. Today there are many browser extensions that you can install to perform audio and video transcription. But practice shows that finding a really effective extension is a rather complicated task, and perhaps even unrealizable.

It becomes obvious that the independent implementation of real estate transcription is quite difficult. Even despite the presence of many useful programs, their use does not provide the desired result and requires the use of subsequent professional proofreading. Therefore, it is better to contact the reliable transcriptionists of the best online company and get fast and effective services without any difficulties! The website uses manual and automated transcription technology, which ensures the highest quality of transcription in each particular case.

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