How Many Goats Should Be Kept Together?

Whether you’re an experienced farmer with acres of land or a beginner looking to see what they can do in a small place, keeping goats can be a very satisfying and profitable hobby.

However, one important thing to think about when having goats is how many should be kept in one enclosure at a time. Understanding the meaning of Wether goats is an essential part of this equation. The answer to this question rests on some things, such as the space you have, the type of goats you have, and your management goals.

This article will discuss these things and advise you on choosing the right number of goats for your needs. It will also explain what goats are and why they are important in your group.

Factors that Affect How Many Goats Should Be Kept Together

Factors that Affect How Many Goats Should Be Kept Together

1. Available Space

In terms of how many goats you can easily keep together, the amount of space you have is very important. For their health and well-being, goats need a lot of space to roam, eat, and exercise. Usually, you should give each goat at least 200 to 400 square feet of room in a pasture or paddock outside. It ensures they have enough room to move around and find food and keeps them from being crowded, which can cause stress and the spread of disease.

2. Type of Goat and Size

Goat types vary in size, personality, and how they act around other goats. Some kinds, like Nigerian Dwarf goats, are smaller and easier to handle, while Boer goats can be bigger and bossier. The number of goats that can live together without getting along will depend on their breed and size. Larger or more aggressive breeds may need more room and careful management to avoid conflicts, while smaller or more tame breeds may be able to handle higher stocking densities. If you want to know how many goats you should keep together, you should learn about your breed and consider how it acts.

3. Age and Gender

It’s important to consider your goats’ ages and genders together to help keep them from fighting. If you want to keep males (bucks) and females (does) together, you should keep them apart during the breeding season to keep them from getting pregnant without meaning to. It is also common to keep kids away from adult goals until they are the right size and age to do so. It is done to make sure the kids are safe and healthy.

4. Purpose of Keeping Goats

The number of goats you should keep will also depend on why you want to keep them. Some people keep goats as pets, people who keep goats as pets, and people who raise them for milk, meat, or wool. What you want to do with your goats can affect how many you can keep and how you care for them.

If you want to raise goats for milk, you’ll need to think about things like how much milk each doe can produce and how often you should milk them. If you want to raise goats for meat, you might decide to keep fewer of them and focus on helping them grow and gain weight. Because fiber goats, like Angoras, need special care, they might be kept in smaller groups.

5. Eating and Looking for Food

Goats are natural foragers, and they need a variety of foods, such as grass, forage, and extra feed. How many goats you can keep healthily will depend on how many food sources are on your land. Make sure you have enough grass for forage for your goat herd, and be ready to give them extra food if they need it to meet their nutritional needs.


To figure out how many goats to keep together, you need to carefully think about things like the room you have, the goats, their breed and size, their age and gender, your goals, and the food you can provide. Overcrowding can cause stress, health problems, and fights between goats. On the other hand, giving them enough room and managing them can make the herd happy and healthy.

To make an informed choice about how many goats to keep together, you should look into your unique situation and talk to goat keepers with a lot of experience or your local agricultural extension services.

By thinking about these things and putting your goats’ health first, you can make your goat-keeping business successful and last for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Goats Can I Have in a Small Yard?

How many goats you can keep in a small backyard depends on how much room you have and the rules in your area. In a small area, it’s best to have no more than two or three small types of goats, like Nigerian Dwarf goats. Make sure that having goats is legal in your area by checking the local news.

Are Different Types of Goats Safe to Keep in The Same Pen?

Yes, you can keep different types of goats together, but you should think about their size, behavior, and whether they get along. Some breeds might not get along with others, so watch how they play with each other and separate them if needed to keep them from getting aggressive.

Do Goats Need to Be with Other Goats, or Can They Be Left Alone?

Goats are social animals that do best when they are with other goats. Without a friend, keeping a goat by itself can cause stress and loneliness. To meet the social needs of the goats, they should be kept with at least two other goats.

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