How to add a new look to your old tables, chairs and home furnishings

Have you got old furniture that’s on its last legs, seen far better days, and want to give it some new life? Well, then let us take a look at how to add a new look to your old and existing tables, chairs and home furnishings.

Switch up your furniture’s legs

Change out the legs of your chairs and furnishings to bring out some additional flair, and make them look as good as new. Before you begin, lay your furniture pieces on their side to determine how much work it might require to manually uninstall the current legs.

If your table and chairs are giving off an outdated and monotonous look, you can buy and install hairpin legs or box section table legs to sharpen them up and create a more contemporary look that boasts style and class.

You can even take this as a chance to adjust the height of your furnishings to match your needs and room theme, turning chairs into foot stools or bar stools for example.

Stain your wood furniture

Staining your existing furniture rather than painting it may look to be a better alternative because it will provide a clean woody appearance that can match many themes and boasts class.

You should begin by firstly stripping the wood with sandpaper to gently sand the wooden item. After doing so, you should then remove any excess dust from the wood. Apply a couple applications of wood conditioner to get a more uniformly polished surface.

Finish by applying the wood stain with a rubbing motion, and adding a layer of polyurethane to make its appearance more shiny, providing a spruced up look.

Spray paint your old furniture

It’s the simplest remedy, but nothing beats a fresh coat of spray paint. By selecting your preferred paint colour, and freshening up your old pieces with that favourite tone, you are able express your individual style, whilst also giving items a new lease of life.

Whether you want to spray paint exterior or interior furniture, there is a specific formula for both. Spray painting old and existing furniture will transform them into pieces you love with a fresh look and a restored appeal.

Refinish wood furnishings

It’s unwise to use strippers to clean and refinish your furniture. To easily recover your furniture, use a process that does not entail using potentially damaging chemicals. Cleaning, repairing, and restoring old faded finishes without the use of harmful chemical strippers may restore your chairs and make them seem new again.

If your chairs are made of solid wood, you may be able to sand and refinish them. There are several sealants and coatings on the market at the moment that – you can simply choose the desired texture of your new finish.

Bring your chairs to life with cushions

Cushions may make a huge impact in the appearance of your chairs. These are typically cheaply priced, and you may choose between specially built pads that link to the rungs and standard cushions. Either way, the chairs will always feel comfy and tight. You could give your kitchen and dining chairs a completely restored and fresh look by providing comfort with a modern flare and design.

Sana Ahmed

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