How to Grow Weed At Home

Growing weed at home is a great idea for various reasons. You can have marijuana anytime you want, you can grow throughout the year, and will have complete control over its quality. You can grow pot plant at home even if you don’t have a backyard. Growing weed at home is easy too. You just need to know a few small details.

Where Is It Legal to Home Grow Cannabis?

Unfortunately, it is still illegal for home owners to grow weed in the privacy of their own places. However, the times are changing quickly. Several countries like Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Uruguay, Ukraine, and Thailand have already taken steps to legalize it.

In Spain’s Barcelona too, you can grow up to two plants in your home. There are many weed clubs in the city where the growers can exchange their yield, share tips, and discuss various growing techniques. Growing cannabis indoors should be legalized, especially because even the experts now agree that marijuana offers many medical benefits.

Is It Easier To Grow Weed Indoors Or Outside?

The growing process is easy, both indoors and outdoors. However, there are advantages and disadvantages as well.

Marijuana grows best in fresh air. The yield is also higher outside. Outdoors, the plants can reach twice the size compared to those grown inside. Outdoor plants are also more flavorful. However, there is also a higher risk of a pest infestation. Indoor plants also have higher THC levels. As an advantage, indoor growing offers year-round control over environmental conditions. However, this type of growing requires additional equipment like humidifiers, ventilation, and specific lighting. Speaking of lighting, various grow lights from California Lightworks, cater to different growth stages, offering energy-efficient options with a tailored spectrum designed to optimize cannabis cultivation. These lights play a vital role in providing the right spectrum for optimal plant development. While indoor cultivation may involve more complexity and equipment, it allows for precise control and potentially higher THC levels in the harvested product. The choice between indoor and outdoor cultivation depends on factors like space, resources, and grower preferences.

Is Growing Weed At Home Easy?

Yes, you will find the growing weed process easy. Just follow this step by step weed growing procedure and you should be able to do it.


Step 1: Creating the perfect cannabis grow room

You need to create the right environment to ensure that the plants grow fast. There is no need to have a huge space. Just a small clean space, like a kitchen top tray should be enough. The plants can also be grown in the attic, unused rooms, or empty cabinets.

A clean grow space is mandatory. Ensure that the space is hygienic. There shouldn’t be any outside pollutants. If you are growing indoors, there should be an air filtration system in the room. This will also ensure that there are no insects or airborne contaminants. Clean the space around your plant to avoid fungal or bacterial buildup. Clean once a week. Use only organic fertilizers or pesticides because the weed plant may absorb toxic metals. Avoid using chemical fertilizers.

Step 2: Germinating your seed

Start by germinating the seed. Take a Ziploc bag with a damp paper towel. Fold the seed in this towel. Close your bag and keep it somewhere a bit warm. You will see small white tails poking out from the seeds (if they are good) after 1-3 days. You must replace the seeds if you don’t see the tails.

But which type of seed should you select? In other words, how to choose a marijuana strain to grow? There are two major subspecies –

  • Sativa – This gives lanky frames and slender-fingered leaves.
  • Indica – They have broad-fingered leaves. The growth is lateral.

However, pure sativa and indica weed strains are rare. Most seeds you will find are hybrids. Select an indica-dominant seed to tame them easily. Deciding the best cannabis seeds can make a critical difference.

Step 3: Plant your seed

You just need a few plants to begin. You can grow gradually and have many marijuana plants if you want. So, start with a small pot. Baby weed plants are sensitive during germination. But it will grow quickly once the plant has become matured. The container where you plant the seeds should have holes. Plant the seeds about an inch deep in the soil. The exposed tail should point out.

Mist the top of your container slightly. Place it in a place where it gets light. The first leaves will begin to come out in 2-3 days.

Step 4: Take Care of Your Home-Grown Cannabis

Create a sunlight schedule. Your weed plant should receive direct sunlight in the growing stage. Your indoor plant requires 12 hours of uninterrupted sunlight. Install cannabis grow lights if your plants are not getting natural sunlight. They need complete darkness after this because they will be producing flowers and transforming them into buds.

Also, make sure that you give them organic nutrients and important macronutrients for growth. Create a ventilation system and regulate the temperature. You will also need to establish a watering schedule. You should water every 2 to 3 days as they grow out of the seedling stage. Avoid watering too much. Love your cannabis plants – find important tips on taking care of the plant here.

Step 5: Vegetative growth

Allow it to grow before they are ready to flower. Three weeks is a good time, but you can wait more as well. You can leave the grow light on for even 18 hours. Standard potting soil mixes usually have enough nutrients. So, you don’t need to amend or fertilize the soil. But make sure that you are not using cheap soil. Spend more on the soil because it will make your job easier later on.

Step 6: Transplant into a flowering container

Choose appropriate containers to grow marijuana plants. The right container for your weed plant should hold about a gallon of soil for a foot of the expected plant growth. Mix fertilizer into the soil before you plant.

Step 7: Forcing it to flower

You have to ‘force it to flower’ because it is a photosensitive plant. This gives it the cue to start reproducing. The 12/12 cycle of light and darkness is good. But this can be modified slightly. Also, look for female plants and eliminate the male plants. Females will give you premium buds.

Step 8: Let it grow

Allow the plant to grow for the next 8-9 weeks. Just week watering every three to four days! Also, make sure that there is space for air movement. Good air circulation is important when you are growing indoors.

Step 9: Harvest Time!

You are very close to harvest time. Cut the plant and hang it upside down in a dark and cool area. Let the plant dry for a few days and then manicure it. Trim off the leaves. Remove the ones that are not connected to bud sites.

How long does it take to grow a strain of weed?

You can grow amazing weed at home. It will take anything between three and eight months for you to grow the first weed plant. You can save time by starting with an auto-flower or clone seed.

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