How to Make a Room Fan Quieter: Proven Tips

We all love the fans when summer starts, and the air conditioner will do their work thereafter.  But at the beginning we all need room fans that can make us feel a little relaxed from the outside warmth.

But let us suppose you switch on your fan, and it is creating a noise that you do not like. It may be so irritating and so frustrating that when you try to sleep at night and the fan is not soothing in means of air but is noisy that is piercing your ears, creating a challenging environment to relax in.

Here you need not to worry about this thing at all. If your fan is creating any unwanted noise then here are the tips to make your own room fan quieter so that when you switch it on, it will only give a cool breeze to make you feel relaxed rather than frustrates you with unwanted noise.

Moreover, fans are the cheapest of all the other available options for cooling purposes. They are effective at their price and their installation is also very easy and even some people install them by their own without any professional installer. Though it is the cheapest and best option, yet it comes with some drawbacks.

Room fans usually create a noise when you turn them on. So, noise is a major drawback that you will encounter with the room fans. When the fan is damaged or dirty, this noise will be the worst.  Let us get rid of this now.

This article is the right place for you to know all the tips and techniques to not to tolerate this unwanted noise coming out of your room fan. Give it a read till the end and this problem will never be an obstruction for you when you decide to have just a fan as an amenity in your room rather than the other expensive air conditioners.

This Article Is All About How to Make a Room Fan Quieter. Let Us Begin!

This Article Is All About How to Make a Room Fan Quieter

When you think of the room quieter, the name self explains the meaning is to make the noise go away from your room fan when you switch it on. But another very crucial question arises here is: Will this help you to make the room fan a perfectly silent friend in summer?

The answer is no it will not make it 100% silent but it can reduce the noise to the level where it will not irritate you and that will be negligible.

The noise can be reduced to upto 80%, but this is the fact that the rotating blades will still make some noise and that will be bearable at the same time. So, no need to worry about that.

So, the room fan can be quiet, and many people wonder if there is any technique to make this room fan full soundproof but honestly there is not any technique like that but yes, we can make it quiet to the level we will not listen to its noise. Let us have a read to get an overview of causes of noise and solutions to it.

Putting A Heavy and Reliable Soundproofing Material Under the Fan

Putting A Heavy and Reliable Soundproofing Material Under the Fan

If your fan is on the hard base and the base is damaged due to any cause. It will be the big cause of wear and tear of your fan. The base may be damaged due to excessive rainfall and that will cause the roof to get wet if the material during house building was not good.

Also, if you have not made whitewash happen for many years so it will also cause decay of the base where you put your fan, again it will be a major cause of dirt and eventually creates unwanted noise from the fan.

Using a soft and reliable soundproofing material before installation of a room fan will do the needful and you can get rid of the unwanted noise. So, with the passage of time before your base gets warped, you should take care of it by using appropriate soundproofing and good material to get your room fan quieter setup.

There are a lot of materials available in the market that can absorb the noise and you will not feel it doing that or it may also decrease it to a negligible level so you will not hear it at all.

Materials You Can Use and Source of Purchase

There might be a lot of materials you can check in markets and on online stores like on Amazon where you will get all the best options of materials that you can use as a base and get rid of the unwanted noise of your room fan. The one option that you will get is: Heavy Rugs.

The thicker the rugs more likely they will serve the purpose. You can get a rug on Amazon and place it under the fan, and it will help to provide firm attachment that will eventually decrease the noise moreover make it negligible so that you will not notice it and it cannot disturb you at all 

You can check this option that will serve the purpose.

Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection

Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection

These are the best rated Rugs available on Amazon and comes under different sizes and beautiful textures. So, you just need to go to the below link to check it out and buy one for you.

This also gives a beautiful look to your room and will also serve the primary purpose so why not try it. There are a lot of advantages of this Safavieh Hudson Shag as it is a very thick mat so as not to be warped soon.

Also, it has nice textures so you can choose your color and design to give a royal look to your room, and it serves the purpose of making the room fan quieter for sure. It is also top rated on Amazon and moreover the maintenance is very simple. The installation is also very easy so it will be the best option for you.

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Other than this there are a lot of options with Soundproofing blankets. Soundproofing blankets are thick and dense. They will absorb all the noise of the fan when placed under them so make your room a complete soundproof room at least against the noise of the fan. So, you can enjoy the cool breeze of the room fan and with no noise at all to disturb your ears. You can check these options below to have your favorite and best Soundproofing blankets.

Sure-Max 12 Heavy-Duty Moving & Packing Blankets

Sure-Max 12 Heavy-Duty Moving & Packing Blankets

This Sure-Max 12 Heavy Duty moving and packing blanket is the highest rated option on Amazon and this will come with Ultra Thick Pro material quality. It is 80″×72” and it has 65 lb/dz weight. It is professionally quilted with black color and beautiful texture.

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The above link helps you to get the complete information about the Super Max 12 Heavy-Duty Moving and Packing blankets and gives you an option to purchase it. This link will get you to the highest rated blankets to serve the purpose to make your room fan quieter. Moreover, it will be very cost effective, and installation does not need any professional installer if you have a little bit of hands on this.

So, this is the effective sound proofing technology to use as it has best sound absorbing capacity. It is very effective for your Music Studios, Drum Rooms, Rehearsal Rooms and Vocal Booths etc.

You can get free shipping on this product by Amazon, and it will be delivered at the earliest to you. The complete self-installation kit with all the hardware is included with this so no need to get any extra thing from outside and one pack will do all the things you think of.

Cheap – Cheap Moving Boxes- Deluxe Moving Blankets

This is again the best option to make your room fan quieter. This also comes under high rated products used worldwide for the primary purpose. This comes in many colors but mostly used ones are Gray and Black. These have self-textures in them, so they look beautiful and soft too.

They have dimensions of 72″×80″ They come with a pack of 4 so it is quite interesting to note that you have abundant material to make your room fan quieter. Also, the installation is quite simple so no hassle in that as well. You will again get a complete self-installation kit with all the necessary parts already included in shipment if you order them online or get it in the market easily.

Placing your Fan on Flat Surface

Placing your fan on rough or uneven surfaces will always lead to those unwanted noises that you will never want to hear when you are in your room. Especially at night, just imagine that you are about to sleep, and you turn on your fan and it is creating Ridiculous noise. This is not acceptable at any cost for anyone in this world. Is it? 

Here is the solution to this problem as well. When you get your house built please make sure where you plan to put your fan or hang it, that should be a flat surface and smooth as well. This will not create the problem of any disturbing noise for you with your room fan so it will be the perfect step to carry out to make the room fan quieter.

A smooth ground is very good as it can easily manage and balance the weight of the fan equally so this way your room fan will not be creating any noise while running. You need not to pay anything or buy something special for this method as it is very basic, and the best step to carry out when you install a fan. Just make sure that the surface is flat and smooth, that is it!

Clean your Fan Often.

The easiest way to keep your room fan quiet is to clean it from time to time. If your fan will not be cleaned, then it will accumulate a lot of dust on it and that will interfere with the movement of your fan and make it noisy for sure. This will irritate you. So, better to make it clean and in good condition to avoid that unwanted noise from your room fan.

Steps to Clean Your Room Fan

  • The major step and the most crucial step in this case is to turn off the fan before proceeding with the cleaning purpose. Make sure either the switch is off from behind or the plug is out of the outlet while starting the cleaning process.
  • Let the fan cool down if it was turned on before as when the fan will run more than an hour it will heat up so wait for the time they will cool down.
  • Take a ladder if your fan is ceiling room fan and get it down taking care of the cables connected to the motor and condenser.
  • Remove the blades of the fan and the middle part that contains the motor and condenser connected to it. You may need screwdrivers for this so make sure to get the tools ready before you decide to clean your room fan.
  • Now open the screws politely and securely at the middle of the room fan, leave the motor part as it is and condenser too.
  • Take a clean and soft cloth or cotton to remove the dust accumulated on the fan. Clean the cage, blades, and caps.
  • You can wash the caps, blades and cage with the soapy cloth that should be soft so it may not produce any harm or scratches on any part of your room fan. After washing it with soapy cloth, just clean it and make it dry with another piece of dry cloth or a little wet just to make sure to remove the soap.
  • You can use the dry and soft cloth to clean the motor part as well. Do not be so hard on it. This way you can remove the dust accumulated on the exterior part of the motor and for interior parts where you can wipe with cloth, you can use canned air spray and it will serve the purpose.

This way you can make the room fan completely dust free and clean. So, no dust will produce any wear and tear on your fan and obviously it will not create any noise due to this factor.

Fixing Loose Screws and Knobbing Your Fan Properly

You can make your room fan quieter by checking on all the things if they are in place. Such critical thing here is the screws if they will be loose and if the knobs will not be properly managed then they will make the fan to hang freely and not in a well-balanced condition. 

This will cause a rattling sound that you obviously do not like. To avoid this, just hold a screwdriver and a ladder to reach your fan if it is a ceiling room fan and tighten all the screws right away to avoid such disturbing noise.

Please make sure that the fan is not connected to the power outlet at that moment as it may be risky for you if it is connected. Better to take precautions before you do. So, when you tighten all the screws it will not allow your room fan to be fragile and will not create any unwanted noise that can interrupt your room’s silence.

So, this way you can make your room fan quieter to get a better sleep at night and a perfect silent room for the rest of the day.

Positioning and Aligning of Fan blades

While cleaning the fan blades you can check if the blades are in proper alignment and for this you just need to know the below pointers.

  1. Confirm the positioning and alignment by placing the blades on the flat surface.
  2. Please make sure that the bottom edges are in line with surface and touching it at the same time.
  3. If you feel that fan blades are not aligned, then gently bend them with your palms and make them properly positioned in a right way.

Because, if the fan blades are not positioned properly, they will produce whirling sound while rotating so it is very important to take care of them to make room fan quieter.

Oiling the Motor of Fan

Oiling the motor from time to time is also very critical in making room fan quieter. If the motor will dry up it will cause more friction while the fan runs so it will cause unpleasant noise. You should oil your motor once in a year or twice.

You can get special lubricants made for this purpose. They keep your room fan in a condition to work in any temperature range. These are perfect for vintage or modern fans as well.

Keeping the Fan Cage in Good Condition

Cage is the blades guard, and it is the major root cause to check at the first if the fan makes noise while running. So, it should always be in good condition. Better to place a soft rubber in the gap to fill it so that warped cage with time will not produce that unwanted noise. So, it should be taken care of to make room fan quieter.

So, you have a very deep idea that how to make your room fan quieter now. You need not to try and rely on only one technique here and can merge or combine two or more techniques from above to get better results. Let us enjoy the comfort of silent room now without any unwanted noise from the room fan.

Enjoy your Silent Undisturbed Room!

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