Is There a Way to Keep Enemies out Of Your House in Terraria?

The ‘safe house’ we build in Terraria is the base of all the operations in the early stages of the game. It is important to protect and defend this house from all of the possible enemies. The enemies enter the house to kill the NPCs, loot your collection, and destroy the safe space.

The protection of the house is largely based on the player’s technique. How one builds structure and surrounding features determines the safety of NPCs and the house from possible attacks.

The guidelines in the game might not explain the strategies of protection, but we are here to serve you with the necessary information for terraria house ideas.

Possible Threats to The House

 A diverse collection of cartoon characters and objects, potentially posing risks to the house

There are several possible threats to the house, such as:

  • Blood Moon- On a blood moon night, the zombies relentlessly attack the building with the special power they get on that night of opening any door. The event goes on for 9 long minutes.
  • Wraiths- Wraiths spawn at night after the Wall of Flesh is defeated. They can pass through solid blocks but cannot climb above three blocks.
  • Possessed Armor- After defeating the Wall of Flesh, they can open any door at any given time. They spawn at night and kill the NPCs.
  • Private Invasion- The hard mode characters spawn after the defeat of the Wall of Flesh. They can destroy at least one altar of the house.
  • Solar Eclipse- Vampires come out on the night of Solar Eclipse and can fly to fit through tight spaces. These are extremely dangerous enemies and hoard for about 15 minutes of the game.
  • Werewolves- On a Full Moon night, they break the doors to let the other monsters into the player’s house.
  • Goblin Invasion- The event is a highly dangerous terror for the house’s safety. 80 goblins, plus an additional 40 per user with 200+ hp, will spawn and attack the player’s base.

Few Tricks to Defend Your House

There are a few tricks that can be used in the game to defend your house. Some suit the newbies, whereas some tricks are advanced level and can be implemented only after gaining a certain level of expertise in the game.

1. One Way Door

Blocking the door by placing pieces of furniture in front of them can prevent the Zombies from opening it. However, there will still be some passage that the zombies can pass through. A platform, torch, or any other background object behind the door will prevent the door from opening from outside. The Goblins can still break through the door.

2. Deep Pit

One of the simplest techniques to defend your house is by digging a six-block deep pit. The zombies will fall prey to the pit and will not be able to jump out of the 4-block-wide pit and despawn after being off-screen for a certain time. The Sorcerer and Demon eye can still cross the pit, and the only way of stopping them is by placing a door on the other side of the pit. Leave a small area on the side of the pit opposite the door for the player to jump off.

3. Active Stone Wall

A stone wall prevents the zombies from breaking the doors, even on a Blood Moon night. Build active stone blocks before all doors and hook them up to a single switch. The switch can be flipped when hoards of zombies try to attack the house.

4. Lava Moat

It is an advanced version of the deep pit wherein the pit is filled with lava. The hotter the lava, the better it is. Dig a pit, fill it with lava, and cover it with a stone wall acting as a bridge that is connected to a switch. As soon as the enemy comes over the bridge, flip the switch, and the enemy will die inside the lava. However, this will not protect the house from the flying enemies.

5. Sniper Nest

The technique requires advanced skills. It lets you build a nest for yourself from where you can shoot the enemies straight, up and down. When paired with defenses like deep pits and floating doors, the player can protect the house from Goblin Invasion as well, with the right tools.

6. Wire Trap

Another advanced technique of defending your house from enemies is trapping them in wires. You can connect the whole mansion with wire and set the timer to 1 second. The moment an enemy touches the wire, the trigger sparks them. This is extremely helpful in situations of hoarding enemies attacking together.

7. Floating House

Building a safe house on a raised platform and then removing the base is one of the convenient defense techniques. It prevents any land monster from attacking the house. The flying enemies can also be kept away by using the platform traps and doors. The problem of gravity can be countered by making 2-4 pillars below the surface of the house, made up of any wall or cloud blocks.


The enemies can be in the form of land monsters or flying beasts. They can spawn at any given time and destroy the safe house created by you. The target is not to let them inside the structure, thus protecting your house from any possible threat.

There are many possible ways of defending your safe place, and we have mentioned a few of them here, which could be implemented with basic skills and regular practice.

As you advance the level of your play, you will develop more techniques to keep the enemies away.

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