Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Perform Annually

Many people get tired of the city noise and invest in large houses and villas in rural or quiet and clean suburban areas where they can enjoy a recreational weekend or a family get-together for the holidays.

However, since they still spend most of their time in the city and only occasionally inhabit the villas, they should not skip regular maintenance tasks. Today, we’ll talk about the annual tasks for homeowners.

We’ll not only cover cosmetic tasks such as window cleaning but also ones that are crucial for preserving your property. Some examples of such tasks include fireplace inspection and septic tank cleaning. We will list the tasks in seasonal order, beginning with spring.

Tasks to perform during spring/summer

Spring and summer are beautiful times to spend your weekends and vacations at your favorite villa. However, they are also the best time to do annual chores around your property.

Wash the windows and make your house look sparkly clean.

Windows washing is not the favorite household chore of many. However, after it’s done, it brings a spark into every home, creates a polished look to match the freshness of spring, and lets in the summer sun rays inside.

Scrub the windows from the outside as well as from the inside. Use soapy water and a soft sponge to scrub off excessive dirt and remove it with a squeegee afterward. Finish off by polishing the windows with a good cleaning product and a clean towel that will not leave stains.

Pressure-wash your patio and sidewalk for a welcoming look.

After the rainy, muddy autumn and winter months, it’s almost certain that your property will look unwelcoming to arriving guests and family. Grab your pressure washer and spend some time rinsing your patio, sidewalk, driveway and any pathways in your garden or backyard for a fresh start of the season.

Think about your septic system’s health.

Given that, typically, rural and some suburban areas are not connected to main sewer lines, many properties have individual septic systems. If you also have one, it’s best to check its health and schedule maintenance service calls regularly.

Although it’s not necessarily a task for spring or summer, you need to call a professional service provider to clean your septic tank periodically. It’s best to do it before the months you know you’ll inhabit the property and have lots of guests coming over.

Ready the pool for fresh summer adventures.

Outdoor pools are a great addition to any villa and a favorite place for children and adults to spend their free time on hot summer days. Ready your pool before the hottest season comes by cleaning up any leaves and dirt left in it. Inspect all the necessary equipment, including valves and filters, and adequately treat the water before your first swim.

Tasks to perform during autumn/winter

Preparation and maintenance tasks during the autumn and winter often vary depending on whether you will inhabit the house throughout those seasons. However, we’ll mention some of the most important tasks every homeowner should perform.

Clear out clogged gutters to let rainwater drain and prevent damage.

While the leaf fall during autumn certainly offers beautiful views and stunning landscapes, it’s not so beneficial for the gutters at your property. Fallen leaves, bird nests, debris, and other particles often cause the gutters to clog and not let rainwater drain entirely.

That’s why cleaning the gutters just after the autumn months is essential. You can also wash them in spring to ensure safety and proper functioning. You can either call a professional company to do the job instead of you or try to remove leaves manually or with a leaf blower/gutter vacuum.

It’s also a good idea to ensure your gutter’s alignment is optimal, as uneven gutters can exacerbate these issues. Using durable gutter wedges can help maintain the correct angle for efficient water flow. Proper alignment, along with regular cleaning, plays a pivotal role in the longevity and effectiveness of your gutter system.

Turn off the water main before subzero temperatures.

If you are planning to stay in the city for the winter, you need to shut off the house’s water supply. Turning the water main off is crucial, as the water inside the pipes freezes due to cold temperatures in winter, causing them to crack and sometimes even burst.

Prune the trees and shrubs for a healthy garden in spring.

It’s best to prune the trees and shrubs in your garden or backyard in winter, as most of them lack leaves which is an additional obstacle. Furthermore, it aids their future growth and doesn’t stress them as they’re dormant during the winter months.

This way, you can enjoy a neat landscape and healthy vegetation in spring.

Make sure your fireplace is ready to use.

If you are planning on regularly visiting your villa in winter or just spending the Christmas holidays there, it’s crucial to ensure the safety and readiness of your fireplace. That includes cleaning up remaining ash, stacking up wood supplies, and inspecting your chimney’s function.

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