Maximise Your Self Storage Space: Pro Tips and Tricks

Do you have a self-storage unit but need to know how to maximise its capacity? You are in the right place. Many users struggle to estimate the right size of self storage, while others don’t utilise the available space optimally.

A self storage business provides you with a space to keep your stuff which is currently not in use. The storage space is secure; only you can access your storage unit. You only get a limited space, so you must utilise the space efficiently and store as many items as you want and the area allows.

Surprisingly, you do not need a large storage unit to store a lot of things. The right way is to make the most of the available space and organise it. Here is how you can do it.

How do I Maximise Space in my Storage Unit? 5 Pro Tips

The first step to maximising your storage space is choosing the right storage unit for you. Choose the right storage unit size in a storage facility that uses reliable self storage software. The better the storage facility, the easier it will be to manage your storage unit.

Here are some effective tips to help you organise your storage unit like a pro.

Place Bulky Items Vertically

If you want to store large items such as furniture, consider packing them vertically. Using the unit’s vertical space will leave more room for other items. Large items are also usually heavy, so pack them and store them against the wall. The rule of thumb is to put the heaviest item first and lighter items on it.

Use Shelves

When you have lots of things to put in your storage unit, especially smaller items, the best idea is to use a shelf or rack for it. It will create additional space vertically so that you can put more items taking up little space. The shelves are great when you do not want to stack things one up on the other.

Utilise the Full Height of the Space

When you rent a storage unit, ensure you utilise the full space available, including the storage unit’s height. You can stack your stuff to the ceiling, then why not? However, there are some considerations for stacking to the ceiling.

  • Pack items that you do not need frequently.
  • Pack everything in boxes for better stacking.
  • Place the heaviest item at the bottom and the lightest on the top.
  • Place the boxes firmly so they stay in their places and don’t fall.

Repurpose the Things

Did everything fit in the storage unit except your books, CDs, newspapers, or toolbox? Repurposing might help you. Use the spaces in the fridge, cupboard, and drawers to fit in things like books, magazines, and CDs. It will not only save space but also keep things safe.

Leave an Aisle

Filling the storage unit up to the door and leaving no space for movement may create trouble for you. What if you want something that is kept in the middle of the room? A smart move is to leave an aisle or walkway for easy movement. It will allow you to take things out easily when you need them.

How do I Organise my Storage Unit like a Pro?

A storage unit is a game changer to keep your extra stock safe until you need it. You need to think and act smart to make the most of a storage unit. The tips and tricks discussed in the article will help you organise your storage unit like a pro and maximise its space. You may also think of other creative ideas and ace the art of storing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stack furniture in a storage unit?

To stack furniture in a storage unit, you must disassemble it, pack it, and then stack it upright. Place bulky items at the back, while smaller items must be at the front. Also, pack the furniture vertically and stack one thing over another for better utilisation of storage space.

Is a 10×10 storage unit enough?

Yes, a 10×10 storage unit is enough to hold the contents of a full family room or two bedrooms.

Do storage unit owners make money?

Yes, storage unit owners make money. Your income depends on multiple factors, such as the size of the storage unit, its location, type of ownership, etc.

What do you put on the floor of a storage unit?

You can put wood pallets, plastic, tarp, or any other material that keeps the humidity from reaching different items stored in the storage unit.

How do you pack a couch in a storage unit?

To pack your couch in a storage unit, clean it first and then wrap it with a cover. You can use plastic wrap, drop cloth, or blankets to wrap around the couch and secure it with cords.

What is the best material to cover the furniture in storage?

Thick plastic sheets, blankets, fabric coverings, and drop cloths are the best materials to cover the furniture in storage.

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