Moss Interior Decor Ideas: The Benefits

Over the recent years, people have started to lean on eco decor ideas more and more often. Having natural accents in the design seems to be the upcoming trend of the next decade. Indeed, with the pace of life increasing every year, many of us feel too much pressure and stress. These are not the feelings we want to have in our domestic life. At home, we want to feel peace of mind. Our houses should give us a break from our busy lives, work, and social judgments.

Natural interior design is one of the best and easiest solutions to achieve such a goal. Houseplants are definitely among the most common solutions to bring a bit more nature to your home. However, today, another solution is growing in popularity. Moss is becoming one of the most interesting, innovative, and beneficial interior decor ideas of today. There are good reasons why it is so. Let’s see some of the biggest benefits of inserting moss interior decor ideas in your home design.


For centuries, people have been accustomed to moss decor on the house facades. You can even find some cheap research paper writing service to explore more on the regions where moss facades were the most common. Of course, this was not as much a design decision as a natural way of life. The environment was simply trying to take what was there to begin with. House facades with moss look rather ‘homie’ to us – more warm and traditional than just cold dark bricks. The plant adds an aesthetic look to it.

Still, having moss inside our houses is a rather innovative approach if compared with the moss outdoors decor. However, the plant still preserves all of its main aesthetical qualities. It gives your home that warm, traditional, and natural look that we want. Overall, having moss in your interior decor can simply be an interesting design solution. Such a decorative effect is rather unusual. Thus, it immediately attracts the attention of your guests. It also creates the whole mood for the room. Even the dining room wall decor has to be unique.

What’s more, moss can be included in any kind of designer’s solution. You can go with the minimalistic approach here and include moss in your pots with plants. On the other hand, you can even have the entire wall covered with moss. Imagine sitting on the couch with moss covering the entire surface behind it. Won’t it be quite an unusual experience?

Health benefits

Do you want to improve your quality of life? Do you want to feel less stressed and anxious? Do you want to feel more at home in your own house? Of course, you do! The solution here is simple. Get some moss and use it in your interior decor. We are not kidding. There is considerable evidence that houseplants can boost your health and increase your quality of life.

First of all, moss is a perfect air filter. Any online essay service will happily educate you on the importance of house plants, such as moss, for having a higher quality of air at home. Hence, with very little effort, you get to reduce all kinds of toxic elements in the air. What’s more, having moss on the wall as a vertical garden will help you reduce a lot of heat in your house. Moss tends to absorb a lot of heat, thus cooling the overall temperature.

However, it doesn’t end there. Having indoor plants can benefit your mental health as well. Having such a noticeable accent on natural elements in your design will have a soothing effect on you. It helps create a natural vibe. Thus, it gives some authentic energy to the overall home environment. Also, the color green is supposed to help you feel more at peace, concentrated, and productive. So, having a decor element with moss in your office can help you focus better and reduce any stress. Thus, as you can see, there are multiple health benefits all around.

Easy care routine

Seeing a wall entirely covered with moss leads to the obvious question. Is it difficult to take care after such an unusual decoration? The answer is no. No, taking care of moss is not difficult. Not even one bit. To keep your moss decor well and happy, you water. A lot of water, though. You need to spray your moss decor with filter water at least once a day (more on hot days). Also, moss requires frequent watering, at least once or twice per week. Yet, other than that, moss doesn’t need any additional care, unlike many other home plants.

Honestly, having a moss decor item in your home will make you feel like a moss expert in a very short time. It will never die on you as long as you take minimum effort to care for it. Any mid term papers writing service won’t teach you about moss more than having it as a houseplant.

Samantha Nguyen

Samantha Nguyen, a graduate of the Pratt Institute with a degree in Interior Design, has made a mark for herself in the home decor scene for 15 years. She started her career with a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, gaining critical acclaim for her innovative approaches. Samantha joined our platform in 2019, where she shares her expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional living spaces. She is also a staunch advocate for incorporating sustainable materials in home decor. In her leisure time, she loves to paint to establish inspiration from her travels.

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