Professional Ice Production Equipment, How It Works, and Key Benefits

Ice generators are used for the intensive production of ice. A professional ice maker is a necessary refrigeration equipment for bars and clubs, where a large number of cold drinks and cocktails are served. Professional ice makers are designed for the long-term production of ice cubes, which can be of different sizes and shapes.

When you need a unique solution for creating cocktails or to freshen up your fish and other seafood display, take a look at the different ice machines available, with different prices and different features. Each type of ice equipment must be selected following its own needs because different types of ice generators produce different volumes of ice.

How do professional ice machines work?

Professional ice generators work according to two principles: with air or water cooling. Air cooling systems are relatively easy to use. Such equipment is equipped with a system for lowering the air temperature. This ensures that the water in the tank freezes. Air-cooled ice makers should be placed in large areas to facilitate their operation.

A water-cooled ice maker works on a different principle. The water is reduced to a low temperature, and the water freezes, after which the ice maker produces ice of various shapes and forms. In this case, such equipment can be installed anywhere. An air-cooled ice maker is quite easy to operate.

You just need to connect the device and fill the tank with water. You can choose the form of ice production. The criteria for choosing an ice maker should be based on your business needs. Before buying a device, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Container for storage of finished products;
  • Type and form of produced ice;
  • The overall performance of the device (how many kilograms of ice it produces in a certain period);
  • Type of freezing (air or water);
  • Material of the working chamber (stainless steel model is recommended, as it is less prone to rust);
  • Control mode and simplicity;
  • Functionality (the more available options, the better).

Ice makers are very popular these days. Ice looks great in transparent glasses when serving cocktails in bars and restaurants. Some devices allow you to adjust the size and shape of the ice. Ice makers for minibars make small cubes that are great additions to desserts and drinks. Ice generators are very efficient devices because they can produce 100-200 kilograms of ice per day. This equipment is well-suited for supermarkets and large restaurants.

They produce granular products that not only provide effective cooling but also provide the necessary moisture content of the products. Ice provides an optimal microclimate in rooms with vegetables, fish, meat, and even dough. Key advantages of an ice maker include the following:

  • The ice maker is easy to work with. These devices have a convenient and understandable control system;
  • Effective filtration system. By connecting the device to the water supply, you will always get clean, high-quality ice;
  • Availability of storage containers. Ice can be stored in them for an almost unlimited time;
  • The possibility of adjusting the size of the ice. Many ice makers are equipped with a control system that allows the user to adjust the amount of ice produced by the devices;
  • The duration of the freezing process is controlled and adjusted individually;
  • Despite its small size, the ice maker has a simple design, so it fits well into the decor of any room.

How to correctly operate professional ice generators?

Ice machines require regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly, especially since they must meet certain hygiene requirements. All surfaces of ice makers (inside and outside) must be regularly cleaned with appropriate means. In addition, to obtain transparent ice cubes, it is necessary to clean the ice well from the scale. To clean the ice maker, wash the surface of the equipment with appropriate means and empty the ice maker.

Repeat this step to disinfect. Use a disinfectant to clean this time. You can find the perfect ice maker for intensive and professional use if you thoroughly understand the needs of ice production. Choosing the right ice maker for your needs and the needs of your business is extremely important, so it is important to thoroughly understand the criteria for finding the necessary equipment and familiarize yourself with the available models.

Industrial equipment for rapid ice production: key principles of operation

An ice maker is an industrial device for making ice. These professional devices are used in all commercial areas. The units can produce a large amount of ice. The principle of operation of an ice maker is the same as the principle of operation of a refrigerator. Water supply systems and ice discharge systems are different.

The internal pump creates pressure that forces the water to enter the tank wall and freeze there. Ice can be of different forms. In addition, depending on the device, the volume of ice may be different, it all depends on the capacities of the specific model. All ice production processes are controlled automatically. Let’s dive into the details of how the ice maker works. This device removes heat from the water in the evaporator by boiling the water.

The compressor absorbs, compresses, and pumps the vapors, after which the released energy and heat are transferred to the condenser, which gives off this heat by condensing the refrigerant. Ice production equipment includes a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion mechanism. Additional design elements ensure automatic and trouble-free operation. Depending on the model, the device is equipped with different vaporizers. There are ice makers that can produce ice of a certain shape (cubes, cylinders, etc.). To get this shape, the steam must be in the form of ice. Ice is crushed with special tools. The freezing process is continuous.

Ice makers are used to making ice cubes that can be used for food and drinks. Different devices can make ice cubes of different sizes. If you are looking for an ice maker for your business or catering use, contact BF Tech. Their expertise lies in providing your ice machine needs that can produce large quantities of kilograms of ice per day.

BF Tech ice makers are available in many different versions and can make different types of ice depending on the type. BF Tech sells high-quality products only from recognized manufacturers whose quality and technical characteristics you can rely on. Professionally made ice is more than frozen water. Small, compact, powerful, and large ice machines have been the first choice of restaurateurs for many years when it comes to the professional production of cold drinks. This device is essential for its daily use in many establishments and business areas.

Ice cubes are no longer a seasonal product. Ice cubes are needed all year round, often in large quantities, to store and serve various foods and drinks in public catering establishments, particularly bars. Spas and saunas, and even medical facilities, are increasingly using the cooling effect of ice cubes for various purposes. Ice generators are increasingly being installed in private homes.

The latest technologies in the field of commercial ice production

High-quality standards in terms of consistency, temperature, and hygiene place very high demands on the functioning of ice-making devices that must be carefully followed. Modern ice makers always produce hygienically clean, perfect ice cubes. The latest technologies guarantee flawless and reliable operation of all offered models.

Various variants of almost all well-known manufacturers are presented on the modern market. For example, compact ice makers use less energy and water, are extremely quiet, and offer high-quality ice cubes that are produced quickly and quietly. If you need a particularly large amount of ice, it is important to choose a solution of fully automatic equipment for the production of ice on an industrial scale, such a solution is often used by large enterprises.

All necessary work steps are optimized for minimal maintenance and repair of ice production devices. All parts that require regular cleaning can be cleaned independently with minimal effort. The surfaces of the case are made of particularly easy-to-clean material, they are hygienically sealed.

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