Random Facts About Roulette in the UK You’ve Never Known

Roulette is a casino game that has stolen the hearts of gamblers worldwide, and the reason is not far-fetched. It is incredibly easy to play and has an average house edge lower than that of other casino games like online slots. Although roulette is a staple in most land-based casinos and online casino sites with daily free spins in the UK, there are facts about the game that you’ve probably never known.

This article shares some random facts about roulette that you may find interesting or even surprising. But before we go into that, let’s discuss what the game entails.

What Is Roulette?

Roulette is a simple casino game where players gamble on the position a small ball will land after spinning on a wheel. The game is played on a roulette table, which comprises a small white ball, a wheel, and a table printed with the available betting options. The wheel has pockets for the ball to land in after each spin. These pockets are numbered from 0 to 36 and divided into alternating red and black sections. The only exception is pocket 0, which has a green colour.

Each round starts with players placing real money bets on the spin’s outcome. The game allows you to wager on several results, including the number of the winning pocket and other characteristics like colour. Once the betting round ends, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction, rolls the ball in the opposite direction, and waits to see where it lands. Players who made accurate predictions receive their winnings, and the game resets. A new round begins with gamblers betting on the next spin’s outcome, and the entire process is repeated. Some casino sites offer no deposit bonuses that allow gamblers to play roulette games without using their money.

Variations of Roulette

Similar to most casino games, roulette comes in several variations. They include:

  • European Roulette: This version is favoured among punters in the UK due to its incredibly low house edge, which stands at 2.6%. The European roulette wheel has 36 pockets and a single zero space. The numbers are divided into columns of 12, with the green 0 pocket sitting on top. If the ball lands on the green zero space, all even zero bets (red/black or odd/even) will be lost.
  • American Roulette: Unlike its European counterpart, American roulette has 38 total pockets, with an additional 00 pocket. The presence of this extra pocket puts its house edge at 5.26%, making it less favourable than European Roulette. Also, the order of the numbers sitting between the zero and double zero pockets differs in the American version compared to other roulette forms.
  • French Roulette: This roulette variation features unique rules that drop its house edge to a shocking 1.35%. It uses the same table as the European version. However, unlike its American and European counterparts, French Roulette gives players a second chance at recovering a portion of their stake if the ball lands in the zero pocket.
  • Double Ball Roulette: As its name implies, this variation involves tossing a second ball into the wheel after the first. Both balls must hit the predicted pockets for an “outside” bet to win. For example, a bet on black only wins if both balls land on a red number.
  • Mini Roulette: This game features the regular roulette procedures, except its wheel only has 12 numbers. Also, if the ball lands in the single zero pocket, only half of even money bets will be lost. Mini roulette has a 3.85% house edge, making it a fairly lucrative game. You’ll find this variation on the best online casino sites in the UK.

Random Facts About Roulette You’ve Never Known

Despite its widespread popularity, certain truths about roulette are unknown to most gamblers in the UK. Here are some random facts about roulette that you’ve never heard:

  1. It is sometimes referred to as “the Devil’s wheel”: Roulette is often called “the Devil’s wheel” because all the numbers on the single zero and double zero wheel add up to 666. According to the Book of Revelations in the Bible, 666 is the “Number of the Beast.” The beast refers to the devil, explaining how “the Devil’s wheel” was coined. 7
  2. Many historians believe Blaise Pascal invented roulette: Although the history of roulette is quite murky, many historians credit the French mathematician and physicist–Blaise Pascal–with introducing the game in the 17th century. Pascal is believed to have accidentally created the primitive roulette wheel while searching for a perpetual motion machine. The modern roulette game combines the gaming wheel from the early 1700s with the rules of several older games, especially the Italian Biribi.
  3. The earliest roulette wheels had both single and double zero pockets: Casinos in 17th and 18th century Paris used roulette wheels with single and double zero pockets like the current American variant. The single zero pocket used to be black, while the double zero was black. In the 1800s, casinos adopted the green colour for the zeros to avoid confusion.
  4. The single zero roulette wheel was invented in Germany: In the 1840s, Frenchmen François and Louis Blanc created the single zero roulette wheel in Bad Homburg, Germany. They designed this version to compete against other casinos in the town that offered the traditional 0 and 00 wheels.
  5. A man once bet all his wealth on a roulette spin and won: Ashley Revell, an English real estate businessman, sold all his assets–including his home and clothes–to the total value of £76 840. Then, he headed down to the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and gambled it all on red. His bold move paid off as the ball landed on “Red 7”, rewarding Revell with a whopping £153,680.
  6. Earlier forms of American roulette wheels were very different from the modern version: Some earlier forms of American roulette had numbers 1 to 28, a single zero, a double zero, and an American Eagle. The Eagle slot acted like a zero and gave the casino an extra edge. People quickly stopped playing on these wheels due to the high house edge and replaced them with the modern version that only features numbered pockets.

Types of Roulette Bets

Roulette Bets can be broadly divided into two categories–inside and outside bets. When playing roulette on the best online casino sites,like freshcasinobonus.com you can place outside bets, inside bets, or a combination of both.

Learn more about roulette bets in below.

Outside Bets

These bets cover wagers on the outer perimeter of the roulette wheel. Outside bets allow you to wager a group of colours and numbers, but not a solitary number. You must meet the table minimum of each outside wager when playing. Below are types of outside bets players in can place on dollar deposit casinos and other casino sites:

  • Odd/Even. Here, you bet on the chances of landing an odd or even number on the wheel. Ideally, the odds of winning this bet should be 50/50, but the presence of 0 or 00 makes it below 50%.
  • Red/Black. This is the most common outside bet on the roulette wheel. It is simple to understand as you only wager on whether the ball lands on a black or red number. The presence of 0 and 00 pockets also lowers the winning odds of the bet.
  • Columns. There are three columns on the roulette wheel, each containing a group of 12 numbers. A column bet offers odds of roughly 32%.
  • High/Low. On the roulette wheel, low numbers range from 1 to 18, while high numbers are between 19 and 36. So, you are betting the probability of landing the ball on a low or high number.

Inside Bets

These are roulette bets that cover an area within the number rectangle. For inside bets, your total wager must meet the table minimum.

  • Split. A Split bet involves betting on the line separating two numbers. You must land one of the two numbers to win. It offers odds of 5.3%
  • Straight. Here, you bet on any number on the wheel. You win if the ball lands on your chosen number. Although it is a high-risk bet with low odds of 1.6%, it offers a high payout worth up to 35 times your stake.
  • Corner. This inside bet involves betting on landing one of four numbers. Also called four-number bets, Corner bets have odds of about 10.5%.
  • Street. Also known as trio bets, street bets allow you to wager on a sequence of three numbers, such as 4,5,6 or 20,21,22.

Roulette Bet Payout Ratio

Payout ratios show the amount you will receive from a casino relative to your stake if your bet wins. The table below shows the different roulette bets and their payout ratios:

Bets Payout Ratio
Odd/Even 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
Columns 2:1
High/Low 1:1
Split 17:1
Straight 35:1
Corner 8:1
Street 11:1

Tips for Winning at Online Roulette

Like mobile slots, the outcomes of roulette depend entirely on luck. However, trying out some tips can significantly improve your winning chances. Below are a few tips for winning at Roulette on online casinos in the UK:

  • Use the demo mode to get a feel of the game . This is similar to playing free slot games before venturing into the real money variants. The best payout online casino sites allow gamblers to play RNG roulette games in demo mode. Although you can’t win real money in this mode, it helps you familiarise yourself with the game and gives you a practical understanding of how it works.
  • Choose European Roulette or French Roulette over the American version. French and European Roulette have lower house edges than their American counterpart, giving you a better chance at winning. French roulette also has rules, such as the “La Partage” rule or the “En Prison” rule, that allow you to receive a portion or all of your stake if the ball lands in the zero pocket.
  • Avoid high-risk bets. Single-number bets like straights offer high payouts but are very risky. Placing low-risk options, such as red/black or odd/even, offers better winning chances and reduces your overall loss.
  • Stick to a gambling budget. A gambling budget helps you separate your living expenses from your betting funds. This way, the chances of losing money while chasing losses or spiralling into addiction are significantly reduced.
  • Take advantage of casino bonus deals. Bonuses allow you to enjoy casino games without spending too much of your funds. Examples include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonus deals, free spins, etc. With no deposit bonus offers, you can play roulette games without spending a dime.


Roulette is an exciting game that has the potential to be very rewarding. There are different variations to enjoy, adding to the game’s entertainment value. You can explore several bet types on the best online casino sites to increase your winning chances and potential payout. This article shared some random Facts about roulette that may be new to you and many other gamblers. Knowing those truths about the game helps you understand it better and makes you a well-rounded roulette player.

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